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Monolith M300 In Ear Planar Earphones

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  1. tgx78
    If you are going to use the Parametric EQ try these filters. I am using Media Center 22.

    Low Shelf, 100Hz, Q=1, +5dB
    Peak EQ, 1550Hz, Q=1, -7dB
    Peak EQ, 4500Hz, Q=1, +11dB
    Peak EQ, 11000Hz, Q=1, -7dB
    High Shelf, 13000Hz, Q=1, +5dB

    (Edit: You may also need to drop the preamp as low a -11dB to avoid clipping.)

    Now this sounds closer to isine20 with cipher cable albeit still warmer and has slightly less mid range detail.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
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  2. harpo1
    These settings sound really good. I'm testing them with my FiiO X7 with UAPP and tonebooster parametric EQ. Tonebooster doesn't have Peak EQ so can you tell me if this is the same as analog bell?
  3. tgx78
    Ok here is what I observe with few more hours of semi critical listening.. I feel the M300s are utilizing really strong magnets thus driver control is excellent.

    This is especially evident on bass section, Feed them good clean power and sub-bass to lower mids linearity is quite shockingly good. Bass is quite possibly better textured and extended than isine20.

    Too bad about f%^ed up mids to upper mids- treble though. This had so much potential!
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  4. AndroidVageta
    Such a shame, really. Oh well, on to the next thing. SW3's will have to last me a little bit longer it seems.
  5. Schwibbles
    Forgive me, but what are the SW3s you keep mentioning?
  6. tgx78
    I believe it is shockwave III by MusicMaker, chinese IEM with 4 BA + 1 DD. I had one before and sold it due to treble peaks piercing my eardrums.
  7. Sythrix
    I think I have to return these. I can handle a little ear soreness, but with these it seems like the soreness continues right where it left off when I put them back on, even hours later or the next day. I don't think I can deal with that unless someone has found a way to make them more comfortable. The rubber inner-ear hook things didn't work for me... they just fell out. At first the hooks* seemed like they weren't going to cause an issue, but I found the truth after wearing them long enough.

    Sucks because I really like the sound signature, even if I seem to be in the minority in that respect. I know it's not especially accurate, but they don't set my ears ringing either...

    Last edited: Oct 5, 2017
  8. Schwibbles
    Gotcha. It's been awhile since I've looked those up. Almost bought them too... Until Aliexpress wanted my social or driver's license number to verify my identity.
  9. Sythrix
    LOL, seriously? I would never do business with a company that asked for that, especially one like Aliexpress...
  10. Schwibbles
    Lol I don't mean to further derail the thread but I'm dead serious. I believe it was supposed to be a scan of my SS card, driver's license, or passport.

    EDIT: A quick search shows I remembered that correctly.
    Sythrix likes this.
  11. watsaname
    Same here. I decided that after breaking both of the black ear hooks and with the ear soreness, there just wasn't enough of a reason to keep them. I was honestly hoping that the soreness would go away as I got used to it, but after a week of wearing them everyday the soreness is always still there. That said it was my first venture into planar magnetic and now I have the slight itch to check out the M1060 since it seems to be a more mature product at this point.
  12. Sythrix
    I can definitely recommend the 1060s. I eventually modded them following this video, but they were still pretty nice at stock. They're currently on version 2 of them and I've had no issues so far. The earpads in that video (microsuede "Vegan" pads) are all but unattainable by now though, so you may have to look into alternatives if you want to replace them (but the stock are still good and you can do the fuzzer mod regardless for very cheap, if you feel it's necessary.) Of course I'm sure there may be less mainstream methods of attaining the Vegan pads.
  13. Fra D
    After eq-ing the hell out of them (1kHz and beyond from +6 to +8), gain at high and extra bass at 4 of 5, I'm starting to like them. Had to put the smallest plugs I could find in my house on them, size about 4/5 of the smallest silicone plugs that came with the M300, to make them bearable. This with an Onkyo DP-S1.

    EDIT wrong bass scale, lowered eq a bit on 1k to 16k due to balanced out, but upped bass 1 step.

    Without eq-bass-gain options, they are flat sounding.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2017
  14. Devodonaldson
    I'm tempted, but am unable to mess with any eq function due to using an external DAC for Tidal playback. With that said, I actually prefer a darker presentation, so I'm wondering if combined with a brighter DAC will I possibly not see the same issues.
  15. Schwibbles
    I saw a picture on Reddit showing the M1060 with what looked like a much more comfortable headband. Possibly a 3rd generation? As far as pads go, I've ordered ZMF lambskin pads (Eikon) on Massdrop for mine but they haven't arrived yet. I believe ZMF is also working on their own 'vegan' pads so that's something to look out for in the (hopefully) near future.

    Now if only we could mod the M300...
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