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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. audio123
    By @twister6 IEMs comparison
    - P1 vs DN2kJ - very similar low end where P1 has slightly better sub-bass extension while DN has a little faster mid-bass punch; P1 lower mids have more body and upper mids are more balanced and a little smoother. DN upper mids are more up front, brighter, and a little harsher. DN treble is a touch more crispy but otherwise very similar to P1. P1 is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy revealing detailed signature of DN2kJ but want a more balanced smoother sound with more body and without compromising retrieval of details. The soundstage was similar, though P1 is a touch wider.
    - P1 vs RE600 – Right away you can hear RE soundstage being narrower and with less depth, also with a warmer smoother sound, less transparency, and a little flatter in comparison where P1 sounds more dynamic. RE upper mids are smoother, treble is not as extended and not as bright, and mid-bass speed is a little slower. RE takes a little step back from P1 in a more neutral, warmer, smoother, and less revealing direction.
    - P1 vs Savant – Savant has a more intimate soundstage (narrower and closer), similar sub-bass extension though Savant is a little more articulate in that area. Also Savant has a little faster mid-bass punch and overall tighter low end – typical of BA performance; very similar lower mids, while upper mids in Savant are a little smoother and warmer; upper treble is what sets them really apart where P1 is brighter and splashier while Savant is smooth and rolled off. But overall, I couldn’t help but notice how close these sound throughout low end and mids.
    - P1 vs DITA – I don’t have IE800, but DITA is the next iconic single dynamic driver wide-bandwidth IEM which begs to be compared to P1. Unfortunately, I updated The Answer with a replacement gold-plated silver cable which changed the sound signature, making it bassy. As a result DITA’s sub-bass and mid-bass are tilting the balance, sounds warmer, but the speed is similar in comparison. When it comes to mids, they sound very similar, but P1 treble is brighter and a little splashier in comparison. With soundstage, DITA has the same depth and height, while width is a little narrower.
  2. Hisoundfi Contributor

    Review will be up soon

    The Pinnacle is a boss of an earphone

    Put another company's name on these and the price would triple

    Just like all their stuff, Meeaudio offers a tremendous price to performance ratio with the Pinnacle. This time it's with a flagship
  3. audiofan
    I wonder how the p1 compares to the ie80?
  4. audiobot
    You guys hear any discernible difference between the two cables? Which cable are you using?
    By the way, these are amazing. 
  5. ExpiredLabel
    I haven't even bothered to use the mic cable to be honest since I don't plan to use with a phone device. Additionally I still cannot get over the premium feel of quality in regards to the cable. The only thing that trumps this is the housings which are GORGEOUS.
  6. robm321
    Funny, I always start low, then have an upside. I've been using the black cable only. the other should provide improvement, at least in theory. But yeah, its very refreshing to find solid quality and incredible sound at this price point. 
  7. audiobot
    How about ear-tips? I am listening with the sony hybrid tips. You guys like the comply tips better?
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    I started with stock silicone tips and moved to the provided comply tips. The comply sound excellent and feel great, so I've had no reason to try other tips at this time.
  9. robm321
    I need to test those out also. I used the bi-flange and it wasn't ideal, then tried some Comply T-500 (not included). The Comply's work well with the P1. Will report back when I try the others. 
  10. ExpiredLabel
    Some impressions on the tips and other little things
  11. ExpiredLabel
    I will add as well I did put in for a order of spiral tips, looking forward to see what they do for the sound if anything
  12. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Big fan of these with the Comply tips.
  13. zibra
    For me comply limited dynamics a little but it all depends on our ears. I felt triflange was te best but very painful wen deep inserted. Maybe Id go wit custom tips from Custom Art for P1.
    Regarding cables it could be a little difference but it could be also placebo. Dont know as Im still looking for best dac/amp synergy and narrowed to D14, DX80 and Mojo.
  14. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    I trim the bottom my comply tips.  I find that stock they are just too large and can change the sound too much.
  15. audiobot

    can u show a pic contrasting both when u get the chance? If it's not much of a bother.

    It pains me to say, I am officially packing the Rockets. These P1's are that good. Once u introduce an amp to these, the midrange viably competes to that of the Rockets. Imo it's much better everywhere else in comparison. God bless senpai for starting this thread as always. Don't know if i can top a $99 pair of Rockets, followed by a $129 pair of P1's. 
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