Meze 99 Neo Pre-Launch Worldwide Review Tour - Registrations Closed

  1. ngoshawk

    Address sent! :sunglasses::beers:
  2. MezeTeam
    Hello there,
    With the first reviews soon to come, we'd like to let everybody know that @Hawaiibadboy has expressed his desire to be part of the tour and we couldn't refuse. 
    Thus, we've updated the shipping list. Check it out in the first post of the thread.
    The Meze Team
    Meze Audio Stay updated on Meze Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  3. Dobrescu George
    I was going to ask @Hawaiibadboy if he wants to join us actually, Meze 99 Neo + iDi iDSD BL is a heaven sent combo for a bass head and he loves his bass quite a lot [​IMG]
  4. LikeABell
    I received the Neos yesterday, here in India. So far, they sound really good. Didn't like the comfort all that much (I use HD700s, probably the most comfortable headphones ever made) but even that is growing on me now.
    The best part is how everyone is blown away when they look at them and then they are blown away all over again when they listen to it!
    I'll shut up now.
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  5. Dobrescu George
    Why Shut up? [​IMG]
    Sharing our experiences is a very good idea! 

    I can confirm that the sound is really amazing on Neos and after having heard them with all kinds of sources, most people I know were blown away by the sound [​IMG]
    Even LCD-type of sound lovers loved 99 Neo, saying that it is one of the most interesting closed back headphones they've seen [​IMG]
  6. ngoshawk
    Neos in da house...:sunglasses:


  7. dweaver
    Well I ended up letting these burn in for a good 3-4 days of time all told and when I had a listen to the same tracks tonight and there was little to know change in sound so my spoiler impressions remain the same and I am comfortable that I am hearing close to the final sound of the headphone and will start to work on my review. I won't say anything more until I have written up the review itself.
    I have contacted Meze to find out what my next step is in regards to moving these on down the line to the next participant.
    Good news for the next person on the list. You won't have to spend time burning them in and just enjoy listening to them... They easily have 72+ hours of burnin time using a mix of music, pink, white, and brown noise plus what ever other voodoo magic I could think of [​IMG]
  8. ryanjsoo
    I just finished up my review of the 99 Neo! Overall, it's a really nice headphone, very natural sounding like the Denon MM-400 except with a little more clarity and bass and without the lower treble spike. Really impressed with the fitment, I struggle to use most portable headphones over long sessions but I had no issue with the Neo's, those earpads and headband are heavenly. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the review:
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  9. ngoshawk

    The best and worst parts are we have to follow Ryan's excellent reviews! Best, because his are so good. Worst?, because we have to follow!:sunglasses:

    Thank you for setting such high standards in your reviews, Ryan. Your musings make all of us better scribblers and listeners as a result! :beers:
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  10. ngoshawk
    Listening to twenty one pilots Screen and Trees through the Neo's and my iFi Black Label makes up for that "punishment" of following @ryanjsoo quite nicely I will add. Thoroughly enjoying my first full day with the Neo. Thank you @MezeTeam.
  11. noobandroid
    I wonder where the Asian tour unit is at
  12. mxroadie

    I'm right before you, will make sure you get it in good time! :)
  13. Dobrescu George
    I finished my review on Meze 99 Neo! 

    Rock on, everybody! 

  14. dweaver
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  15. Mshenay Contributor
    Hey, @MezeTeam
    were you doing 2 USA Units, I see that first list starting with @Ike1985 have started to appear, but if there is a second unit, do we know if @reddog has them yet? 

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