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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. IceOgre
    So just listened to some of my “referance” tracks with the grooved Audeze tips. Much better seal for sure. The m300’s are now securely, comfortably, fitted in my ears. I would highly recommend picking these up from Audeze if you plan on keeping these ear speakers. I could not get a good seal with the tips provided with the m300’s. I personally love the way these sound now. Make sure you are positive you have a good seal before you judge the sound. The bass is fuller and the mids have more presence. This is obviously my opinion. The only other IEMs I can compare to are my 1964 V6 CIEM. These are different than those but not in a bad way. These are more open sounding. As a point of clarification this is my first pair of planar dynamic headphones. That is why I say they are different.

    Note to Monoprice... These are great headphones for the price for sure. PROVIDE BETTER OVER EAR CLIPS AND TIPS SIMILAR TO THE AUDEZE GROVED TIPS AND YOU HAVE A WINNER!!!

    I will be keeping my pair without hesitation. Here is the tidal playlist of songs I normally listen to when testing cans or speakers. https://tidal.com/playlist/55c8a792-6e85-42ed-b5a7-e118bcb8a08e
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
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  2. IceOgre
    I experienced the same thing. The mids seem to open up after about 3 hours of break in. Weird. To be clear I normally don’t believe in break in. I listened to one track a few times and was disappointed. Then I stoped listening and let my system play random tracks for 2-3 hours. Then went back to the same track and the mids (vocals) sounded quite a bit better.
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  3. Devodonaldson
    Do you have an updated detailed impression you'd care to share? Still aren't many official reviews out. And holding off on my other budget pick until I hear more on these. Really like iSine, but I use over ear 80% of the time, do wasn't going to drop $3-500 on a type of Listening that I use least. Not a huge fan of forward presentation even though I can appreciate it. Original Nighthawk/Nightowl with hybrid pads is my favorite sound to date.
  4. Nathanl
    Thanks for letting us know. Ordered a pair, cannot complain with free shipping, might get the case too since it will actually fit the damn things in
  5. Devodonaldson
    Ok, awesome. Will pull the trigger on these then. Please inform me of the package you got for the Audeze tips and in-ear hooks and over ear hangers. Also, did you replace the cable as well?
  6. manukmanohar
    Are the tips and earhooks you have got the same as the one you get from audeze(10$ - 3 pairs, S/M/L of Groovy Tips with a longer earhook):

    EDIT: I didn't realize, you were the same guy who had bought from ebay. Modified my question
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
  7. IceOgre
    There is only one accessory pack on their website. I bought my package off of some guy on eBay. It came with 2 sets of clips. I think the one on their website only comes with one. As for the sounds if you don’t like them you can alway return them...
  8. HardstyleLoco96
    Search up, Elemental Watson Hybrid Tube amp.
  9. dr.z
    Perhaps it can all be chalked down to n00b mistakes, I shall nonetheless document a cautionary tale...

    In my rush to grab a cheap balanced cable, I ordered a Fiio bearing in mind a cheap 2.5mm>3.5mm TRRS adapter. Alas, I forgot the pin-out change being drastic and not covered by the common OMTP>CTIA variant. Anyway, there exists more expensive solutions -- including a second cable...:rolling_eyes:

    Upon its arrival, I thought I should in any case test its comfort and microphonics. Well, the MMCX connectors were really right, especially on one side. In fact, I could not pull it out, and SNAP! The outer contact is now jammed inside the jack, and cannot be dislodged! :cold_sweat:
    I am waiting to hear from MP and a repairer (Singapore's audiohive), but I fear my M300 journey is already at an end, having barely begun...:sob::sob:

    And finally, yes, a black over-ear clip broke with minimal handling.
  10. Magick Man
    QC is a big issue with these, I guess. Mine arrived and the left side connection is intermittent. If I move my head it cuts out, and that happens no matter how I reseat the connection. It's just flaky. So I guess I'm sending them back for replacement.
  11. Devodonaldson
    That's unfortunate. Awaiting mine. I guess the good news is that for me, the location is only an hour away, so either way, I won't have to with too long to receive my order or a possible replacement
  12. Fra D
    It is like IceOgre's experience: from flat, centered, "cheap" to to full detailed, seperated "rich". You'll love 'm.
    If only them hooks were larger, but I see the Groovy Ears package holds the larger ones.
    Only twice the price vs USA on the continent. A steal!

    EDIT Turned off gain too, just blew the finesses.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2017
  13. Devodonaldson
    Order d mine last night, and the groovy kit for those tips. I'm hoping the inner hooks work, cuz I'm not a fan of the glasses hooks, but we'll see. Has anyone felt the need to replace the cable, and what cable would you suggest?
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  14. tim0chan
    Linum bax mmcx, lightest, thinnest cable
    Or get the mellifera from sgaudiohive
    There arent many relatively cheap mmcx cables around
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  15. Devodonaldson
    There are several inexpensive mmcx cables on Amazon, but I wanted to ask around first
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