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Monoprice Monolith M1060 and M560 Planar Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wordfool, Sep 13, 2016.
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  1. PockyG
    If they carry the same warranty as new, it should be ok.

    M1060 is a divisive headphone in the community: some love it, some hate it, and some like it enough to mod them to be better. For $200, you'll have a hard time finding a headphone that has the same kind of frequency extension that they do. However, QC and tuning is fairly shoddy out of the box. If you're looking for a headphone to mod that has a better extension than a T50RP Mk3, they're a great value.
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  2. jotaku
    I personally think that
    I agree with PockyG. For $200 you'll be hard pressed to find something that outperforms the M1060, especially after some cheap and easy mods. Price to performance is what makes these headphones so amazing in my opinion.

    I've owned a bunch of headphones (like the HiFiMan HE400i, Modhouse Argons, & LCD-X), and I've tried a ton of stuff at RMAF (like ZMF Atticus/Auteur/Aeolus, MrSpeakers Ether 2, & others). Nothing beats the M1060/M1060C for price to performance in my opinion.

    The only ones that come close in my opinion are the Sennheiser 58X/6XX and the Modhouse Argons (T50RP mod by Modhouse).

    I found the 6XX to be a bit boring (just my opinion, others love them). The 58X were really great but I still enjoyed the M1060s more (more soundstage and frequency extension); also the 58X don't scale as well with amplification. The Argons are amazing, but you then have to factor in the cost of an amp with lots of power behind it which adds at least another $100-$350 (like the JDS Labs Atom, EL Amp, Audio-GD NFB-11, or the Massdrop THX AAA 789).

    If you have a quality amp or plan on getting one, then it is a tough battle between the M1060s and the Argons. I'm waiting for the next drop of the THX AAA 789 to see which one I like more.
  3. EmareX
    Thank you for your time, appreciate it.

    I am currently using Aune X1s 10th edition, would that be enough for argons?

    6XX is my current daily driver. I am not 100% satisfied with it, I would like a bit more low end. Sometimes it feels like the instrument is dull, but at the same time, vocals are amazing. I have no idea about argons though. If I am being honest, I am skeptical about m1060s, build quality looks shaky and there are way too many complains about it.
  4. OldDude04
    The most vocal people about anything are the ones with issues. For every problem you read about the M1060 there are multiple people enjoying their problem free pairs. I can tell you I currently have 2 pairs of the M1060 that are problem free. I liked my main pair so much I bought a 2nd pair just to keep as a spare. They are amazing bang for buck headphones that are a modder's dream. Mine have an Audeze headband, vegan pads, 3D printed grills, 7ft Periapt cable, and some extra speaker cloth over the driver side to stop some reflections I was hearing. I've owned LCD2 Pre-fazors, Aeon Flow Opens, Focal Elears, a couple different HiFiMan sets and I sold them all because the M1060 got all my head time.

    I'm not telling you that you should or shouldn't buy the M1060, I'm just giving you a counterpoint to the complaints you've been reading.
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  5. jotaku
    Unfortunately no, people say you want at least 3+ watts of power to unlock the Argons, or some rediculously clean amps like the JDS Labs EL amp, or the JDS Labs Atom. The Massdrop THX AAA 789 is what I'm aiming for currently. They will still sound good through the Aune X1s, but they won't sound amazing without the crazy power. It's a noticeable difference between my Oppo HA-2 and my NFB-11 (1.8W @ 50 ohms which is what the T50RP/Argon is)

    The V2 solves a lot of the QC issues. While mine did develop a small crack in the wood ring it doesn't effect performance at all, and isn't noticeable unless you are looking for it. Build isn't premium, but I wouldn't call it bad either. I've had mine for over a year now (dozens of hours of listens, Traveled with, and used back and forth from home to work and back) and haven't been disappointed.

    Are there better built headphones...Yes! Are there better sounding headphones...Yes! But you need to understand what you are getting. You are paying for the "best bang for your buck" product. Those usually aren't premium products. Monoprice skimped on robust build to deliver amazing sound. With that in mind, they aren't going to fall apart on you. Like I mentioned above, I have used them a ton, and haven't been super gentle with them or kept them in the safest environments (I have 4 kids under 8). They are still going strong.
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  6. EmareX
    Thanks, mine is for only desktop use and I am very careful with my cans. I'll live with the build.

    But what about the 5k ring thing? And, I am not much of a modder, I'll probably run it stock, is that good enough?
  7. theangelboy
    The ringing or harshness seems to vary from person to person or unit to unit, I'm not sure which.

    However, if you are going to run them bone stock I would avoid the M1060. There are too many things that hold the M1060 back in stock configuration namely the pads and grilles. If modding isn't your thing but that sound is what you are after you would be much better going after the M1060C. More expensive, yes, but still a good deal and better out of the box, I think. You also don't have to worry about wood rings cracking and you get improved drivers. That's just my 2 cents.
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  8. jotaku
    It just depends on if you are sensitive to it. When I first got them I didn't notice any ringing. Then I removed the foam behind the grill (Increased detail and soundstage), then I noticed some siblance in the highs. The Fuzzor Mod fixed that.

    The M1060 were the first headphone I ever modded; outside of a pad swap that is. Most of them are super easy, like the ones I mention above, and make a big improvement in sound performance In my opinion. That being said, I loved them in their stock form. You can definitely be happy with them stock. The mods are there if you want more, or if you are sensitive to the ringing it is an easy fix for an otherwise amazing headphone.
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  9. jotaku
    I agree that the M1060C are a more refined version for just a little more.
  10. VRacer-111
    The problem I have with the M1060 is the Argon Mk3 exists - I absolutely love the Argon's. Had 2 pairs of M1060s, sold my modded prototype headband one recently to someone who wanted it. Have not had any real issues at all with them... not the best built things but they have not broken in any way or given me any issues. The Argon's are very different planars... have Fostex biodyna similarities with a little darker smoother sound yet also has the planar technical capabilities... win-win. Both the M1060 and Argon pair very well with a warm Class A amp too, which is my preference over neutral amps.
  11. jotaku
    I agree that the Argons sound amazing. I just got my pair early December. My argument against them is that you absolutely have to have a powerful amp to make the most out of them, which adds to the cost. While the M1060s do sound better amped, I personally don't think it is absolutely required. That is why I generally recommend the M1060s over the Argon, unless you already have a good amp.

    If we are comparing the headphones head to head without a good amp, I personally think the M1060 wins. Once you get a couple of watts behind the Argon, then the Argon wins. But that's my opinion. It all depends on where you are in the audio journey.
  12. VRacer-111
    For me, no amount of amping on the M1060 can remove the inheritantly flat/sterile planar sound. It simply has that characteristic sound I don't really care for much, which is why I generally don't like planars - simply too flat/sterile sounding. EQing doesn't change it either... and it needs some low end boost. The Argon doesn't sound like a normal planar at all (properly amped)... much more akin to a dynamic/electrostat hybrid headphone... and no EQ needed at all. Actually a Koss Porta Pro taken to a high level of fidelity would be the Argon Mk3... It has subbass impact, punch, full body sound with snap and smoothness which simply doesn't exist on any planar I've ever heard. A modded M1060 is very much like an LCD-2... very minor difference in overall sound between them.
  13. 329161
    Would you be able to post a photo of your m1060 with the headband mod? ImI thinking of doing something similar with the m1060c.
  14. OldDude04
    HERE is an Imgur album about the swap. if you have any questions, let me know.
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  15. 329161
    That looks very nice. Good job. Where did you get the metal rods? Audeze only sell the headband. I'm thinking of using this headband but using the original yokes on the m1060c. Ideally I'd like to use the headband from the lcd2c, which Audeze do sell separately, but I'm not sure where to get thè sliding metal rods.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
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