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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. koolas
    Guys, what sounds better for EDM: Alpha Dog + EQ or plain Mad Dog Pro?
  2. KmanChu
    works great with the hifi m8
  3. tehsprayer
    I listen to mostly EDM and like the ADs. If you do decide to EQ you should tell me what you change, since I listen to EDM and want to see what you eq up and down!
  4. TeskR

    I also listen to about 50-60 % EDM with the ADs.
    Personally don't even think they need an EQ for it, maybe a cheeky bass boost slightly, but for me they aren't as bass lacking as I expected when I bought them.
    swspiers likes this.
  5. tehsprayer
    Yeah I enjoy the bass. It isn't too much that it is distorting other frequencies but not too little that you can't hear it.
  6. Radiohead99
    Thanks for the feedback. Do you know if the combo of himi m8 and alpha dog shines on rock music?
  7. aamefford
    HIFI-M8 and the Alphas are a great pairing.
  8. hifijunky
    Yup, enjoying some classic rock right now with the HiFi-M8 and AlphaDogs. Plenty of power to drive 'em and sounds great! Love the "live" music experience I get from the Alphas. [​IMG]
  9. olegausany
    Alpha Dogs have great isolation for the daily commute
  10. wahsmoh
    I would search for some lighter cables if you plan on making the Alpha Dogs portable. Otherwise I wouldn't see a problem with using them at the library, trolley station, or airplane. I just wouldn't go to the gym wearing them haha
  11. koolas

    Here you go:


    And if by any chance you used Linux these settings will turn your Alphas into mind teleporter:

  12. reddog
    My red Alpha Dogs finally arrived today, and man they sound so great. The Schiit Audio Lyr 2 powers them effortlessly. The Zepplin and Zappa, I have played so far have sounded fantastic. I will talk more after I have listened to some others types of music. Hope everyone has a good evening.:)
  13. EraserXIV
    Approximately how long did people wait for their turn to upgrade their mad dogs to alpha dogs? Really champing at the bit to give the alphas a listen!
  14. tehsprayer
    Is there any way to tighten up the ear adjustment. The right cup keeps sliding down on me.
  15. AxelCloris Administrator
    Several months for me. Trust me, the wait is worth it.
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