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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. Kamakahah

    Come visit us in this thread:

    Lots of good information and members willing to help.
  2. skeptic
    If you are going to make affirmative claims about audible improvements brought about by headphone cables, I think you have to be prepared for the inevitable response by those who disagree with your impressions and implicit recommendation that others should invest as you have.  To avoid the possibility of any dissent, this is the place to go and share cable impressions: http://www.head-fi.org/f/21/cables-power-tweaks-speakers-accessories-dbt-free-forum  
    To the extent you do post it here, it is totally fair game for others to indicate whether they have or have not heard the same, or to comment that there still are no demonstrated measurable differences between well made cables (a fact many reputable cable sellers admit up front, in writing).  That may or may not be due to limitations in conventional audio measurement techniques, but it is still a point worth considering.  I tend to think that I have perceived differences between cables, but I'm still up in the air regarding whether or not its just in my head.  Confirmation bias is a powerful force.  By contrast, different phones, amps, dacs and even tubes or opamps bring about measurable and often easily audible differences.  (Frankly, even differing capacitors have measurable differences in criteria like dissipation factor, but the same cannot be said for cables.)  This is why many of us encourage younger members to spend their hard earned resources on less arcane categories of gear first before digging deeper into the realm of things like cables, isolation stands and, if you're really out there: http://www.lessloss.com/blackbody-p-200.html 
    Edit - to steer things back on topic, let me say that I am still really loving my AD's, with all varieties of music.  Between these and my hd800's, it is hard to listen to anything else in my collection. 
  3. Byronb
    Well said!
  4. Ableza
    I swapped the cables on my Alpha Dogs and like the lighter weight as the (excellent) OEM cable is quite heavy.
    My biggest complaint about the AD is the amount of cable noise microphonics they transmit.  I suspect it is an electrical artifact of the original Fostex design.
  5. TeskR
    Where did you get your new cable from?

    I have been looking for a new calbe that doesn't break the budget for a while but cant seem to find one.
  6. Ableza
    Mine is from Q-Audio.
  7. wahsmoh
    I have a high end cable coming in today from USPS that I will share impressions of later :]

    Edit: here are pictures. I will get to the sound after they burn in and I listen for awhile


    After a quick listen my initial impressions are wow. It's like a window was removed and the soundstage really opened up quite a bit. Bass is also tighter than the stock cable. The changes are definitely noticeable I've been listening to the "darker" stock cable for a few months now. I can't wait to take this setup to the HD800 table and look at their faces in utter disbelief at the next local Head-fi meet :D cables make a difference but should always be the last part of the chain of upgrades

    BTW that is a Norne Audio Vanquish cable without sleeving :]
  8. Skyyyeman
    Not exactly. I'll reply to Skeptic's post after the weekend when I have time (though it might be Sun.). 
  9. Wildcatsare1

    Agreed, I am new to HeadFi, but have been an Audiophile for years. I find these flat earth, absolutists to be rather boorish. I can only assume they haven't had the opportunity to listen to a variety of cables. They do sound very different, maybe not always better (this is area in which I am sure we do agree, >expense does not always = better). GOOD MEASUREMENTS DO NOT EQUAL GOOD SOUND! Not all subjective listening parameters, soundstage, musicality, pace, etcetera, etcetera can be measured. There are many horrible sounding transducers/equipment that have stellar objective measures. Cheers....
  10. TeskR
    I am of the opinion that cables don't make an audible difference but am just looking to pick up a lighter more flexible cable for better comfort whilst listening to my dogs which costs <100, may have to delve into DIY for it to come out that cheap though :)
  11. tehsprayer
    Heres a guy who makes cables for the ADs and other for cheap: http://www.bestintheversecables.com/
    He started out on the /r/headphones subreddit and is now selling it through a website, I might buy one from him or DIY one.
  12. Byronb
    And that was my point, measurements do not under any circumstances show the whole picture. After re-reading skeptic's post maybe I read something into it that wasn't there, I was mainly agreeing that the more experienced Head-Fier shouldn't steer a novice to spend $100's on a cable before they have had a chance to experience gear that makes a more drastic change to SQ. 
  13. Wildcatsare1

    Touché, I have to apologize, after reading numerous cables bashing posts I unloaded a little prematurely on yours. I was attempting to say that "absolutists" are generally incorrect. I could never say the more expensive the cable, amp, etc. is going to provide superior sound. Though I also would never say all cables, amps, etc. sound the same.IMO, measurements provide a frame of reference on how a component may sound, but subjective analysis can add the "flesh", in describing the components musicality. Now with transducers and DAC's there is a greater correlation to more $$$, the better the sound (that is until someone with Dan's creativity comes along and creates an affordable giant killer Like the AD), due to the greater expense in actual implementation of the device. My apologies for not reading the intent and content of your post correctly.
    skeptic likes this.
  14. pmrcrazzy
    How long is the waiting list?
  15. RainHeaven
    They ship within 4 days of purchase. You could of checked their website. 
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