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Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. OldDude04
    Audeze does sell the yoke rods, located HERE, in case you want to go with the LCD2C's headband. However, if you go with the headband you have pictured, you should be able to attach it directly to the M1060c yokes.
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  2. DavidA
    I'm one that felt the M1060 was quite boring in stock form and would consider the HD58X a much better sounding headphone for my preferences and it really doesn't need an amp. Yes the HD6XX is a bit better but it will require an amp. While I do have the HD6XX and HD58X along with a few other headphones and have use a friends M1060 extensively I wouldn't recommend any of them at this time. Here are my reasons: I have an really old Stax SRD-34 that sounds so much better than all of these, granted its been slightly modded with larger over the ear pads versus the stock on ear ones but bass, mids, highs and sound stage are all quite a bit better. And going up in price just a bit my Ypsilon S1 and EL-8 open are also quite a bit better IMO and also really don't need any amps.
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  3. sixstringmonk
    I ended up returning my pair of M1060s. I found that the 5k ringing / sibilance was just too much for me. I'd get a "sonic hangover" / sick feeling within an hour. I think the tolerance for this peak will be on a person-by-person basis so YMMV if you are thinking about getting these. I did not try the fuzzor mod as I'd rather just get a refund than possibly end up with phones I don't like.
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  4. 329161
    Is the closed version much better?
  5. N3v3rmind
    I got my 1060s three days and all i can say is : Let them burn in !

    Out of the box listened to them for a few minutes i had the same problem. Ringing , absolutely no bass... and i wasnt able to listen to piano or woman vocals nor loud volume. i wanted to send them back so hard.

    now , 15 hours later , burned in with differnent song and a lot of "over bass songs" they are completely different. all the issues gone and i really love them !
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  6. sacd lover
    I bought both and I much preferred the open version. I sent the M1060C back and bought a second M1060.
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  7. Tony51
    The close does not have the ringing issue and suppose to have better driver. I bought the closed 1060c and modded them with the honeycomb grill to open back. Love them
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  8. westyjeff
    What would be the best material to have the grills printed with?
  9. OldDude04
    Mine are ABS.
  10. 329161
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  11. 329161
    Im thinking of modding the c's with a flat closed wooden enclosure instead of the dome to make it look like an lcd2c but closed. Not sure how the sound will be without the space of the domes.
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  12. Tony51
    That should be interesting, keep us posted please.
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  13. OldDude04

    That was what I thought was the finished product, then I found a deal on an Audeze suspension headband. Here are my M1060's now.

    SHB1 (1).jpg
    SHB1 (2).jpg
    SHB1 (3).jpg
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  14. OldDude04
    Well, that lasted a whole day, lol. I've swapped back to the original Audeze headband. The suspension headband is very comfortable but made my head hot after a bit of time. I'll just keep the suspension headband/ext yoke pins/yokes sitting around in case I decide to mod something else in the future.

    It's back to this and I'm done (I hope...:p)
    Headband Swap (6).jpg
  15. DrSchnickistein
    Hi! I've recently purchased a pair of used m1060s but it'll take some time before they get shipped to where I live. In the mean time, I've been eagerly designing some mods that I'll be using once they arrive. Sample of my prototype. I do plan to print these in wood PLA and test their properties. Perhaps I can create a fazor with the damping qualities of a fuzzor :wink:

    I've also been mulling on making carbon fiber grill covers if that interests anyone(not 3d printed but CNC cut)...

    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
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