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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Devodonaldson
    For the record, I've had m300 since October. Bought a b stock iSine 20 last week for $300. I use foam tips, small. Sounds wonderful. At that price, it's definitely worth the upgrade, IMO
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  2. MyPants
    I'd be far more interested in the 20's at $300 than at $429+. Did you get them from Audeze directly?
  3. timb5881
    Cool, let us know how you like them.
  4. acia
    what's the material for m300? plastic or magnesium alloy?
  5. trellus
    It is very glossy and seems plasticy to me
  6. MyPants
    100% plastic for the housing
  7. lgcubana
    Currently on sale @MonoPrice for $129, Free shipping

    Today (May 18) through tomorrow, get an additional 20% off, "Sunny20". Once you make the threshold of $150 (of non-excluded items) in your cart

    As much as I appreciated the playback on these planars, I was going to return mine, before doing a dive into this thread. As the clear, over ear clips were putting too much pressure on the mid point, of the helix, of my right ear.

    For me, the solution was going to the small size of the Comply T-600 and not fully rotating the over ear clips. I leave about a dime sized gap between the curvature of the over ear clip and the front side/edge of the helix
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  8. timb5881
    Sitting back tonight, listening to Dark Side of the Moon with M300's. Sounding good!
  9. Devodonaldson
    Good album. Only time iveI ever heard Pink Floyd. Enjoy the DAD version immensely
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  10. timb5881
    So, yesterday and today, I have been using the M300's with my new Schiit Vali 2. Other than the usual comfort issues I have with them, I can say I am really beginning hooked on their sound with that amp.
  11. lgcubana
    Adorama has the "Groovy" kit for $10 + $5 shipping

    I just received one of the kits. The ear clips are more to my liking, than the monoprice clear pieces. The smallest tips are too big to create a seal, for me; I'll give them a try tomorrow, during my morning constitution.
    They're currently on Backorder, but you can still put in an order
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  12. trellus
    That's a great price for the kit. I ordered mine a while back directly from Audeze, can't remember the price but it was definitely more than $15 (maybe it was $30?) if I remember correctly, and their clips worked better on my ears than the ones from Monoprice which snapped very soon after I got them.
  13. lgcubana
    For lack of proper nomenclature, I'll call the top of the M300 a SST (spear shaped tip). With the Comply tips, I've been twisting the SST into the inside of the antihelix, to get a firm perch and seal (for the foam tips). But this was causing fatigue to that newly created pressure point on my left ear.

    I believe someone already mentioned this: with the groovy tips, you're not looking for a tight seal (like the Comply foam tips), but complete coverage of the ear canal.

    Just for giggles, I reversed the earpieces (to relieve the pressure on the antihelix) and swapped out the Complys for the groovy tips. But with the smallest tips, the fitment was too loose. With the largest Groovy tips, earpeices reversed and the smaller black clips (from the Audeze kit), I think that I've found my best fit.
  14. timb5881
    Found a new secure way to keep the earphones on.. Someone recommended from here about a memory cable. SO I ordered a cheap one, and I use the ear locks with them and wrap the wire around my ear. Maybe not secure enough for jogging, but while sitting at my desk I can move my head around.
  15. youngarthur
    I found that Frank88 far stronger horse shoe parts, together with a lot stronger over ear clips from China, have solved any problems that I had, and as Frank88, also does the horse shoes for the iSine 10/20, these solutions include, far better fit, no breakages. They should have come from the factory like this, in my humble opinion.
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