Meet the Sennheiser HD 660 S

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  1. Sennheiser
    Sennheiser has launched a new open dynamic headphone for the passionate audiophile – the HD 660 S. The new model builds on the legacy of the HD 650, surpassing the exceptional performance of its predecessor with a new and improved transducer design that delivers lower harmonic distortion for an even more natural, lifelike audio experience. With a lower impedance of 150 ohms, the HD 660 S offers even greater versatility, allowing listeners to enjoy the headphones’ reference-class fidelity with both stationary and mobile HiRes players.

    The HD 660 S will be available from mid-October for 499 EUR (MSRP).
    4C8AE5E2-A72E-4854-8C01-82069C01F667.jpeg F4167777-6BAA-4A99-9311-44C0CE93FB78.jpeg

    Learn more:
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    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  2. Sennheiser
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    Sennheiser Stay updated on Sennheiser at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  3. Alcophone
    Hope they will be available in the SF store when it opens :)
  4. Evshrug
    Me too @Alcophone, though we are having it become available mid-October (and look what date it is now), so at worst case it should be in the SF store quickly!
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  5. FLTWS
  6. Jazz1
    I'm in!
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  7. Brooko Contributor
    Any chance we could see a frequency response graph please - especially in comparison to the HD650?

  8. Pedro Oliveira
    Very excited but to be honest i dont like sennheisers addiction to use badges on the cups, and logos on the side instead of centered. Did not like the new hd5x9s cup design as well.... but thats me.... :D

    These will have replaceable parts like the hd600 and hd650?

    Interesting that sennheiser felt the need to make an upgrade to the hd650 and not the hd600 first.... makes me think that sennheiser felt they could do a better hd650 but that the hd600 is good as it is and does not need a tweaked version.... or does it....? Wanna share some info...? :p

    I was actually thinking sennheiser would do a anniversary editions or a upgrade to the hd600 since it is the older model and sunce it turns 20 years old in 2017.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for messing with my head when i was already settled to buy a pair of hd650s.... :D
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  9. trellus
    Just bought the HD 650 this year so I’m not likely to buy these any time soon but I’m excited to hear others’ impressions and their comparisons to the HD 650.
  10. Maelob
    +1, can't wait for impressions, I hope some in the community already heard prototypes or final production. Jude where is the video? lol
  11. Alcophone
    Allegedly they were at RMAF, but unannounced.
  12. besi
    HD650 such an iconic headphone ,I'm not planning to upgrade anytime soon. hard to believe they could do better.
    but....two HD 6.. better than one ! can't wait for the impressions.
  13. TYATYA
    650/600 is semi open. 660s picture shows true open as 800/800s. I think warm of 650 comes from a foam that cover the driver's center.
  14. LazyListener
    Yes, please! And I'd really love to see the THD graph as well compared with HD 650.

    Someone mentioned these have more open backs than the 650. If true, I hope it translates to a larger soundstage. I'm guessing no angled drivers with these?
  15. Mightygrey
    Had the chance to spend around 10 minutes with the HD660's on the Sennheiser Hdv820 using the balanced pentacon connection. Source was flac via USB from my Android. They put a stupid-smile on my face straight away - mainly because they do everything the HD650 does, and then some. They have DETAIL in the treble, punchy bass, and THAT mid-range we all know and love. Comfort-wise they're pretty much exactly the same, the pads maaaay have been a bit thicker? There was also an HD800s connected to the same amp via 4-pin XLR, meaning I could A/B test them directly. What amazed me was how well the 660s managed to keep up on terms of sparkle, whereas the 650 politely drops away at the top end. The soundstage was unsurprisingly less, but seemed on-par with the 650's.

    These are going to be a bona fide smash hit, and I'll be getting a pair immediately. I didn't realise they were only 150ohm impedence until now though, so still think my 650s will be seeing plenty of use with my Crack and Speedball.
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