Meze 99 Neo Pre-Launch Worldwide Review Tour - Registrations Closed

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  1. Howlin Fester
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  2. Dobrescu George
    I had this little issue with messaging Meze a while ago, but it solved by itself after a while.,
  3. Howlin Fester
    Hi. Still cannot PM you. Still get the above error. Need to discuss the 99 Neo group 1 headphones next steps. Please PM me.
  4. Mark Up
    I need to add an update / edit to my review and on every Meze post where I said something in particular. The Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 pads, which worked a miracle on the Sony MDR-1A also change the sound of these headphones a bit. The test pair I had had a bit of a lower mid to high bass resonance build up that these tamed. I think that's what also bothered Tyll and others. They still do that, and if you want that area cleared up a bit these do it. They don't increase treble or decrease sub bass, but the mids are every so slightly more recessed (true mids, 500 to 2 khz), the high mids aren't changed. I ordered a brand new pair. It may be because of slight quality improvements but these new Meze 99 Neo sound best stock. Right out of the box, no burn in. The MSR7 pads had the above minor effect but it was no longer needed, high bass and low mids had no excess to me, and true mids were full and accurate, as I do prefer. I can't say these are the best in my collection, as each as a purpose, but they are now my favorite sounding all-rounder. My EMU Teak and my Sony MDR-1A are a bit more extended on both ends of the spectrum but don't have quite the stereo magic and can get a bit fatiguing on some songs with that extra. My Sony MDR-Z7 has slightly more soundstage and warmer sound.

    My Samson Z55 is a bit more flat / accurate. These still do treble better than any headphone I have ever heard. As easy on the ears as Senn HD650 but not 'veiled'. It you want a closed option with a bit better imaging, more sub bass and more detail without any harshness, get these. I don't feel I lose any detail v. brighter phones I've heard, all the way up to the brightest and most expensive tested (the Focal Utopia, or Sennheiser HSD800/700). The mids are absolutely perfect. Nothing missing, but no hot spots in the true mids as my Sony MDR-Z7 had before it was modded and still can have occasionally as some Planars can have. Even my very neutral Samson Z55 is slightly north of what I like in that area vs. these. Without the high bass / low mid issue, I can't find a frequency area on this I'd want to change, even with EQ if I tried to (and I mix and master a lot of music, I can usually find something). I'd maybe add 1 db at 10 - 20 hz (yes - I can hear that low), and that is it. Maybe 1/2 db less mid bass. If they did a slight tweak in design or quality control that caused this, keep doing it. These are the BEST headphones under $250, period. I'd say even under $500. Open or closed. Being free of resonances, and spacious sounding, you don't need them open, and appreciate their moderate isolation.
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  5. Squeaky Duck
    I just received the headphones from nmatheis today. Now to open the box and check them out ...
  6. Mark Up
    Pad Update. Burned in the Meze 99 Neo for 5 straight days with modest full range pink noise. They are unchanged except the mid bass bump, causing a bit too much of it on some songs is back. I notice ears touching the drivers a bit more often now. I was so enthralled by the return of the amazing highs and mids of these that I may have overlooked that. It is not terribly uncomfortable, I just prefer that not happening. So I'll probably be putting the Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 pads back on for more space and to tame the mid bass bloom.
  7. Squeaky Duck
    Posted my review last night (click here). Now I need to know who is next in line for the NEOs. @MezeTeam, please PM me and let me know...
  8. Squeaky Duck
    Still waiting for the Meze team to PM me on where these headphone go next... another reviewer or back to Meze?
  9. noobandroid
    it still hasn't reached my turn, and I'm starting to forget that I'm on a meze tour
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