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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. HardstyleLoco96
    Ok serious question, How similar is the sound signature of the M300 to the Isine 10 & 20 with the stock cable. I have fallen in love with the Isine 10 using my HTC 10 and Elemental Watson. If the M300 are anything similar I will pull the trigger!!! I neeed to knowww now, and I wasn't a big fan of the cipher cable. Tried it with my friend IPh8, it sounded good but not as good when hooked up to a good desktop amp, treble sounded a tad sibalint.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
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  2. youngarthur
    Had my M300 for a day.Will I keep them?. Yes. Main problem, fit. Compared to my iSINE 20, the nozzle on the M300 is at a smaller angle.Tried in ear hooks, earphone fell out. Over ear hooks are ok,BUT weight of cable is dragging against them. I am very, very careful with all my equipment, but still managed to break a black over ear clip. Solution..( For me ) Use upside down,right earphone in left ear, left earphone in right ear, with the cable over ear, together with ear hooks. I got to this stage, after about 6 hours hard labour, and some bad language. I have ordered another cable, and emailed Monoprice about more earhooks, no answer as yet. SO, are these worth sticking with?. for me, definitely. Sound wise compared to iSINE 20?. My 77 year old ears, won't be the same as most of you young whipper snappers, so perhaps not for me to comment. This is not a copout, just a bit of common sense. Any old folk want to know more, please ask.
  3. Ynot1
    Looks like the M300 definitely needs better mounting solution. But when they do improve that eventually, I hope also they consider what Audeze has done with the cypher cable. Maybe even add a mic to make it adaptive noise canceling, although that seems far reaching. Sounds to me like someone at monoprice needs to make a phone call to someone at Akg.
  4. IceOgre
    Just received notification that I received my Audeze clips and tips. Will let you know if they fit in an hour or so.
  5. IceOgre
    I can now confirm that the Audeze tips and over ear clips fit the m300. The grooved tips are very comfortable and create a great seal. The over ear clips almost feel like they have a rubberized coating? Very flexible. I am sticking with the earlocks for now.
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  6. IceOgre
    8EA996EC-45AB-4284-B303-63A9BCFF3D92.jpeg 1F980618-1F67-4D0F-B15E-C3AC9AE5521A.jpeg Pictures
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  7. Devodonaldson
    Looks good. Sound details with new tips, please. Debating on getting these, as I'm interested in Planar to fill the gap on my non over ear listening or settling on new KZ ZS6 IEM (know exactly what they bring to table). BTW I liked what time heard from iSine 20 without cipher cable
  8. IceOgre
    Will listen tonight and let you know.
  9. Devodonaldson
    Appreciate that. Will be patiently awaiting your impression....well, trying to wait patiently, while more like hitting refresh every 5 min hoping, lol.
  10. IceOgre
    BTW the clear clip on the left is the one provided with the m300. The 2 on the right are the Audeze clips. 2 different sizes. Also note this is not the kit currently on the Audeze website. Not sure what size clips are in that kit.
  11. HardstyleLoco96
    So this is what I heard with the Isine 10 & 20 hooked up to my HTC 10 and Elemental Watson using FLAC and a flat eq on poweramp alpha with a bass boost on the dial of 30% and a treble boost on the dial of 30% and a boost on stereo expand of 20%. So firstly I listened to the Isine 20 and wow, I was truly impressed, the soundstage was immense and that already blew my away, but then came the vocals, I heard no werid distance or recession in the mids. The mids were actually nicely upfront, crystal crystal crystal clear, listening to Wu Tang gravil pit proved this. On my Oriveti New Primacy, this song sounds very good vocals are clear and it all sounds nice but the Isine 20 was just in a whole new different league. The bass was amazing, extremely punchy, amazing textured and layers for days. The treble was of very nice quality, didn't feel like it was lacking but i'd call it smooth and relaxing like a true planar. Overall I was in love and yes I listened to many more headphones including, the LCD3, Oppo PM1, Beyerdynamic Amiron, Sennheiser HD800, Pioneer SE Master 1 and the Grado PS1000e, all listened with the Watson and HTC 10 with the same Eq settings. All were impressive but I was just in love with the Isine 20. What was next? Well I decided to try the Isine 10. At first listen I noticed sound is slight smaller but defs just a tad, instrument separation was stellar but then something just made me smile like a mad man. The energy the Isine 10 have compared to the 20 is a step higher. The treble was slightly more lively, more energetic and kinda felt more extended?.?. The mids were still nicely upfront and extremely clear but the bass. The punch was slightly softer but I mean this in a good way as I felt the Isine 20 could give out maybe a little to much and become fatiguing after a good while, but my oh my way the sub bass the most impressive thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Layers, textures, details, speed and the pure quality I was hearing was out of this world. I was ready to pull the trigger and buy them immediately but unfortunately I don't have the money :frowning2:. After all this listening, I decided to use the Cipher cable on my friends IPh8, and yes the 10 & 20 sounded very nice indeed which would be good for portable use, maybe the treble was just slightly to energetic but that could be eqd down easily, but did the cipher sound as good as the Watson? No where near it. So please ladies and gents, I really need to know how similar the M300 sound to the 10 or 20. Use same eq for all iems and tell us what differences you hear. We are all eagerly waiting. If the M300 can be as good or even better then the Isine 10 or somewhere inbetween the 10 & 20. Im sold 100% no questions asked :)
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  12. Fra D
    This gem really grows on me, is it the burn-in? It just seems to get better by the hour, turned eq off at last but still have gain up. Less ear strain with the lighter balanced cable, but would prefer larger hooks, or earlocks that can actually hold the monitors in, the ones included are junk.

    Get a pair at least while stock lasts.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  13. Devodonaldson
    Are you saying you're starting yo like them now?
  14. Devodonaldson
    Please give brand/model of this Watson you speak of. Never heard of it
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  15. Fra D
    Yes, to my surprise.
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