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Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

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  1. vrln
    It definitely doesn´t have less bass than HD 600, but it doesn´t have that much more either. Perhaps a bit. The bass is mostly just better defined and faster. I´m not sure if there is more impact, but the impact is sounds different as the bass is just faster and better defined on the new transducer. I prefer the new one. That being said, I think open headphones are already pushing as much bass as they can, so increasing it (or to be more specific making it go deeper) substantially is probably technically impossible with a driver of this size.

    As for fuller and warmer I´d say the HD 600 is warmer than the HD 660 S. The faster crisper HD 660 S sound is closer to what I perceive as neutral. HD 600 has one big possible advantage (depends on taste) over the HD 660 S: it´s more forgiving/relaxing to listen to. Very brightly mastered low dynamic range music may sound better on the HD 600. I personally won´t be keeping my HD 600 though. In any case they sound quite different. As with any new headphone however I would suggest finding a retailer that lets you demo them with your own familiar music. There´s no substitute to hearing them yourself and then making your own choice based on A/B comparisons at the store.
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  2. aleksander85
    Thx for that .

    Compared to DH800S ..is it wort to pay more than twice to get 800S?Or are those two so much different that comparing to each other is inposible?Ordered Audio-GD master 11 for my Elears( i drive them on Unison Research SH tube amp-dac..nice combo) and i,m considering to buy something like 800S..Probably buying both 660s and 800s would be nice(for the collection and comparison)
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2017
  3. vrln
    It depends on so many things... They are very different headphones in so many areas, it´s very hard to compare. I wouldn´t buy either one blind. My only suggestion is to try to find a local high end audio store that carries both and bring your own familiar music to do A/B comparisons with. I think that´s the only way to answer your question to be honest.
  4. aleksander85

    thx for reply..
    Thing is that comparing them here in our country (Slovenija) is almost inposible..You can buy them but to listen them is very dificult..You need to find someone that have them and so on..
  5. swmtnbiker
    Or better yet, buy them straight from Sennheiser and listen to them in your own environment with your own gear for up to 30 days. If they don't work out for you, send them back for a refund. Sennheiser has a great return policy. Nothing beats a home audition with your own setup.
  6. aleksander85
    Thx dude.
    Didnt know that..
    Only thing is that you can get them from other shop for better price i think..I can get 800s for way less than 1600€(new),dont know what the price for 660s is.
  7. swmtnbiker
    Sorry, I'm not sure what their policies are in Slovenia. I was referring to their online store policy in the U.S.
  8. aleksander85
    Yeah..here you can get Sennheiser products from local hifi dealers for a solid prices..But no return:)
  9. MarkF786
    Any discounts to be had (more than the newsletter's 10% off)? I'm a huge fan of Sennheiser, owning the HD800S, HD650, HD600, HD580, HD598, and several pairs of lesser valued phones but would like to avoid paying the "early adopters tax". I suspect in a few months or so, 20% or more will be be a pretty common discount, which seems more reasonable a price - though I'd love not to wait :wink:
  10. lentoviolento
    i sell mine if someone is interested. i'm a bit of a bass head and this is not for me. great can by the way
  11. amartignano
    @Sennheiser ... I wonder... if an HD700-derived driver performs so well in a HD6xx housing, what about an HD800-derived ring driver in a classical housing, but more sophisticated, similar to the one of the new Orphes?
    I think such a driver will do marvellous things timbrically in that situation :wink:
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  12. deviate2112
    Question remains, has anyone put them up agains the HD700, price of the two are basically the same with the blowout sales on the HD700's.
  13. vrln
    I´ve previously owned the HD 700 twice and I would take HD 660 S over it any day of the week. If you ask me the HD 700 sales are for a reason: it hasn´t been generally received as well as other products in the Sennheiser high end lineup. While it has a lot of good features (fantastic comfort/design, speed, great bass etc.) for many its ultimate failure was the too uneven and peaky treble presentation. It´s a headphone that sounds great on some material, but almost painful with other recordings.

    The HD 660 S takes a lot of what´s good about the HD 700 (energy, speed and clarity in particular) and marries it with one of the most even and natural treble presentations out there. Soundstage and perhaps bass (there´s more quantity, but not quality) is the only thing where I feel the HD 700 has an edge, but that is only because it has a V-style sound signature and those always create a sensation of a wider soundstage. Now this is obviously very subjective, but for me the HD 660 S is what I hoped the HD 700 had been in the first place.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2017
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  14. highning
    Does the 660 have the same ear pad sockets as the 650? I just got my Dekoni ear pads from Massdrop and am wondering if they would fit a 660.

  15. pietcux
    Yes, exactly the same.
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