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Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Jan 13, 2016.
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  1. dmdm
    The 99s definitely have my favorite sound signature that I have yet heard. Love that bass. Finally a headphone with bass.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
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  2. dmdm
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  3. dmdm
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  4. vodanhkhack
    @dmdm Do you use EQ with your belove one of a kind :confused:Meze 99 Classics?
  5. dmdm
    I'm gonna have to buy the empyreans when I see them used on Canuck Audio Mart.
    No eq. Straight, no chaser.
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  6. vodanhkhack
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  7. dmdm
    Although, the empyreans are planar and the 99s are not. What makes the 99s so appealing to me might be lost with the planars.
  8. koover
    Trust me (brew haha) if you were to listen to the Empyrean, nothing will be lost except for YOU, melting away into your music.
    I love my 99classics immensely and listen to them daily. I’ll never get rid of them, but there’s no comparison. If you already like the Meze sound and you have the discretionary income, it’s a no brainer... my opinion of course. The ONLY reason I dont own them is I can’t afford them...yet.
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  9. dmdm
    Well that was very convincing. Looks like they'll be my next purchase.
  10. vodanhkhack
    Wow wow ...! If you guys think the Meze 99 Classics "destroys" the Sennheiser HD xxx .... then the Empyrean should be compared to the Sennheiser HE 1? :grinning:

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  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    And then you'll definitely have to get hold of me so that I can sponge off of your good fortune and give it a listen!
  12. koover
    Lol. Nah, it’s just the Empyrean is so so much better and should be, versus the 99 classics. It’s in another league.
  13. dmdm
    Lol ok.
  14. buke9
    I don’t think so. The Empyrean is a fine headphone but nothing like the HE-1’s sorry. I also don’t think the Classics destroys anything it is a very good headphone but I don’t think destroys anything as they are what they are and other headphones are what they are neither is better than the other just different.
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  15. dmdm
    I really like the 99s signature.
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