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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. Fra D
    Edited my message a bit, but without eq-bass-gain options, sound is flat, not dark.
  2. FrostyP
    I skimmed over the thread and I'm curious, has anyone tried applying Audeze's cypher cable EQ to these? I want to know just how similar these two products are
  3. tgx78
    I tried. Audeze EQ works well with the m300 as well.
  4. Devodonaldson
    So, this is where I'm a little confused. Everyone is talking about how all the iSine need eq. At Canjam, I listened to the 20 without cipber cu I don't use Apple products, and I quite liked it. Bass was nice, allxfreq were present to my ears, but here I read everyone saying all these need eq. So I'm highly confused
  5. Schwibbles
    It's probably just that they line up with your preferred sound signature. If you like it the way it is, then you're not going to want to EQ it. A lot of us who want to EQ it want more treble or want a more neutral signature which requires us to EQ them to get that. There's nothing wrong with preferring a different sound than someone else.
  6. CJG888
    Frankly, these seem like an excellent idea, but an unfinished product. I'm out.
  7. CJG888
    Shame, because they really did appear to show promise.
  8. kukkurovaca
    There's a pretty wide range of opinion on whether iSine really needs EQ or not. Some people are totally happy with it as is, others find it unlistenable without EQ.

    I imagine this comes down to:

    * Differences in user preference/ears
    * Differences in source and/or amp
    * Differences in what music people listen to

    I have the iSine 20 and have used them extensively with the cipher cable and without it. (TEAC HA-P50, ALO CDM) I've mostly used them without EQ, but recently I've been experimenting with using the recommended cipher-substitute EQ, and my general sense is that for most tracks, I'm happy either way, some tracks sound quite wonky without EQ, and a few sound wonky with EQ but sound good without it.

    Given all the variables and subjectivity, definitely a case of everybody should try it for themselves if they can and see what works or doesn't work for them.
  9. tinyman392
    Lots of things going into play here. The first question is, because they are semi-open-back, how quiet were your surroundings? Noise could make it harder for your ears to hear some of the downfalls of the iSine, something you would notice in a quiet room. The second is that most people are looking at that spike around the 1-2kHz region which they all seem to be toning down so it's dead flat. If someone is sensitive to this frequency range, a resonance in this frequency range would certainly make it unlistenable. Even if not, it would still cause some issues to many listeners. I haven't listened to the iSine without the Cipher cable as I do use an iDevice myself.

    However, then there is the idea that some people prefer less sparkle, or a darker sound while others like a more balanced (slight V-shaped) signature. In which case, they'll EQ it to their liking. Though in the latter case, I wouldn't say it's unlistenable...
  10. Saoshyant
    Perhaps better earhooks, could help with the comfort issues.
  11. Nathanl
    So with regards to comfort I'm thinking of buying an iem cable that hooks around the ears and then just turning them upside down. It sounds weird but the angle and opposite side of the oem doesn't hurt my ear as much. I was also able to just shove on my smaller more comfortable tips. If anyone knows of a cheap cable with the same connectors post about it.
  12. Fra D
    But with some eq work you will end up enjoying them for sure, $149 is a steal anyway.

    Saw the Audeze In-Ear Groovy kit, but will the hooks fit the monolith? https://www.wifimedia.eu/nl/audeze-in-ear-groovy-kit.html#main
  13. watsaname
    Oh cool, I remember seeing his video about him breaking his pair while modding them because he knocked a magnet or something like that... Yeah I would probably be down to mod them myself, but I wonder if Monoprice is going to have a fuzzor mod in a future iteration of the headphone.

    I think the headband similar to the stax sr002 would be pretty ace .That way it isn't relying on the ear at all, just the top of your head or maybe a behind the head design would be cool to.
  14. CJG888
    Good idea
  15. IceOgre
    2BBF18D5-B9ED-41E8-A799-0E71CF7D3DD7.jpeg Just ordered this kit off eBay. Will let you know if everything fits when the package arrives next week.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2017
    manukmanohar likes this.
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