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MrSpeakers ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow -- Inspired by Electrostatic Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Jul 14, 2016.
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  1. husafreak
    I'm curious about the length of the stock 4 pin XLR cable? I know MrSpeakers has a 10' cable option but I am considering an even longer cable for when I listen from the seat I normally use for speaker listening. What is the effective limit for a headphone cable? I would need to go somewhere between 15 and 20 feet to get the job done...
  2. Badas
    See this pic.
    You can see that the HP end is a standard Mr Speakers cable and then the amp end is a XLR extender.
    One of these:
    I actually used two 4 meter ones chained together. It allows me to walk my whole home theater room. Very handy. Never heard any quality loss. Works fine on both the SS and tube amps.
  3. husafreak
    Perfect, thanks!
  4. kellte2

    As a gamer (when my schedule allows) and owner of the Ether C Flows, I would encourage prospective buyers who also intend to game with these to consider not only the soundstage but also the low end response. I love the closed cans for a variety of reasons, but the bass and sub bass response is very immersive for gaming. Additionally, the soundstage on the closed variant is no slouch. I can't compare directly to the open mode, but the C isn't far off my K702 Anniversary edition in terms of soundstage and the imaging is way cleaner, and this provides a very spacious sound.

    In my opinion, let your need, or lack thereof, for the closed back and musical taste drive your decision over the gaming soundstage difference.
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  5. casper3127
    I've had a look just a couple of minutes ago and they are at their retail price, that is 1850 bucks for the 4pin xlr 10 feet cable version...
    Thanks anyway [​IMG]
  6. danieldpagan
    Yep they just went back to regular prices. Congrats to those who saved!
  7. sbradley02
    This has probably already been covered, apologies. Could someone please point me to a comparison response graph, ETHER C vs ETHER C FLOW.
  8. Jazic
    I would much rather have closed back cans due to their ability to block out background noise and as you mentioned in most cases provide a more immersive bass and sub bass. I love my bass but hate muddy bass...
  9. henriks

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  10. emptymt
    Nice Video man! Thx
  11. RCBinTN
    I have the Wywires Platinum cable for the Ether Flow.  It blows away the DUM cable.  Better overall SQ, more reference (meaning linear) sound and especially with the midrange which is significantly better.  The mid/treble are really opened up.
    The Platinum cable is somewhat expensive, so I would suggest to also consider the Wywires Red cable.  I haven't heard the Red with the Flow myself, but I use Red cables on my LCD-X and HD800.  They sound great.  Just give Alex a call at Wywires and he will fill in the details.  Alex prefers a personal consultation before he makes cables for a new customer.
    Hope this helps, YMMV,
  12. emptymt
    thx man, I'm gonna do some research on that cable before that. ^_^
  13. x RELIC x Contributor

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  14. m8o

    or as just posted not long ago... scroll down to Mr. Speakers at
  15. Badas
    This was me last night. [​IMG] Trying every bloody thing I had. Trying every feature. It was war.
    I tried these things: Filters on the Vega DAC, volume control, gain control, sensitivity control, then finally different HP's.
    Flow came out on top.
    My winning combo was Vega filter 3 > V281 > Flow. Just awesome stuff.
    It surprised me Flow was best on solid state. It sounded nice on tubes but definitely better on solid state.
    It was great fun and I absolutely adore the Flow sound. Better than I expected. For some reason I was scared of the Flow's treble before I got a pair. I didn't need to be.
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