Meet the Sennheiser IE 80 S

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  1. Polar1
    Taken that these are supposed to be used mainly with DAPs or smartphones, I don't think that a straight jack plug is a good choice since it makes the whole thing even larger, and thus the jack plug becomes susceptible to damage while you are on the go and have your DAP in your pocket or waist pack. I'm using IE60 for 2,5 years now and I've found that the angled jack plug is a good choice for IEM's.
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  2. Deftone
    @Sennheiser Lets not beat around the bush, are the audio improvements only due to redesigned housing or is it redesigned driver with better technical ability while keeping the sound sig the same? both?
  3. Riley Beale
    I believe in the release statement for the IE80 S Sennheiser claimed same sound just improved acoustics due to a better fitting iem. It says no sound changes were made to the driver or anything. The improved fit will result in better acoustics. So I would assume driver is the same and the housing has only been changed for durability and comfort and fit.


  4. Sennheiser
    Finding that out for you specifically, and I'll update you here! Thanks for the appreciative words, the feelings are mutual.

    @Sound Eq , Audionewbi is right! A wide U-shaped frequency response, very cohesive due to using a single dynamic driver, the bass and treble have more energy and excitement due to raised dB but the IE 80 S doesn't fall into the trap of some U or V shaped headphones where the mids put vocalists in the background. The IE 80 was praised for surprisingly good imaging, with a soundstage of distinguishable width and depth, and the IE 80 S is also great in this regard. Feed it with Binaural tracks, on-location recordings, or video games with headphone surround processing and the IE 80 S does them justice! Around the office, we prefer different ear tips among us; about equal votes between which tips have the best comfort, but the Complys come out a head by a bit especially for those with more unique ear canal shapes, but the two different silicone tips are also popular for their durability and how fast they are to insert and clean.

    The IE 80 S has the same connector to the cable, but the new cables have a strain relief added where we saw more wear on the cable in the IE 80. Another tip to prolong the longevity of IEM cables: try to pull them out by the IEM housing, not the cable. However, as in all things portable, of course things get snagged and accidents happen, so the strain reliefs should help that. On an aesthetic note, the right strain relief is also colored a crimson red, recalling the "right is red" mantra and signifying that the IE 80 S is indeed part of our high-end lineup.
    Detailed here:
    The short version is we tweaked the existing IE 80 design based on community feedback without changing what people loved about the original, so that you can have longer listening sessions and longer ownership. Think of the IE 80 S as a blend of audiophile and professional gear, like an IEM version of our also classic HD 25.

    Thanks everyone for your comments! We've also shared this thread's feedback with our project managers, and our Audiophile Lead Axel Grell. We should have more discussion and answers soon.:satellite:
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  5. Niyologist
    This is why I was always so fascinated with the IE8/80. I kept reading about the excellent capabilities those two possessed. Now I'm even more curious how a balanced 2.5mm TRRS cable would work with this.
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  6. Sound Eq
    thanks for all this info looking forward to buy one as I really like what i am reading
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  7. Matez
    I have my popcorn ready. Subscribed.
  8. TimeSnow
    The HD25?

    Is that not a really low bar for an IEM at this price point?

    I haven't heard the 80s, so maybe I'm expecting too much.
  9. Share2Care
    Any one help to let me know what drivers they use or what methods they use to produce sound?

    Life long Sennheiser user with my 16th birthday being HD 580 Precisions... I was really thinking to look at other options, but if the bass control is any good...

    Any idea on how much a difference the bass control would 'improve' a whole manner of various Electronic Music?

    For the same cost, should I go for something else? Dance music is a mainstay such as the female vocals from Koven to Vivaldi as rapid examples! :)

    Thank you!

  10. monsterquake
    still have the IE8 as main iems after all this years, ill thy this but... I think I will not see a reason to replace them. They are still so great.
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  11. Sennheiser
    The IE 80 S has in-house custom developed dynamic drivers! Even at the "baseline" bass setting, you should hear energetic bass and treble, the adjustment mainly affects the really low sub bass notes... the difference in some songs that don't reach that low will be minimal, but the "ambient bass" of a concert amphitheater or the low synthetic notes from EDM should be very noticeably affected! These frequencies are also the ones most "damaged" by environmental rumble in subway or bus commutes too, so the adjustment should help offset that.
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  12. soundofmed
    any chance that we see a IE800S anytime soon?
  13. HiFiChris Contributor
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  14. soundofmed
  15. soundblast75
    Double post sorry
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