Meze 99 Neo Pre-Launch Worldwide Review Tour - Registrations Closed

  1. MezeTeam
    The party is on and we're bringing the toys.
    Because we feel at home here, more than anywhere else. As we are all part of this community, we want you, fellow audiophiles, to try the Meze 99 Neo before the official release! We would like to see and hear your impressions and expert opinions first!
    Everybody worldwide is free to participate.
    What we want to do in this tour is have fun and find out what you think of the 99 Neo. We want your honest impressions.
    The rules are the same as for the 99 Classics tour, you can read them below.
    Let all your friends know about the party, everybody is invited.
    The package contains:
    •    1 Meze 99 Neo headphones
    •    1 EVA carrying pouch and Meze 99 Neo box
    •    1 cable and accessory pouch
    •    1 6.3mm gold-plated jack
    How to apply to be part of the tour
    •    Simply post your wish to participate in this thread like this:
    A link to a previous review that you’ve written:
    •    We will contact you for further information.

    Shipping details
    •    Meze Audio will ship the first units to the first Head-Fiers and will also provide a tracking number.
    •    Each user, afterwards, will be responsible of shipping the unit to the next Head-Fier.
    •    Meze Audio will let each Head-Fier know to whom to ship next.
    •    Each user will have to send us a tracking number via PM.

    As for the review
    •    Each user is to hold the unit for audition for 7 days.
    •    After the audition period, each user has to take their time to post a review of the 99 Neo on Head-Fi.
    •    By entering the tour you agree that Meze Audio can use your review of the Meze 99 Neo for promotional purposes.
    •    Choosing the reviewers is solely the responsibility of Meze Audio.
    •    Each user needs to be comfortable with providing shipping information to the next user.
    •    After you have written and posted your review on Head-Fi, please post the link to your review in this thread.
    Tour members in shipping order:
    1. @Dobrescu George
    2. @VilMo
    3. @tommycha
    4. @OSiRiSsk
    5. Yethal
    6. @HondoMUC
    7. @betula
    8. @peter1480
    9. @leaky74
    10. @FortisFlyer75
    11. @MezeTeam
    12. @chaturanga
    13. @MezeTeam
    1. @ryanjsoo
    2. hemtmaker
    3. @Mightygrey 
    4. Addicted to Audio
    1. @LikeABell
    2. @donunus
    3. @Schizodyslexic
    4. @Hawaiibadboy
    5. @mxroadie
    6. @noobandroid
    7. SLT Technologies
    1. @Ike1985
    2. @ngoshawk
    3. scottcriswell
    4. @ZJee
    5. @Jayzz
    6. @yage
    7. @darmanastartes
    8. @AudioE
    9. @expontherise
    10. @Mark Up
    11. @pkcpga 
    12. @Howlin Fester
    13. @swspiers
    14. @jinxy245
    1. @reddog
    2. @Change is Good
    3. @Army-Firedawg
    4. @Mshenay
    5. @kman1211
    6. @HK_sends
    7. @lotech
    8. @dmhenley
    9. @moedawg140
    10. @Mikualotic
    11. @MXTape80
    12. @nmatheis 
    13. @Delance26 
    1. @dweaver
    2. @Bansaku
    3. @SOULSIK
    4. @cs098
    5. @makan
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  2. Howlin Fester
    I would like to trhow my name in the had for the North America tour:
    Head-Fi username: Howlin Fester
    Location (City, Country): Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
    Portable Source gear: iBasso DX50>RSA Intruder (flac), iPod Nano>RSA Predator (mp3 320CBR)
    Desktop Source Gear:  iBasso DX50>Coax>Peachtree Audio Decco 65, iBasso DX50>Line Out RCA>Unison Research SH class A Tube Amp.  Also have ProJect Debut Carbon Turntable > Cambridge Audio preamp > Peachtree & Unison Research.
    Delta V1 review - in thread:
    Unison Research SH Amp - Thread Starter
    Fiio M3 review - in thread:
    I have just reached reading the end of the Meze 99 Classics thread and am extremely interested in the Meze.  I was going to try to hit store on a recent trip to Pittsburgh for a demo, but time didn't allow.
  3. Schizodyslexic
    Username: Schizodyslexic
    City/State: Pasig City, Philippines
    A link to a previous review that you’ve written:
    Advanced Model 3:
    Fostex TH-610:
    Sennheiser HD 6XX:
  4. mxroadie
    First heard these at Canjam Singapore and certainly the highlight for me at this year's show.

    Username: mxroadie
    City/State: Singapore
    A link to a previous review that you’ve written:
    Have not written a review but I'm very comfortable with writing and would love to make this my very first review.

    DAP own(ed): Chord Mojo, FiiO X7, Opus#1, AK100 and 70, Onkyo DPX1, Lotoo Paw Gold, iBasso DX50/90/200 (current player)

    Headphone history: Beyerdynamic COP/ DT1350, Sennheiser HD25

    Current IEMs: Earsonics S-EM9, iBasso IT03, Audio-Technica ATH-CK10

    Music preference: Mostly heavy metal (love how they sound on the Neo at Canjam!), Bossa Nova and Jazz
  5. jinxy245
    Awesome!! I had a blast with the 99 Classics...I'd LOVE to get a chance to hear these...
    Here's my info:
    Username: jinxy245

    City/State:Montgomery, NY (USA)

    A link to a previous review that you’ve written:
    Thanks @MezeTeam !!
  6. fpantalone
    I'm in !! 
    L.A. CA
    No review yet (just comments) but would love to start with these cans !! Thanks ... 
  7. peter1480
    99 Classic and 12 classics owner
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    My reviews
    Please have balanced cable soon[​IMG]
  8. leaky74
  9. Mightygrey
    Very exciting! Very keen to participate and compare them alongside my other Mezes:
    Username: @Mightygrey
    Location: Sydney, NSW Australia
    Previous reviews:
    Few snaps of my Mezes in action!
    Username: soulsik
    City: Toronto. Province: Ontario. Country: Canada
    Sample of my gear pictures:

    A link to a previous review that you’ve written:
    HD650/6xx :
    Darkvoice 336se:
    New to reviewing on headfi but Future reviews to come: Darkvoice 336SE. Monolith m1060. Shure se 535. Oppo ha 2 SE. LZ A4. Fiio x1. Fiio e10k. AKG 550. HD 598. M50x.... etc.
    Unique thing: I also post all beautiful pictures of audio gear I review on instagram. 
  11. tommycha
    I'd love to review these.
    I'm a proud owner of the Meze 99 Classics, AKG 7XX, Fostex TH-XX and I'be using Chord Mojo as a DAC maybe even with Chord Poly that I've on a preorder.
    Chord Mojo has two equal headphone outputs so I plan to do a side by side comparison of Meze 99 Classics and Meze 99 Neo, with the same source, same volume, same DAC.
    Regarding reviews - I was trying to not get dragged into this for long time and wasn't writing any reviews by myself. But the announcement of Meze 99 Neo and Chord Poly are probably my breaking point :) You can expect some nice pictures (also proud Fuji X-PRO2 owner) and fair and honest feedback.
    Thank you

    Username: tommycha
    City/State: Bratislava/Slovakia

  12. ExpatinJapan
    Have a great tour!

    MezeTeam likes this.
  13. Ike1985
    I'm in.
    See my reviews here:

    I live in Elizabethtown, Ky.
    I currently own:
    Chord Mojo
    64 ADEL A12
    I will soon own 64 A18 and Zeus XR from Empire Ears.

    Username: ike1985
  14. ZJee
    Username: Zjee
    City/State: New Knoxville, Ohio

    I have not written a review previously, but i do have writing skills, good hearing, and plenty of time to get to know these headphones. I own a variety of amps id love to test this with, and plenty of experience with higher end audio such as the alpha dog and kennerton magister.
  15. Dobrescu George

    City/State: Romania / Bucharest
    A link to a previous review that you’ve written:

    I always ask for a Romanian tour if possible, it is much easier to organize things within Romania, especially as Bucharest is where many audio enthusiasts live, so it is easier for us to organize if there are multiple people from Romania [​IMG] 

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