MrSpeakers AEON Flow Open - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by XERO1, Sep 30, 2017.
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  1. mrspeakers Contributor
    That is not the case. We have made it very clear what gear we use, it's a GRAS 45CA using Diffuse Field compensation. This has been the case for years and we almost always state this when we publish measurements.
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    @funCANS MrSpeakers
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  2. PDC3
    Adding my thanks to a fine review. PLUS I added some of your tracks to my stream.
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  3. qrtas

    Thanks so much for sharing your impressions. When I look for a good headphone that really satisfies my ears, I obviously consider the headphone's technical abilities. But the most important aspects for me to consider are musicality and natural tonality. For example, to me the HD800/800S have impressive technical abilities, however, to my ears they are not the most musical and natural sounding headphones. I currently have the Audeze LCD 3. I love its sound, however, I am getting tired of its weight and I also have this constant fear that one the drives are going to fell at any moment, based on other people's bad experiences. I've been looking for a headphone that replaces my lcd3. I am not really looking for an upgrade, I think it is more a sidegrade. I was looking for headphones at around the same price as an lcd3, you know Focal Elear Clear, Ether Flow, etc Now the AFO comes out and I caught my attention. The AFO is a planar magnetic, it is lighter, perhaps more reliable than Adeze, more comfortable, etc. I know it is crazy for me to even consider an $800 headphone to replace a $2000 one. Do you think this is a crazy move? I don't like thin sounding headphones. Is the AFO thin sounding? or Do you consider the AFO musical and natural in its tonality?
  4. Nick-s-f
    Looking forward to tyll's review and measurements of the AFO. They seem to be getting universal praise.

    I've always been a closed-headphone guy, but in the world of open-backs these AFO look like a definite future must-buy.
  5. KamijoIsMyHero
    Hey guys, I got these headphones a week ago. Loving the sound so far with no filters. The white filter that it came with out of box were quite thrash IMO. The mids sounded subdued until I took them off. I am going to have to try the other pads later in the weekend and see if they make the mids sound even better. I am coming off of the HE-500 for reference and the mids there are pretty much perfect for my taste. The mids on the Aeons are slightly not as prominent or engaging in comparison but its character in the bass and treble region makes it a worthy "side-grade." The bass has a bit more bounce to them and the treble are softer compared to the HE-500. It is already quite comfortable to listen to for long hours at a time.

    I did audition the closed and open versions side to side with no filters on. The closed version bumped a little harder in the bass and treble were little more present, it made listening to metal more impactful. However, mids are quite important to me and I did felt the mids on the closed version were more caged-in compared to the open version. I decided on the open since the mids were a bit better represented there. Having said that, there really isn't clear winner in sound IMO. I was about to buy the closed version a week earlier before I bought the open version but the shop I went to were sold out and actually told me the open ones were coming in a week. I think either one is a great buy.

    Now I haven't upgraded past the HE-500 in over 5 years so I am probably behind in expectation for build quality of other modern headphones but the build quality of the Aeon were so nice. The headphone didn't have a creak to them whenever I shift them around and they are super light around the ears that I can bare feel a clamp. The cable...OMG the cable...those with experience with older HE series cable will know...The stock cable on the Aeon are so good, they are flexible and are of the right length for desktop listening. They are super comfortable to listen to. My only gripe are pads are not even in quality, the right pad is like half the padding compared to the left so my ears are touching the dust filter of the right ear cups. Since I tend to keep quality headphones for a long time, that means I would need replacement pads eventually just to keep the inside hygienic. I have asked if a replacement pad is possible but so far no response to my email. I have read in Tyll's review that the Aeons are sound matched by pads so I am not sure if changing the pads is a good idea.
  6. lentoviolento
    i ordered a pair.... i'm afraid that won't have enough bass slam for my tastes but i'm too curious to compare them to hd660s. probably i have to surrender ,it's not possible to have a "one kind to rule them all(genres)" headphone.
  7. tuby sound
    Might have to try the AR-H1, read that it is something very special :)
  8. swmtnbiker
    I've only used them with the stock filters, but so far I'm preferring the 660S to AFO.
  9. qrtas
    Does this mean you already have the hd660s? If that’s the case, I can’t wait to hear your comments once you get the AFO.
  10. conquerator2
    Now a comparison between the two would be really epic :D
  11. franz12
    AFO is well balanced across bass-mid-treble, which I believe it is pretty difficult to achieve. I think it does not underperform in any of those areas. One day, I auditioned LCD 2,3,4 in a shop listening Janet Jackson's album 'unbreakable'. I immediately understood why they did not make it in Tyll's reviews. While they have excellent bass and mids, treble was too bad to justify their price tags. And difference was quite noticeable when I compared them to my HD800S and Ether C. I value treble and am not a bass-head person, so they were out of my choices.
    IMO, AFO is bass-heavy compared to other MrSpeakers products, so it may even satisfy some bass pursuant listeners. But it does not necessarily mean that you will be satisfied with this. I would suggest you audition them If you have a chance.
  12. lentoviolento

    i still don't understand if i love them or i hate them. it's like i'm missing something but i don't understand what...
    do aeon have more slam than 660s?
  13. swmtnbiker
    I'm still working to figure it out. :wink:
  14. lentoviolento

    it's not a good sign... maybe swifting inserts? maybe i should have bought atticus instead :frowning2:
  15. swmtnbiker
    What's not a good sign? The AFO and the 660S are BOTH great sounding headphones with my rig. The fact that neither is a slam-dunk clear winner is a testament to the quality of both IMO.
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