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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. alpha421
    I'm not saying that the MMXC connector type has a high failure rate, but based on my experience with 4 universals (Aurisonics and Shure), and a custom, at least one channel cut out intermittently or permanently.  It's a bad design to begin with, IMO. However, that goes for any cable type like the 2-pins as they all have their pros and cons, and different scenarios plays a big part in its durability and functionality, as well as our own preference.
  2. Fiberoptix
    Can anybody compare these to the Flare Audio R2A?
    For me the R2A has smashed everything else I've been using. They've beat out my Fischer Amps FA 4E XB (which have been my best IEM for over 2 years now) and I'm even enjoying them more than my Fidelio L2 Cans.
  3. audio123

    I have the r2a b4, its technically good with its sub-bass. However, it quite piercing hence I sold it
  4. sodesuka
    I only have the pro and I've changed the cable to full silver, so it's probably not a fair comparison, but I can say that the pro is better in every way compared to P1 (and pretty much to every other phone of any kind, be it fullsize or iem, that I have/had). Both are driven with Chord Mojo. P1 is however, less dependent on the fit like R2 where it could sound piercing or muffled depending on the tips you used and also could sound quite bad underamped, so MEE Pinnacle is a bit more versatile.
    P1 is my second favorite IEM among my stash though, it's very good for the price.
  5. tgx78
    I also think my R2A is a better sounding IEM than P1 by a small margin. It just sounds more natural and more detailed while delivering smoother sonic signature across the board.
    However, P1 has slightly larger sound-stage and much better build quality.
    Isolation on both IEM is really good where R2A beating out P1 slightly.

    My personal sonic rating for the reference:

    JH Angie: 10
    K10U: 9.9
    FLC8S: 9.4
    VE Zen 2.0: 9.3
    DN-2000j: 9.3
    R2A: 9.2
    P1: 9.1
    Delta: 8.9
  6. Grayson73
    What are the 3 and what type of music do you listen to?
  7. audiobot

    Is that the pro model of the flare audio r2a? Where would u rank the Rockets on that list? After supposedly "packing" my Rockets, I have yet to sell them. I just can't do it. Something so seamless about these miniature iems (rockets, ck10, ie800,  re-400) that I just can't get over. 
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    I didn't like the pro or the regular r2a but two of my good head-fi friends love them.
  9. tgx78

    Don't want to derail the thread but here it goes..

    I sold my R2PRO after I did james444 mod on my R2A as they both sounded near identical to my ears. Using Comply tips or doing those teabag mod on silicone tips is mandatory to get the best SQ out of them.
    I loved the Rockets (mids are to die for) but R2A was clearly better overall and I sold the rockets shortly after.
    Bass: R2A >> Rockets
    Mids: Rockets > R2A
    Highs: R2A > Rockets
    Overall tonality: R2A (9.2) > Rockets (8.9)
    Sound-stage: R2A > Rockets
    Dynamics: R2A > Rockets
    Isolation: tie

    Back to the P1..

    I think I heard some differences between the two supplied cables. I will do more a/bing and report. Cable with a mic sounded slightly smoother than silver plated version. Or are they both silver plated?
  10. audiobot
    james444 needs a P1 listening session sometime soon. I let my senpais do all the dirty work (shotgunshane, james444, ljokerl). The P1 have indeed gotten better straight from my source (iPhone 6). Cohesive and full is my best description. At first i felt the mids were recessed compared to the Rockets, but the more i listened, the more i needed that sub-bass extension and expansive soundstage that the P1 offered over the Rockets. Now the Rockets just sit there. I just need to get myself up to sell them, which is hard.
  11. audiobot

    mic is copper. Thanks for the comparison by the way.
  12. zibra
    I would say sound is softer and little more veiled/less dynamic but I wont say its big difference.
  13. shotgunshane Contributor

    James444 has a set coming...
  14. zenpunk
    Sold my R2a a week after getting them, found them very underwhelming and bland. Love the rocket but I ve stopped listening to it since getting P1.
  15. audiobot

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