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MrSpeakers Alpha PRIME: Impressions and Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by matttcg, Oct 7, 2014.
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  1. k4rstar
    Dogs have landed, needed to give the pads time to regain their shape despite being so giddy. [​IMG]
    First impressions over the Mad Dogs are: 
    -these really do not play back any bass that isn't there, makes the MDs seem bloated and exaggerated in the mid-bass in comparison
    -vocals are great, however i think i may want to remove the tuning dots already due to my own preference
    -comfort is somehow even better than the MDs, the added weight is felt but it feels more evenly distributed at the same time
    Overall very happy with first impressions, will probably write a full review in due time. Thanks for the advice @Villy
  2. Villy
    Great, Enjoy! Give 'em time to burn and post your impressions. May take quite awhile though, unless you leave them playing around the clock for say a week while checking on them daily, that will do it. It's what I do, and is the part about new gear I really, really dislike but it gotta be given its due burn time, all gear, even cables. I know some are rolling their eyes reading this, but that's my experience, 100%.
  3. TsKen
    Just got my Alpha Primes :D
    At first it sounded a little disappointing to my ears since it sounded a bit muffled.. But then I removed the dots and WOW...
    First thing I noticed are the instrument separation on these... Wow just amazing, haven't heard instrument separation this good since the HD 600.
    Haven't used any disc either.. Not sure if I should since they just sound AMAZING right now.
    The detail and clarity on these are just amazing for a closed headphone.
    I've owned the MDP and it doesn't even come close to these.. It's not sibilant at all either. Just tuned to perfection to my ears.
    I hope i'm not overhyping my impressions right now since I just got these. But 5 years into this hobby, it feels like these are the end game headphones that i've been looking for. I use to think the 400i was one of the best sounding headphones i've ever owned.. but I think these top the 400i, even though its not fair since it's a closed vs open headphone contest.
    Though one thing lacking is the bass, but that's to be expected and I don't mind it at all since I prefer clarity over bass.
    A big thank you to everyone, especially @Villy
    Really positive impressions for the last hour i've been using them. It would be unfair for me to make a judgement so I'll listen to them closely over the weekend and i'll let you guys know what I think :D. Though on first impressions, it sounds exactly like how the reviews on Head-fi described them(thank you to the reviewers including Villy)!
    Glad i listened to Head-fi instead of reddit. People were suggesting I not get the AP but I listened to Head-fi instead and now ended up a Happy man [​IMG] 
  4. m8o
    Curious if the drivers loosen and bass increases. I'm very amazed to read 'lacking bass' as only my Yamaha Pro500 has more bass (& bass slam) than the AP.

    tho I do have the tuning dots in place too. Could I have got one that has an atypical tune? Tyll's measurements are inline with how mine sounds, w/a bass emphasis:
  5. k4rstar
    Been listening for nearly 6 hours straight now, only taking a break to eat once. [​IMG]
    I had to adjust the headband quite a bit, but thankfully I had my existing Mad Dogs to guide me. A rotation of the pads backwards about 10-15 degrees also really helps with seal for me.
    These sound coming out of these cans is amazing. I read someone describe them as chameleons somewhere and I couldn't agree more.
    They have an amazing sound free of coloration that adjusts itself to best reflect the strengths of the track, and I don't find they are as recording dependent as I was lead to believe. Maybe I just have a lot of well-recorded stuff in my library? [​IMG] Could also be that I'm under-powering them I guess, but I don't mind their sound with the O2/ODAC at all. Volume on the O2 had to be moved from ~9 o'clock to ~10 o'clock for normal listening volume vs. the Mad Dogs.
    I also find since they are so much cleaner in the low-end I am a lot less inclined to turn the volume up high as I was with my Mad Dogs which is certainly of benefit to my long-term hearing.
  6. Mentis

    So you're using them with no dots at all? I might give that a try.
  7. k4rstar
    I'm done my full review. Normally I would take more time but seeing as how I've been listening almost non-stop since Friday morning I felt like I had enough hours in to write it.
    Hope you guys enjoy the read. 
  8. Villy
    One of the most entertaining reviews I've read in a long time, I should find time to read some of your others :) also, strongly believe that the headphones' sound will further improve, or evolve as hours pile on. :thumbsup:
  9. TsKen
    You might find it a bit too bright.
    Try putting one disc on if it's too bright for you.
    Running on no dots, 1 disc right now and they sound fantastic!
  10. Mentis

    Thank you I'll try that this week.
  11. JerseyD

    Thanks for the shout-out in your review. Truly appreciated. When you are ready to increase the transparency level with the Alpha Dogs, we can talk better dac/amp and cable.
  12. k4rstar
    No problem. I'll amend the review to emphasize that was my experience with the O2 and a more powerful amp may definitely help. Thanks.
  13. Denzelwng4
    I just got an upgrade cable for my prime...
    it's a full copper 4-wire cable...locally made..
  14. Villy
    [quote/] ....When you are ready to increase the transparency level with the Alpha Dogs, we can talk better dac/amp and cable.

    I second JerseyD, the higher quality the DAC/Amp the more goodness flows out from the Primes. Which btw, I want to report, took second seat in my book behind another set of cans I happen to acquire few weeks ago - LFF (or Enygmatic Audio) Enigma. I only mention this for those who might be interested in comparison notes, and I posted my personal impressions on the Enigmas' appreciation thread.
  15. DC5Zilla
    I'm in search of AP in black with 4pin xlr (DUM if possible) but are there any retailers that still have them in stock?  I've contacted mrspeakers but they only have reds in stock... [​IMG]
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