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Meet the Sennheiser IE 80 S

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  1. soundblast75
    Proud first owner in UK.
    I think the 80s are very distinctly improved update.i vaguely remember the originals being of high quality, but too dark for my taste meaning yes..bass but a little on the vailed side.
    These new babies are way more balanced and refined and very detailed listen with one of the best ergonomics in the business. New cable is fab but i also ordered 4.4 balanced from Null Audio for ZX300 as well as standard 3.5 copper.lets see..
    I am gonna give them plenty of burn in time as the DD will likely improve much after 200h or so but the enjoyment is there and the fullness of sound is special next to much more expensive iems sounding clearer but thinner.
    Few friends that are musicians like myself but (typically :))dont spend or care about headphones but know good sound when they hear it, basically no expectations tried them next to Xelento, Oriolus 2 aurisonics harmony and prefered them for having fun full sound!
    They do indeed immediately remind you of Senns Pro gear and hd25s.
    One other thing is they upscale fantastically with better amps!

    Very excited about IE800s too and 4.4 option which also feature on the new desktop amp. Sony and Senns in Harmony, world's getting better☺❤
    Will likely buy it first again haha
    Seems to be round the corner
    This is real German quality guys!!!
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2017
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  2. maniac2003
    Got the IE 80 S in today. For me they are slightly better than the IE 80.
    IE 80 S (Bass dial on lowest setting)
    + Fit (more comfortable due to the smaller housing.)
    + Bass (does not leak into the lower midrange)
    + Better balanced sound
    + Nice case

    Is it worth the retail price when enjoying the IE 80?
    Personally I think it doesn't. Otherwise certainly a recommendation.
    Hopefully Sennheiser will add cable options (2.5mm balanced, 4.4mm balanced) for those who live the balanced life. :wink:
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  3. Niyologist
  4. soundblast75
    Just ordered it direct from them in uk.
    Will update when shipping info is available but for now it let me buy it and it doesn't seem available anywhere else.
  5. fixxxer667
    Sennheiser DE also seem to have the headphones available for purchase (349€)

    To the senn reps in the house, few questions regarding the accessories:
    - Is the new RCs IE cable using the same pin design as the ie 80 / ie 8?
    - Is the stem width for the tips the same as with the ie 80? Noticed the provided comply tips don't have a wax guard and was wondering what models would fit (e.g. S600 or TX500 as with the ie80?).
    - When will the accessories (extra cable / tips) be available for purchase? They are currently listed on the DE site but without a price or buy option.
  6. maniac2003
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  7. acia
    will 0.78 CIEM plugs fit?
  8. larzy
    Does the balanced 4.4 cable come with the headphones ?
  9. maniac2003
    @acia No, it's a proprietary Sennheiser connector.
    @larzy No. Only with the 800 S
  10. larzy
    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Is that the same case with the new Sony in ear models XBAN3AP? Looking to find some in ear for my Sony Walkman
  11. maniac2003
    @larzy According to the Sony product page footnotes, the 4.4mm balanced cable is only included with the XBA-N3BP.
  12. percusski
    I got sent a pair of these (arrived today) direct from Sennheiser as I had to return my ie8s due to sound quality and volume dropping in one ear issues and they simply said they'd send the ie80S as an upgrade no quibbling! Excellent customer service!
    Only had 5 mins to check them out but already a huge improvement in depth of sound, bass sounds fantastic without using the dial, and the fit an enormous improvement, could never get the ie8 to fit no matter what tips... Looking forward to don't some listening... :)
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  13. sprellemannen
    Decided to buy them based my amazing experience with HD 800.
    Received mine a few weeks ago. The Sennheiser IE 80 S is absolutely fantastic!!
    Thanks to Sennheiser for this amazing product!
    (And I bought Momentum in-ear for christmas present to my wife)
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  14. Polar1
    I would be very interested to read your opinion on how the IE80S actually compare to Momentum in-ear. :)
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2017
  15. mickrich
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