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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. Waqar

    I sent a mail to them, and they said that they are awaiting stock.  And yes i ordered from this deal on rakuten.
  2. majo123
    Had these about 2 weeks now, posted a few posts, just to say these are definitely better after extensive burn in.. read about 50 hours but I would say more! Past couple of days definitely sonic improvement especially when comes to vocals, (seem more vibrant) they were great anyway but definitely have improved again in the 70 hours+
  3. Idsynchrono_24

    Got mine in today. Just briefly tested it. It's the real McCoy. 
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  4. robm321
    Good to hear, mine arrive tomorrow... I think. 
  5. M3NTAL
    #102 arrived at my house last night from B&H.  Giving them a go today.  There is something unique going on with the presentation that I can't fully grasp yet. They are not fatiguing at all which is a huge relief for me.
  6. willywill
    Got this in today, this is from the Rakuten deal from last week. I was blown away by
    the premium presentation when outboxing this iem, something found in $6,000 Leica Camera
  7. robm321
    Got mine just now. Agreed with all of the sentiments. Very smooth, no fatigue but not dark which is usually associated with "no fatigue". 
    Lots of air around the instruments. Need to listen for awhile. 
    ^ This. 
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    The spaciousness and ambiance is very impressive. While not an airy presentation, there is great blackness and space between instruments. You really get a feel for the shape of the arrangement. So the P1 is smooth yet really resolving in these types of details. Not many iems can portray this staging aspect very well like the P1 does.
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  9. audiobot

    Nice. So the deal was legit. We ran off with the grand prize. Wont have mine till sunday since it was sent to my job. Cant wait.
  10. robm321
    ^ Congrats guys! That was a steal. 
  11. PeterDLai
    My order got canceled due to backorder and a refund was issued.
    Oh well, worth a shot!
  12. domino584
    I've been missing out on high-end audio for awhile as I go through depression and OCD.  I just pulled the trigger on a pair of these.  Feeling horrible because I really don't have the money...
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  13. ExpiredLabel
    Very much looking forward to the unwrapping awaiting me after work. Can anyone whom has listened extensively relay to me if bass has more impact or oomph after more burn in. I doubt there would be a huge difference, but I am looking for differences non the less
  14. Idsynchrono_24
    I can't say I've ever noticed much, if anything in the way of burn in on any of the phones or amps or anything I've owned. I've got a Pinnacle with zero hours on it, and one with about a hundred and they sound pretty much the same to me, aside from some straight from the factory treble channel imbalance on the older pair. 
  15. ExpiredLabel
    cool, thanks for the feedback. I'll be pairing this with the Aune brick I was fortunate to receive just the other day. Working with the M2S and B1 combo. Very eager to let these three play [​IMG]
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