Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

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  1. Native-DSD
    Sure it’s not made in China and Ireland is just one of the factories?
  2. pietcux
    Most Sennheiser Headphones are made there. Only the high end stuff like HD800 IE800 and Orpheus are made in Germany.
  3. Native-DSD
    Yes... but didn’t realize that anything from Sennheiser was still made in Germany... let alone almost every brand out there...
  4. Quadfather
    Okay, no more arguing about Italian friendliness. Please pass the olive oil and wine. LOL
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  5. Quadfather
    Any idea how these will compare to Shure SRH1540, Audioquest Nighthawk, and AKG K812?
  6. FastAndClean
  7. Matez
    It's either private import or Furutech. There's a substantial price difference between these and it's up to a customer to decide whch one to get.
  8. amartignano
    I must admit that this weird and not really smart situation of availability (mid-october if there is a local Sennheiser e-shop, mid-november for the other B-lower-level customers) is somewhat irritating, and tends for me to lower the "hype-new-toy-train" urgeness to buy the Hd660s. Maybe in mid november my curiosity will be gone...
  9. pietcux
    This isn't a tool to save your life (I am working in the healthcare supply chain) it is just a headphone. And if your urge is gone once it's available for you, you did not need it anyways.
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  10. amartignano
    Maybe I forgot some smiley in my post :wink: I know about importance of objects in my life, thanks :D and no one of us needs any headphone to live. (I work in healtcare operatively, I "use your supply")
    Nevertheless, we are here because we are in some way hardcore-headphoners, and one must admit that from the perspective of a Sennheiser fond and long-time customer (see my signature), the impossibility to buy the new and one of the most interesting Senn's headphone, it's... kinda weird. :wink:
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  11. Thesonofkrypton
    Judging by your collection, you might as well get this, if only to fill the gap in the lineup lol (they sound great btw)
  12. amartignano
    Exactly :D
  13. pietcux
    Now you could take HD700 driver and install them in the HD600 cups, TADA there you go HD660S
  14. amartignano
    Ok, cutter and glue ready :p
  15. vrln
    I just received mine yesterday and have the HDV820 as source. Definitely a very nice combination. This is going to be my end game rig for the time being (at least until Sennheiser releases a true next generation successor to HD 800 S). I´ve owned the HD 800 S before, but eventually came back to the HD 600 as I found them to be a better all rounder and also a lot more comfortable to wear. First impressions vs. HD 600:

    - Comfort is supreme as with HD600/HD650, so light and easy to wear and the clamp amount is just perfect for my head
    - They have a very cool "I mean business" look to them with the new black color and the nice grill logo highlights
    - From memory I would say these sound closer to HD 600 than HD 650 (650 being a bit murky/veiled, yet very nice for very bright/low dynamic range music)
    - If there ever was a veil in HD 600, there is definitely none this time
    - Cleaner, clearer, faster and more energetic
    - Higher resolution (= compressed low DR pop will sound bad, but well mastered stuff will sound wonderful; HD 600 is more forgiving of albums like Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    - And because of the previous point, you will very likely notice a significant difference between 320 kbs and FLAC (and these really shine with 24bit/96kHz studio masters).
    - Very nice treble sparkle without being too fatiguing (but there is a bit more listening fatigue than on HD 600)
    - Midrange is more present and grabs your attention more (my favorite difference)
    - Soundstage is still the same 3-blob style as with HD 600/650, but feels a bit different due to the more captivating mids/faster sound
    - Improved instrument separation

    The HD 600 sound somewhat "low tech" (650 even more) in comparison, but for a lot of really treble-heavy compressed pop/rock they may be more pleasant to listen to due to them being more forgiving. Overall I´d say these sound like an improved HD 600, but just make sure you listen to FLAC/studio masters (Tidal) instead of Spotify for example. To be honest these sound more or less exactly like I wanted the HD 700 to sound like (couldn´t stand their overdone/peaky treble). All in all a very well done upgrade after the disappointing HD 700. I can also see these becoming a hit for the next decade or so. They are also fairly priced* in the current headphone world where many companies seem to be competing for reaching ever higher prices.

    * I would easily take these over the more expensive Beyerdynamic T1 (2g), Focal Elear and Sennheiser HD 700 for example (not a fan or planar magnetic headphones personally, so I won´t compare to them).
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2017
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