Meze 99 Neo Pre-Launch Worldwide Review Tour - Registrations Closed

  1. Dobrescu George
    Lovely find!

    This is lovely to know about them, I'm always glad to have a pair of headphones that can easily be fixed!

    Quite the irony, people were complaining that laptops were becoming more and more soldered and impossible to fix easily and Meze comes and gives us modular and easy to repair headphones.

    I just spent a day with iDSD Black Label and Meze 99 C headphones and I gotta say, it was lovely! Both sad songs and happy songs sounded sweet and the emotion was raw and presented true to the listener's ears!
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  2. Mightygrey
    Hey guys, putting together the finishing touches on my review which I'll be posting shortly - stay tuned!
  3. Mightygrey
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  4. noobandroid
    i haven't received the meze 99 as arranged, wonder where they are now?
  5. chaturanga
    Can current owners of the units post here that they got the Meze? We are not available to track the current status of the units.

  6. Squeaky Duck
    Where is the North American one is now that will eventually make it to Oregon??
  7. lotech
    I'm number 7 on the second US stack and have heard nothing about them.
    It's almost like the tour stalled.
  8. mxroadie
    Still waiting for the review unit as well
  9. kman1211
    I believe you're next in line, haven't gotten info where to send them next so I sent a PM. Sorry about the delay.
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    I was on this tour and later I got another pair of 99neo and classic to do a comparison
    here is my review for those who are interested and I also have the demo for both of these headphones (in description) :

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  11. kman1211
    Shipped the pair of the second USA stack, on the way to @lotech.
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  12. scottcriswell
    I'll have my long overdue review up before the end of the weekend
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  13. lotech
    Received the tour pair.
    Initial impressions in the Impressions thread.
    Really looking forward to extending my listening time with Neo.
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  14. lotech
    I've had the Neos for my allotted week and need the contact information for the next reviewer.
    Sad to see them go...
    Review to follow.
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  15. Dobrescu George
    At least it sounds like you had lots of fun with them!

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