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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. ImNegan
    To just jump and add to the debate, I have the Ether Flow in front of me now along with the HD650 and having compared them both extensively I agree completely about how the Ether F handles treble. The HD650 also resolves micro detail is also more resolving and actually has a cohesive response where the Ether Flow is a bit of a rollar coaster and pretty rough up top. I'm all premium built products and I get that it adds to the cost but the sound of the Ether Flow IMO isn't worth the price tag at all.

    I actually liked the Ether C better for it's better balance but still it isn't on the level of a well driven HD650. People can spend their money on what they like but for me I don't think it is worth it and the guy who sold me his Ether Flow actually hates them for a similar reason. I do love the build but I personally think Dan should find some experienced guys and use them as beta testers. I know another forum who has a lot of experience has shown interest! It would really benefit Mrspeakers as a company I'm I'm confident that it would get the products sounding on their price point I believe. Sadly I find a lot of criticise comments being mobbed which really doesn't help the company as the critisom is real and can help them improve, just my 2 cents.
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  2. Badas

    Agreed. A lot of HP's like the Ether need good amps. DAC's are very under valued. One of the largest increases in sound quality I got was from upgrading the DAC.
  3. Badas
    Agreed. Not everything has to be $2K+ however just because it is $2K+ doesn't mean it is not good value and doesn't drive your gear better than good value products. Sometimes they drive your gear only a little better and for some that is what we are looking for. Other $2K+ products can do a lot better. So very good value.
    I've tried a lot of Schiit gear at meets like you tried the Flows at a meet. I think their gear suits it's name. Not great. In particular their DAC's just don't sound right. Then I read that one of their amps were blowing up HP's dangerously. Talked about a lot on another site. So I think I will just avoid their products.
    However as I heard their stuff at a meet which is the worst place to listen to gear I don't go blabbing about it on the forums. It has to be evaluated properly before forming an opinion.
  4. Rowethren
    Seems a bit unfair to bring up the exploding headphone issue considering it was a problem with one amp that was fixed about 4 years ago...
  5. ImNegan
    It still happend and they still tried to cover it up which rubs me the wrong way and I'm a big Schiit fan.
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  6. Badas

    Why not? Would you want a HP blowing up on your head?
    Would scare me right off the product. Forever (not 4 years).
    They should have been able to make a safe product back in 2012. They handled the whole thing badly as well. It was the HP manufacturers that dealt to them.
    Because they are a paying sponsor any negative feedback gets squashed, removed or a ban (watch this space). Only positive feedback. Then the masses go out and purchase. Doesn't make the gear good or near reference.
  7. nvfan
    Ether Flow is a different type of product than the HD650 though, if you are used to that type of sound I can see how you mught not be impressed. Its design philosophy more follows other diffuse sounding headphones like the Hifiman HE1000 or Sennheiser HD800.

    I mean the actual logical endgame progression for HD650 owners is more like HD650 -> Focal Elear -> Focal Utopia following the path of more closed-in, reference sound.
  8. Rowethren
    Using that kind of logic you should never trust any company or person that made a mistake... Better not purchase anything ever again or talk to any people then right? This is real life and everyone makes mistakes! Its like saying you are never go to Germany because they started a war that killed millions of people or do we forget/forgive and move on?
  9. Badas

    Mistakes are okay. It is how you fix them. A lot of it still hasn't been fixed. Making it relevant.
  10. ImNegan
    I'm not talking about just sound signatures I'm talking about resolution, micro detail, cohesion, treble smoothness and timbre everything. The 650 are such a rare headphone on that it's just so cohesive where as the Ether F is all over the place. I'd also say the Elear more of a sidegrade to the 650 in areas but an upgrade in others such as bass texture, lower distortion maybe slightly higher res. The thing about the 650 it doesn't really have an outright upgrade path but I don't really want to make this about the 650.
  11. Badas

    It seems the 650 takes over every forum. It was taking over the AudioQuest NightHawks thread yesterday.
    Glad members enjoy them but there are plenty of threads about the 650.
  12. Rowethren
    What hasn't been fixed then do tell? When was the last time someones headphones got exploded by a Schiit amp?
  13. Badas

    Headphones were never replaced. A lot were brand new.
    The product was very dangerous. No apology was ever given. Denial, denial and more denial.
  14. ImNegan
    Schiit make some of, if not the most resolving gear in the world in multiple price points. Sadly with most Schiit products I can't stand how they handle treble and it took the Vali 2 to finally have a natural, beautiful treble. The Vali 2 is my fav Amp on all of their price points and completes very well regardless of it's low price which still amazes me. I seem to do most of my comparisons on the Modi Multi and Vali 2 these days as it's a natural presentation but their other gear while also technically brilliant just doesn't sound musical and again not natural in the highs. I love how resolving the little Schiit Stack is and it shows you don't need to spend 2k on a system unless you want other features like beautiful wooden housings and all that.

    Even though I think the Ether Flow is seeverly over priced I kind of don't Blame Mrspeakers because if people will pay it? why not! It's buismess but I'd kill for a HD650 like balance and resolution with a cleaner background like the Elear in that sexy durable housing!
  15. nvfan

    I guarantee you the Utopia is an upgrade in every way over the 650 as I have both, but its definitely overpriced haha.
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