Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

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  1. psikey
    Well I normally listen to/prefer IEM's and have stuck with my Shure SE846's now for a couple of years as still love them.

    I keep trying headphones as I'd like a pair for when my ears get a bit sore but never happy with them as find SQ no good or too heavy or make my ears hot etc.

    This year I tried some B&W P5 and P7W; some Sony 1000X and a short test of some HD800 but wasn't bothered about any.

    My HD660S just arrived and immediately put the smile on my face. These are the dogs danglies!!

    Super light, comfy and best of all nearest SQ to my SE846's I've had. Materials used to manufacture are not to B&W leather/metal standard but OMG sound amazing. The design is actually very good so not surprised it's little changed in over a decade. Never tried the HD600/650 so these have made me realise what all the fuss was about. Keepers for me to compliment my SE846's for use at home.

    My Dragonfly Red drives them beatifully but Sony ZX300 has to be on near max.

    Personally would have preferred shorter cables but that's because I'm only out of a portable player or PC.
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  2. qrtas
    Thanks for taking your time sharing your experience. I am a big fan of the hd600 and preferred it over the hd800s that I used to have. And if the hd660s is better than the hd600, this is the headphone for me.
  3. BobJS
  4. Pedro Oliveira
    Thank you very much for your first impressions. :)

    I would like to ask a couple of questions though.... In terms of bass quantity and punch wich has more the hd660 or the 600? Wich sounds Fuller and Warmer? Would you say it is stupid to havê both or are they different enough to justify having both?

    Thank you
  5. qrtas
    I am also interested to know more details about hd660s vs hd600.
  6. BabetakCZE
    HD 660S has more detail, soundstage, a lot clearer sound, better resolution and speed, tighter bass. HD 660S has also a little bit more bass quantity.
  7. lentoviolento
    just got mine today..
    i had to give back the 650 so i can't do a/b.
    i don't feel like it's a real step forward. it's not better, just different. i never thought that 650 was veiled or muffled, so this is simply a little more detailed without being fatiguing like 600. 600 was of the worst can i had for my taste. 660 is more equilibrated. also, i'm not a basshead, but i like some slam, nightowl is still my favourite in terms of bass quantity. i'm sure that an audiophile would prefer 660 bass in terms of quality.
    it's worth his money, not more. i think i'll buy also lcd2c, audeze sound is my favourite
  8. pietcux
    May we know from which source you drive your cans to come to this conclusion?
  9. lentoviolento
    idsd ifi BL.
  10. qrtas
    So you think the treble quantity (or extension) of the 660S is somewhere between the 650 and 600?
  11. lentoviolento

    i think treble quantity is just beautiful like 600 without being fatiguing or peaky. mids expecially are not shouty but equally present
  12. Native-DSD
    Got mine Wednesday. Sounds good so far... not really great with portable on balanced NW-ZX300 in terms of power/volume but sounds great on my amps. Dynamic enough for all kinds of music which is important to me... from Jazz to Opera to Rock to Electro with enough bass. Will be keeping them!
  13. qrtas
    This sounds like the perfect headphone for me :)

    1. It looks like it sounds better than 600/650. And these 2 headphones already sound great.
    2. Smart design. Almost like a lego. One piece is broken, you don't buy the whole thing, just buy that piece.
    3. Very comfortable.
    4. Detachable cord.
    5. Durable.
    6. This one is easier to drive, 150 Ohms vs 300 Ohms.
    7. Matte black finish? Really? Sennheiser, what took you so long? This is one the most beautiful Senns headphones. Even better than the HD800/800S. In fact, this is such a great design that the Sennheiser Orpheus (the most expensive headphones in the world) is a luxurious version of the HD 6 series in terms of design.
    8. Fair price!!!!

    By the way, I used to have the HD800S. I bought it to replace the HD600.
    Between the HD600 and HD800S, I opted for the more natural sounding HD600 and I sold the hd800S.
    I know the HD800S has more details, wider soundstage, blah, blah, blah, but I couldn't stand the piercing treble and the unnatural analytical sound.

    From what I am reading here, the HD660S sounds like the headphones I was looking for in years :)
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  14. Native-DSD
    Based on what you just said, it is probably what you are looking for. Definitely better sounding to me than the 600/650... some say they sound similar. I totally disagree as I didn’t like either - This one is a great compromise.
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  15. Pedro Oliveira
    You did not like the 600 and 650?
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