Meet the Sennheiser IE 80 S

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  1. aralmim
    However the 80 S is still remains behind the 80 in volum. Enyone experienced this ?

    Thank’s your help.
  2. dweaver
    The 80s has a sensitivity of 116 while the 80 has a sensitivity of 126 this should make the 80 louder if understand the science correctly.
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  3. aralmim
    Yes, thank you, for helping clearing me the difference.
  4. percusski
    However you look at it, they're a huge improvement on the ie8s which aren't good at all in my opinion. Personally I'm enjoying them, as for db output just turn up the volume on your player!!
  5. elgringo81
    Can someone tell me if IE80S users the same cable as the old IE80? I am asking because I have a set of broken/exploded IE80 and a Toxic cable to go with them. I want to continue using the cable in case I buy the new IE80S. Thanks.
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  6. aralmim
    Yes the IE 80 cable match the IE 80 S cable.
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  7. aralmim
    For me the weaker bass in the IE 80 S is disapointing. After geting use to the IE 80 strong bass, I am always waiting to get the same bass level on the IE 80 S, but it’s not there. The vocals on the IE 80 S are clearer, the background noises are weaker, the mids are stronger, the bass respons is incredibble fast, however it lacks the bass. It is like swiss watch’s precision in sounds, without background noises from the music. But sometimes I would like to trade that precision for the IE 80 bass.
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  8. yangian
    Actually your expectation has been meet since you have both 80 and 80s.
  9. aralmim
    Actually my expectation doesn’t have been meet, since I bought the IE 80 S for my wife and the IE 80 for myself. We where choosing the IE 80 S because there where no IE80 in our country, and there where no informations that the IE 80 S is different in this (earlier mentioned) way.
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  10. mickrich
    My IE80s required a long burn in to really open up.
    Still not as much low end as my IE80 but better overall I think.
  11. aralmim
    Hi, mickrich. Would you like telling me aproximatley how much burn in hours where you refearing ? I am curious.
  12. yangian
    I agree that 80's bass quantity is charming.
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  13. Polar1
    Isn't is possible to boost the bass intensity of 80S by adjusting that tiny screw?
  14. aralmim
    Is possible, and even so it is weaker. The IE 80 has almost more bass halfway than the IE 80 S on maximum.
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  15. Polar1
    Taken that IE60 is very bass oriented as well, would it be safe to say that is also has stronger bass than IE80S?
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