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MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Sep 30, 2017.
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  1. qrtas
    Audeze LCD 3 was on Tyll's wall of fame for a long time, it was #2 following the Stax SR-009. Then it was kicked out of the wall of fame by MrSpeakers original Ether (Red). I tried the ether, but the sound was too thin. Reading your comments, and everyone's comments here, the AFO looks very, very promising. You are right, I'll need to audition them. In my case will mean to purchase them online and take advantage of the return policy, because no store here carries them.

    Thank you!
  2. Charente
    I don't envy your task ! I don't know about the Audeze LCD-3 nor the Focal Clear, so I can't give you a view as to a comparison between them. I can comment on a couple of points your raise ...

    Comfort - The AFO are more comfortable IMO than the HD-650 ... less clamping force overall and I don't really notice the strap on the top of my head. Perhaps a few people might notice a slight force just in front of the ears, where the straight-edge of the tear-drop design rests up against the front edge of the ear ... I found by moving the head-strap slightly forwards helps general comfort. These are not uncomfortable and certainly not heavy.

    I would not describe the AFO as 'thin sounding' by any stretch of the imagination ... nor are they 'thick' ...as I mentioned earlier, I find them just warm of neutral and give an incisive but natural presentation. Yes, I do consider them musical in their tonality ... in my favourite jazz genre, instruments such as piano and saxophone sound lush and natural. However, I do think they respond well to lots of power ... my MJ2 has that and is very slightly warm itself, so that may help that thought.

    LCD-3 to AFO ... Is it a crazy move ? Tricky ... on paper ... probably. I'm not sure I can comments further, having not heard the LCD-3.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  3. lentoviolento

    I mean that i hoped thar aeon costing double the price of 660s had double the slam!
  4. swmtnbiker

    I don't know where you live, but here in the U.S. they're not double the price. The 660S is $500USD and the AFO is $800USD, or a bit more than half again as much as the Senn.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  5. Charente
    I'm not sure it works like that ! The AFO's bass is good and well balanced ... if the music/recording requires it, they deliver and do it well. If you're looking for up-front, dominant bass across the board then they may not suit you.
  6. lentoviolento
    i live in italy. senn costs around 490euros, aeon 950 shipped.....
    i know i was jocking about the slam.. but i hope to get better sound anyway, i like senn but maybe i'm more of a basshead than i would admit..
  7. franz12
    Buy and return strategy is a bit tricky for MrSpeakers' products. For AFO, it takes 100+ hours for break-in, which may be difficult to achieve within their return period, and break-in is indeed real. Usually, it took 1-2 months to understand their potential.
  8. Faber65
    You can run the headphones with the source in repeat mode with pink noise or normal music if you want to speed up the break-in.
  9. qrtas
    Thanks Faber65
  10. thighmaster69
    Lol any sneaker heads reading AFO as Air Force Ones?
  11. AlanU
    Just auditioned the "open" flows and I think they sound quite good. I don't know why but I prefer my HE560 a lot more for some reason. To my ears the AFO sound stage almost has a closed headphone sound similar to the Aeon closed version but slightly wider. It seems to have a V sound for excitement with smooth "flow" of music. I did listen to a hifiman Edition X immediately afterwards there was definitely a totally different experience adding $800 above the AFO sticker price of $999CDN. The Hifiman edition X mk2 had this open sound almost giving me the impression that I was listening to a 2 channel hifi stereo.

    I will admit the AFO's I auditioned do not have that many hours on them but I fail to see a miraculous and massive difference in SQ from the signature sound I heard today.

    I'll have to say I'd probably prefer the AFO sound over my modified HD800 HP. Price wise to my ears if I spend more the Hifiman edition X mk2 was a much open and beautiful sounding HP. Bang for the buck the current price of the HE560 sounds better to my ears over the AFO especially in a holographic sound stage from Hifiman. Never ever thought I'd say such a thing about the HE560.

    It'd be interesting to hear the Focal Clear as it's slightly more expensive than the AFO. If the "Clear" sounds anything like the Elears.......I'd save $$$ and go for the AFO or spend a lot more and go for the Hifiman Edition X mk2 for my budget.

    I think I have to do another audition for a "broken in" AFO to make a true judgement.
  12. franz12
    Mrspeakers' products require massive break-in hours to open soundstage. I have to admit that I initially disappointed with my ECF because of narrow soundstage, but it took 200 hours (almost 2 months!) to achieve a wider soundstage finally. AFO was no different. I initially felt somewhat narrow soundstage like closed, but I feel it is now widening after 70+ running hours.
  13. AlanU

    Thanks for the info. I was quite taken back and did not want to come across as very negative. I was rather shocked how my head almost felt like it was in a concealed box with a closed headphone sound.
  14. lentoviolento
    the punciest headphone i've ever had was the fidelio x2. it would be perfect for me but i hear a spike somewhere in the highs that bother me. expecially eith female vocals. i hope to get that punch with no fatigue sooner or later. maybe lcd2c will be the right one.
  15. shenanbay
    I was expecting more reviews on these. I've only seen like two so far. Does anybody know why it's taking so long?
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