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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. Idsynchrono_24
    You'll be fine. I have a GoV2 and a Liquid Carbon and I still rock the iPhone 6 a lot of the time due to convenience. The Pinnacle just needs a bit more juice to get going is all. It'll sound stellar straight out of the box. 
  2. dlayman

    I'm sorry to hear that and can relate. Hopefully these work out well for you. Sometimes buying yourself a nice gift can do a lot for lifting your spirits. So don't feel guilty, it may turn out to be be a wise investment in tour health. Not to be flippant, but smart move buying a non-tunable IEM so no need to obsess about trying different filters. Best wishes to you.
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  3. zibra
    Wh​ich player, dac/amp is best in your opinion for Mee P1 in 200-300 Euro price range? Im currently using it with Samsung S6+Aune B1. Its close to Fiio X5 II in terms of sound quality and signature but I dont love it a lot even its ok. Cowon Plenue D was too warm and intimate sounding and Questyle QPR sounded strange and kind of dry to me instead. I loved presentation of iBasso D14 but it was short audition and need to listen to it more. Anyway its some kind of sound signature Im looking for - transparent, dynamic but not clinical and neutral/cold, rather natural wit little warmt​h​.
    ​Anyone listened to D14 or DX80 wit P1 or could give more options?
    P1 is fantastic iem and scales very well with​ different sources.  ​
  4. FUYU
    XDuoo X3?
  5. alpha421
    For those have the Trinity Atlas or heard it thoroughly, how does it stack up to the P1? I'm wondering if my money spent should have gone with the P1. Thanks in advance.
  6. zibra
    Actually I was thinking about it also as cheaper option. Do you listen to it with P1?
    I also got question about tips - anyone using P1 with Spiral dots? Comply is comfortable but sound isnt best. Best SQ is from triflange but my ears wont tolerate it. Rest of tips is too small or to slick.
  7. Trying2Learn
    Isn't it a little too late to be wondering that? Even if the $ "should've" gone into the P1, no use cryin over spilled milk, right? Instead, you should be asking, "Is this a great next iem for me?" Stay positive :D (unless theres some return policy but I believe the Atlas is from kickstarter?)
  8. alpha421
  9. ExpiredLabel
    Some early impressions from another recent owner. So, when I was first looking at getting this I heard of a lot of positive ffeedback in terms of resolution, clarity, and separation, I had many other considerations on what my purchase would ultimately be. I ultimately went with my old favorite company, MEE when I found out they had released something reaching for a little more. While eager to own a pair of IEM's that would (I would at this point presume) lend a very balanced/neutral presentation, I was also looking for something to be able to handle EDM, IDM and eletronica. When Initially trying the pair out I did agree with others when referencing "clear", "resolving", and "musical", "seperation" and then I started to notice the bass and sub bass, while a good foundation it was ultimately dry with no energy. It was not the sort of bass to push you into the music. Determined to see if I might be able to get more from these headphones I decided to tip roll a bit. When starting out I felt the Comply's would be a good choice. However, as I mentioned previously I didn't feel like I was getting the full picture. Next I opted for the triple flange. This was interesting, the highs to me registered brighter, though without any substance. The bass was sadly even more lacking. Grabbing the box of ear tips again I decided on the M basic non comply and promptly played side C of Bonobos' The North Borders in 192, 24 bit FLAC. The music was instantly different. Like Jumping in a cool lake and feeling the water on your skin for the first time in a long time. However, it was still not quite perfect. Here however, is where I get a little more control with the setup I'm currently running the P1's out of. The Aune M2s and B1 current amp. Switching to High Gain, and switching the filter options to Slow SD, perfection was achieved. Full, beautiful sub bass controlled quality and quantity sufficient for any bass head. I truly feel MEE Knocked this out of the park just with a few hours of good listening. 
    At this point I will go on to say though the competition isn't fair considering at the present I own Kef M200's and a 30 year old pair of Sony DR-Z7. The Kefs always were great, however tricky seal and the ear holders don't go a long way with me. The Sony's I hold in high regard, however MEE with it's better isolation and bass achieves more for me.

    All in all no one should have regrets on this purchase and if you do feel like something is not fully presented swapping something out or changing config can always give you more. These are wonderful in that they easily take and welcome the extra power. Have fun with the purchase everyone [​IMG]
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  10. smy1
    Will you guys say these are upgrade over the dunu dn 1k and anyone know how these compare to the im03?

    These might be my next purchase sometime in life lol.
  11. audiofan
    All the praise here is making we want to buy the p1.My wallet is hurting.:frowning2:
  12. ngoshawk

    I would agree...I am weakening....
  13. younglee200
    The P1, to me, is better in every way over Fiio x1 (which I believe is same as dunu titan 1s) and Vsonic GR07s.  Those are only IEMs close to the P1's price range that I have remaining.  I've sold and bought close to 30 IEMs in the 100-500 dollar range, and only 3 have remained the test of time.  In my memory, I personally cannot recall any IEMs that I have purchased for $130 that were anywhere this good.  At $200 price point, a well amped RE272s was close , but the fit was awful for me and its build quality wasn't even comparable to the P1s.
    I still prefer the Shure 530s over the P1s due to it's mids (however costing a whole lot more), but for a more flat non-fatiguing listening, as many stated here, I would say the P1s were a bargain buy for me and going to remain as my 4th iem.
    It's excellent to work out and study to... Not to mention its very, very well constructed body and cable.
  14. audio123

    have you tried FLC8S?
  15. audio123
    im interested in @twister6 comparison on Pinnacle P1 to DITA Truth.
    i understand the DITA Answer is being compared though haha
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