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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. Roasty
    The abyss are finicky in that they require a bit of adjustment to get the good stuff, whereas other cans u just wear straight away without worrying about position /pads etc but the sound u get is extremely gratifying.

    I find that even with everything adjusted, if I rotate the headphones forward or backwards slightly, the sound changes too.
  2. CreditingKarma
    You can also bend the frame to get the fit just right. There is a video about this fromAbyss on you tube.

    Once the fit is right you are rewarded with sonic bliss. I borrowed all of the totl audeze cans and there is no comparing. They all sounded veiled and slightly lifeless after hearing the abyss. When I sold my LCD 4Z to fund my first speaker upgrade to a pair of dynaudio c1 platinums I was bummed. I am now happy that I did it because I might not have taken the plunge with the abyss. I have sold off everything with the exception of my clears, and the noble Khan has replaced all of my iems.
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  3. up late
    playing the world's smallest violin - just for you. but seriously, it's not a matter of this thread being any more or less friendly and accepting than other head-fi threads. if you're going to make generalisations based on your own personal experience and preferences, then they are open to challenge. this is a forum after all.

    i thought that diana v2 had ample bass. it didn't lack quantity or quality to my ears. that said, based on your stated sound preferences, i suspect that the diana v2 may not be to your taste.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
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  4. tradyblix
    Hahaha. Awesome. that's what you get for going OFF TOPIC and discussing the Abyss in an Empy Thread :)
  5. Bonddam
    We Abyss owners are lonely. If only somebody make us a thread,

    I hear the Emptrean bass more on the boomy side of the scale where the Diana v2 is more to sq. This was the same in my car audio comp. days built the sub enclosure on the small side. Once built ported small enclosure tuned to the vehicle which had no thunder but amazing sq.
  6. nwavesailor
  7. Bonddam
    I'm not qualified to, Don't worry I only hijacked this thread while wearing my Empyrean...
  8. Bonddam
    I am getting Trevor's new Skruag series on Friday. I wanted this cable for my Empyrean, very excited.
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  9. nwavesailor

    I Have the Silvergarde S-3 and think I'm set for the Empy's. Glad it will also work with the Verite mini XLR as well when they arrive!
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  10. betula
    Up late, self anointed protector of the objective truth... I guess you just find unique joy in putting everyone right.
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  11. up late
    not really as this hobby is inherently subjective
  12. racebit
    After investigating some more the TC, I think it may be the best sounding headphone available, although have not heard it. The looks and fit would be ok to me, as they provide the tilted earcups. What makes me discard it is the weight. Abyss needs to shave 200g and get to 450g (max 500g). That headband is heavy with aluminum, they must use other materials (carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, etc). Also other parts of the headphone.
    Even my discontinued Sony MA900 has magnesium alloy frame (headband), lighter than aluminum (total weight 192 gr). Not sure if the magnesium alloy is lighter than aluminum, but as it is much stronger it can be thinner and achieve same result (strength) with less weight.
    Anyway there are new materials, much lighter and much stronger, being produced in labs, it should not take much more time for them to arrive to the industry.

    But for me Empyrean is the best headphone available at the moment, I wouldn't trade it for a TC, even if no money involved. Because TC sound serves no purpose if I don't want to wear it.

    Meze is already perfect on the confort. TC may have have the best sound. So I will wait and see who gets on perfection line first, Meze with even better drivers, or Abyss with improved weight.

    Betula, we are on a similar situation. We both got an Empyrean and TT2 recently (and a silver Lavricable), and because of that we are not ready to buy anything expensive right now, and we are both put off by headphones above 500gr. So time will allow our audio budget to grow back and give time to the manufacturers to work to deserve it. You say 5 years, you may be very right on that one, but I hope sooner.
    Also it was a good thing we got the TT2, we are power ready for a TC successor, or a similarly power hungry competitor.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
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  13. Bonddam
    I just got the TC today and going through the process of setting it. It might be heavy but it doesn't bother me yet. Bass is amazing no stuffy sound very clear. My daughter saw me wearing it and said I have the weirdest headphones. It does look silly but the sound is so AMAZING.
  14. Roasty
    Pleasantly surprised..

    Empyrean + suede pads + abyss 1266 moon audio silver dragon cable with ultrashort adaptors
    fed by dac3b and hpa4

    OMG amazeballs sound...

    The upper registers have opened up and is so airy and clear. Mids and mid bass remain full and luscious and bass notes are fast tight and punchy. I really like the sound this empy combo is giving me.

    I prefer this setup over the Empy + Silvergarde S3 and Verite Closed + Silvergarde S3.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2019
  15. Bonddam
    Empyrean+leather+Skruag powered by gsx mini + Ares II
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