Meze 99 Neo Pre-Launch Worldwide Review Tour - Registrations Closed

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  1. kman1211
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  2. chaturanga
    Wow I just saw this post :)

    Nice to hear tour is going on.
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  3. darmanastartes
  4. peter1480
  5. chaturanga
    So, where is the Europe tour unit?
  6. noobandroid
    asia unit also, where is it?
  7. noobandroid
    i hate this half baked forum, its hard to keep tabs on stuff
  8. FortisFlyer75
    Hi Team Meze if your still reading this thread, was I still after Leaky74 as noticed Peter posted this for him on 15th September? Which was like a month ago...
  9. makan
  10. AudioE
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  11. Mark Up
  12. jinxy245
    I just received the Neo from @Mark Up today...

    listening now...

    enjoying now...

    I'll get back to you...
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  13. jinxy245
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  14. chaturanga
    As the last reviewer of the Europe tour, I got headphones yesterday and I will complete my review after listening 1 week.

    Thanks for @MezeTeam Lorand and @FortisFlyer75 John for their help for customs problem I have met. Customs asked me to pay abt. 60 dollars, but Lorand and John's emails helped me to prove that it was a review unit not a purchase.
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