Meet the Sennheiser IE 80 S

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  1. aralmim
    Hi, @Sennheiser
    I would like to know more about the difference between IE 80 and IE 80s.
    I am testing both, they where purchased one after another. The first one for me and the second one for my wife, and I feel the bass is the IE 80 S is discreet in comparation with IE 80. 80 S with maximum bass setting (with the knots) doesn’t has the bass which it has te 80 with medium bass setting, 80 s is clearer in highs. Is this right ?

    I am asking you because I couldn’t found any infos regarding the sound difference but I notice some.
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  2. aralmim
    Also there are not such loud as IE 80 and the soundstage is smaler. They sound like a totaly other earphones.

    They are authentic, I checked them on Sennheisers website.
  3. Sennheiser
    The IE 80 S is tuned the same as the IE 80, though fit and choice of eartips will affect the sound. Also, all IEMs perform their best when the nozzle filters are free from obstruction.
    I can’t tell what country you are in, from your profile, but here is Sennheiser’s official support page if you want to check FAQ’s or contact the warranty center:
    Our technical specialists are very knowledgeable and can help confirm authenticity, or if any of our products is experiencing a manufacturing defect.

    We sincerely hope this helps!
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  4. aralmim
    Hi, thank’s for your answear, I am in Romania and I was thinking to conect the dealer because another Sennheiser operator was sugesting that maybe they were faulty manufactured. Otherwise make no sense that the IE 80 S are quiet with 30-40 %, the bas is more similar to tha IE 60 and the soundstage is smaler like the IE 80.

    I hope at the dealer service they will verify and change it if they are faulty manufactured.
  5. Sennheiser
    1.) Yes, the new cables have the same earpiece connector as the IE 80, so they will be backwards compatible.

    2.) The “stem” or “nozzle” has the same width as the old IE 80.

    3.) They will periodically stock the accessories page. If you have a repair issue, also consider our customer support resources:
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  6. Sennheiser
    Hello @aralmim,
    It would probably be best to connect with the repair center nearby in Germany:

    Romania, eh? We’ve talked to a few Romanian enthusiasts recently! A fellow Romanian Head-Fi’er @DarKu has written a few Sennheiser product reviews in the past, maybe more soon?
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  7. aralmim
    Hi, @Sennheiser
    Thank’s the idea to conect the Germany repair center of Sennheiser and for putting me on the right track with the IE 80 S audio singature. I didn’t know at first, without your suggestion what to think about the IE 80 S because the difference is so huge, that after the 80 S, listening to the 80 was blowing away my mind only with the half bass level of the earphone.

    There is also one repair center in Hungary, if I saw correctly ?
    If so, I will get in contact with them tomorow.

    Is there a point for me to get in contact with the Romanian dealership, which doesnt appear at Sennehiser’s website ?
  8. aralmim
    If I manage to resolv successfully this isue, I was thinking about a review myself, because I will have a chance to make a comparison between the IE 60, IE 80 and IE 80 S.
  9. mickrich
    I completely agree.
    I have had IE80 and IE60 a couple of years and just got the new IE80S
    They sound closer to the IE60 than the IE80.
    Missing that lovely smooth, wide sound that the IE80 have.
    I am hoping that they open up with burn in but for now, the IE80 are far better.
    I have the same tips on all 3.
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  10. aralmim
    Then my only question is that: Is this the way they should be or even your’s a faulty one ?
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  11. mickrich
    It seems they may have over compensated for the the criticisms about low mid muddiness.
    I never found the IE80 to be too dark.
    I work in a recording studio and absolutely love the more relaxed sound of the IE80.
    After a long day in work they are perfect for chilling out with.
    I'm really hoping the IE80S will loosen up with burn in.
    They feel really tight and sharp, as most new headphones or speakers tend to so I will wait and see.
    If the low end opens up and the sharpness dies down they should sound good.
    I really trust Sennheiser and love the sound of their headphones.
    I also have IE80, IE60, Momentum 2, HD600, HD650 and HD558 and they are all great so I expect the IE80S will be really good once they get loosened up.
  12. aralmim
    @mickrich, you experienced difference:

    1. in volume between IE 80 and IE 80 S have been reduced volume capacity with 30%-40% ?

    2. and in the sound stage “size” to be smaler for the IE80 S ?
  13. aralmim
    Hi everyone,
    Today finaly the sound have changed, it has more bass, not so much like the simple IE 80, but almost and the bass is softer. The mids are clear and strong.
    The sound stage “has opened”, it’s wider and their space is morel like “glob” not a “flat space” like the IE 80.
    The volum difference it still exists, the IE 80 is louder with 25% - 35 %.

    It’s a huge relief that everything is ok, I gues it takes time to burn in, a week or so.

    Thank’s for everyone’s help
  14. dweaver
    My IE8 way back in the day sounded bad out of the box and needed about 40hrs of playtime to start to sound good then about another 60hrs to reach its actual potential. I suggest throwing them on a player running music continuously for a couple days if possible or do it at night just before bed. Set the volume to a level just slightly above comfortable listening and just let them play...
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  15. WilsonT90
    Having owned the Ie80 I loved the sound.... But absolutely hated the cancerous tips and carrying case. That thing was rage inducing. So I sold em. Should the Ie80s improve on those, I'd be readily available to buy asap
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