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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Frank88
    Ear Hook links:

    Here are links to the ear hooks that a group of us are using. The ear hooks all seem to be coming out of the same factory in China and sold online by several different retailers. The ear hooks work quite well and are very inexpensive. The problem of course is finding horse shoe clips that fit the M300s. That's why we are still making clips on our 3-D printer for m300 and iSine headfiers. The mm size doesn't matter because you are going to discard their clip and replace with ones you make yourself or get from us:

    Here are the ear hooks on Amazon you will need to buy:

    And same ear hooks here on Aliexpress:

    And same again here on ebay:

    Here's a thinner clear set as another option. One of our fellow headfiers prefers this thinner clear one over the black ones. He sent me a set and I am going to try them and compare:

    Hope this helps.

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  2. jpelg
    Thanks to the recommendations in this thread, I received the Audeze "groove kit" yesterday. The Audeze iSine hooks are thinner & more flexible than the Monoprice stock hooks, but don't break when you flex them to fit over your ear. They don't pinch either. They've taken the M300 to "wearable for a while", to "disappeared on my head".
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  3. Devodonaldson
    Wait a minute. You got the iSine hooks to fit on the m300? The pair I tried broke trying to put it on, as the m300 has a slightly wider area
  4. trellus
    @Devodonaldson I am using iSine ear hooks on the M300, and while I was afraid they would break as it took some work to fit them, they did fit with some careful force, and they’ve been much more reliable than the original M300 hooks I had, one of which snapped almost immediately out of the box.
  5. youngarthur
    The iSINE, and the M300 horse shoe parts, are different sizes, but Frank will do either size for you.( Speaking on his behalf!!.)
  6. jpelg
  7. lgcubana
    Black iSine "Groovy" vs. Clear M300
    upload_2018-7-25_9-8-5.png upload_2018-7-25_9-11-17.png
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  8. Pxncture
    Guys save yourselves on the hooks. If in the US go to Dollar tree and buy a cheap crappy plastic on ear, rip out the drivers, also buy a hook and loop Velcro square set will run you about 2 dollars all together. Place one side over the speaker grill and the other leave the paper backing on and just cut a small square in the center out of the paper to expose the adhesive. Place that one over the monoprice logo and attach to the cheap on ear headset. Support for the heavy monoprice in ears is sufficent and comfort is much better. No more ear pain to endure. No vents are covered so no sound quality loss occurs.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
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  9. thejoker13
    Can you post a picture of the end result? I'm having trouble picturing what it'll look like when completed.
  10. Pxncture
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  11. thejoker13
    It's giving me an error message whenever I click the link. Not sure if the error is on my end, or if it's truly the link.
  12. Pxncture
    Link works both on my phone and pc, no idea buddy.
  13. B9Scrambler
    Here you go :)

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  14. thejoker13
    Thank you! I appreciate it.
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  15. timb5881
    Any one have anything new about the M300 iem’s?
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