Meze 99 Neo Pre-Launch Worldwide Review Tour - Registrations Closed

  1. HondoMUC
    Did the new software cool down this thread a bit? Any news?
  2. Dobrescu George
    My understanding is that the tour is going really well!

    I've actually found the time to post my review on one of the best DAC/AMP solution I found to work well with 99C and 99N

    If you're in need of a DAC/AMP that sounds really good together with 99C and 99N, you might want to check this magical box out!
  3. Dobrescu George
    How is everybody doing in the tour?

    EU tour going well?^^

    Everyone fallen in love with 99Neo as much as I did?
  4. chaturanga
    Where is the European unit now :)
  5. RPGWiZaRD
    Crap, I missed this opportunity, been quite keen to try out Meze headphones and these headphones seem to have the kind of sound signature I tend to lean to, a warmer, thicker slightly bass emphasized but otherwise pretty linear balance.
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  6. FortisFlyer75
    I second this motion as i I can then work out a rough approximation what month and week I might be receiving the N99's so I can set an extra place at the dinner table for the N99!?! :)
  7. Squeaky Duck
    Anyone know where the American unit is now?
  8. scottcriswell
    I have one of the US units right now, coming up on a week, I got ahold of it last Saturday. I'd say the site update has definitely put a bit of a hamper on things
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  9. Mshenay Contributor
    I've gotten the unit from @Army-Firedawg

    I'll have my review up by next saturday! So far they look and sound quite good
  10. Mightygrey
    Hey guys, the Neos arrived with me in Sydney on Monday - and enjoying them greatly. Haven't A/B'd them against my Classics yet, but they're every bit as exciting and have the same engaging SQ.

    I will say they're better at being portable, for me anyway, because a) the rubberised upper cable fixes the microphonic issues greatly, and b) I don't think they look as conspicuous / flashy as the Maple+Silver Classics...meaning I'm happier to wear them more!
  11. Dobrescu George
    The new cables are indeed a great feature! I think that both Neo and Classics are fashionable actually. Would happily wear either outside. You're living in an area where you would prefer not wearing something flashy?
  12. Schizodyslexic
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  13. Mightygrey
    Not exactly, truth be told I originally bought the Maple/Silver Classics for my girlfriend - she LOVES the looks of them. I happened to love the sound, so ended-up spending more time with them than she did...

    Not that there's anything wrong with the way they look, they just look better on my blond GF than on a 6ft1 bloke.
  14. scottcriswell
    I've had the Neos for about two weeks now and while I'm enjoying my time with them, I am starting to wonder when I should be getting an address to send them on to the next person in line.
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    My wife happens to fancy the Neo! She's not making fun of me with these on lol, as far as sounds goes... I have to say the bass isn't what I was expecting, kinda loose, with a touch of audible distortion out of my solid state,

    But, they improve with a tube! Bass is still kinda loose, but the overall timbre is better. Bass aside though, I really love the overall balance of these! Exceptionally even, no obvious peaks or dips to my ears. Detail is good to,
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