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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. timb5881
    It is time for me to consider an amp for my M300's. My Creek just does not work well with them, or the CMOY amp's. They actually do really well with my iPod classic, and my Korg DS-DAC100M. I am thinking the Schiit Magna 3, any one else using it with the Magna 3
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2018
  2. timb5881
    20180324_140904.jpg A new idea for secure and comfortable bit

    I used bailing wire for hooks, and covered it with heat shrink tubing, I then used the ear pieces with the half moon shaped ear grip recommended by Fra D
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  3. Devodonaldson
    I have those tips. I cut the W ngs off because it just didn't work for me. IMO those Bose in ear tips are more comfortable, have the relatively loose sealseal is desired for in ear planar, and sound better than any of the typical silicone tips or comply for that matter, and are MUCH less expensive. Looking to try these tips on some iSine 20's. These m300 have made me want to upgrade, seeing as the sound is THAT sweet. LCD I4 is far beyond my reach at the moment, but man I would love those. I'll take the m300 over the LX or iSine 10.
  4. timb5881
    So is everyone still using their M300 IEM's? Not much in the way of posts here lately. Anyway I finally fixed my $50 cyberdrive Feather amp/dac so I could try it with the M300 phones. While not the last word in detail, it does show that the M300's can go deep with authority, and still present nice high frequency's .
  5. Devodonaldson
    Still using mine, but I have to admit that I'm waiting to receive a gently used pair of iSine 20 that I just ordered. ImI looking forward to the extra detail. Love my m300, and they just make me want a lil bit more. Absolutely will be keeping them and possibly transitioning them to my workout Bluetooth/running wired to face/amp In-Ears. Have a nice mmcx APTX Bluetooth cable that I use with them occasionally. What tips are you using? I using replacement Bose Sounsport tips with the wings cut off. Looking to try small 500 series comply. The 600 series fit on perfect, but seal too much IMO. These crave a light seal, and silicone is a no-no IMO. Kills freq response. That's also the major issue with the iSine as well, which is why they "need" eq. They will eventually bring an m300 v2. Spoke to Monolith guys at Canjam yesterday
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  6. timb5881
    I USE the wing ear locks that have the tip attached permanently, along with some home made hooks made from bailing wire (covered with heat shrink tubing). When I compare the M300 to my Koss ESP950 electrostatic headphones, the missing detail is very noticeable. The M300's best attributes are bass slam and coherency across the audio band, I had also purchased the Monoprice M1060, like the M300's very good for the price, even hitting above it. Next purchase will be an amp that will better serve the 2 Monprice , looking at the Schiit Mani3 and the Vali2.
  7. timb5881
    I am not so sure about the iSine 10 and 20, you need to use their DAC/Amp to get the best out of them, and you have to use an iPhone (I have a 6 PLUS). So what will be different with the M300 V2 did they give any details about it?
  8. harpo1
    You can use a Parametic eq to get the same sound as the DAC/Amp from other devices. I use it with UAPP on my FiiO X7 and all my android cell phones.
  9. Devodonaldson
    I actually feel that sound from the iSine, like the m300 is very eartips dependent. I absolutely couldn't stand the m300 with all the included silicone tips, however, the thin pair of foam tips make them sound very pleasing to my ears. I've found similar results using Bose soundsport rips as well. Placing the previously mentioned tips on the iSine provided similar results. I didn't find the need for eq using my preferred tips. RegsrdiRe the m300 v2, there is no definite timeline. I was simply told that it definitely is an upcoming project
  10. Devodonaldson
    Regarding m300 imI kinda sout that I can't find those foam tips that come with the m300 anywhere. For me, they produce a nice warm soundstage, and since they arrested thinner than most foam eartips, they seal very loosely, the way these kind of monitors are supposed to be. Bought comply cofort medium, which would be a great fit for IEM, but they seal too good for these IMO. I want to try a small, but not worth spending another $20 just to see if I like it or not
  11. youngarthur
    Earclips, IMG_1892.JPG for me a final solution.Remove horse shoe part from Chinese ear clips,, fit new stronger horse shoe part, problem solved. Different size for iSine of course, but same principle.
  12. timb5881
    So young Arthur, where did you the clips and the horse shoe parts from?
  13. youngarthur
    The clips are Chinese.( The horse shoe size doesn't matter.) the horse shoe part twists out, leaving a bare ear clip. New horse shoe part comes in two sizes, to fit M300,or iSine. These are far stronger, and the ear clip is flexible. Speak to Frank88, and he might do some for you. I highly recommend these.
  14. Frank88
    YoungArthur and I have been experimenting with earclip designs for several months. We've gone through a few iterations and the version YoungArthur describes above appears to be a winner. If you have access to a 3D printer, you could make the clips yourself. I'm attaching a pic of the clips with dimensions for those of you who want to 3D print some yourself.

    If you don't have access to a 3D printer, and would like us to make you some clips, we could do that and mail them to you. You'd then also need to buy the ear hooks off amazon.

    Many thanks to YoungArthur for all the diligence and effort he has put into solving the iSine/M300 earclip problem that has tarnished an otherwise promising planar earphone design. His most recent search and discovery of those amazon ear hooks has been a great find!

    M300 iSINE Clips.jpg
  15. MyPants
    Alright I'm joining you fellas. I was really close to buying isine 20 demo units on razordog, but I feel like the value proposition just isn't there if you're not using an iDevice and cipher cable. The monoprice eBay storefront has the M300 for $129 shipped, new, so I ordered a set as well as comply t600 isolation tips and a cheap balanced mmcx to 2.5mm trrs cable. Very excited to hear these.
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