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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor

    Unbelievale deals. It's almost criminal to pay so little for such good sound, lol!
  2. robm321
    I paid $200 and feel like I got a steal. Well done, MEE Audio. 
    I wouldn't mind seeing a picture of the trimmed comply's as well, if its convenient. That's probably where I'll end up. 
  3. alpha421
    I didn't get the Rockets for that price and my fingers are crossed that the deal pops up again.  Anyhow, based on your comparison with the Rockets and P1, I'll be packing up the Rockets as well.
  4. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Here you both go.  I find the Trimmed versions help the earphone nozzle to go farther to the edge of the Comply Tips.  IMO it helps to keep the foam from changing up the sound too much.
  5. shotgunshane Contributor
    Putting comply on backwards can help if you have issues with foam overhang as well.
    getclikinagas likes this.
  6. BloodyPenguin Contributor

    While I agree with you, I also think shorter the amount of rubber tubing the sound bounces around in the better. Though that could just be me.

  7. alpha421
    Exactly how I used it on my Rockets.  Glad to hear the P1 can use the Complys I have on hand.
  8. alpha421
    I'm curious if the P1 purchased from Rakuten for that great price has its warranty intact?  I've never dealt with MeeElectronics/MeeAudio when it comes to warranty service and I would like to have that 2-year warranty valid.
  9. robm321
    Thanks BloodyPenguin. The Comply T-500s are working great, but I want to try the standard Complys and will most likely shorten them.  
  10. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Glad to help.  Hope you end up finding something that works best for you.
  11. younglee200
    I was having trouble finding a tip I really liked as well so I decided to order one of the spinfit eartips.  Hopefully they're as good as people praise them for around here!
  12. audiobot
    The sony hybrid tips are working quite well for me. I like them more than the included comply tips. Better comfort. Sucks that authentic Sony tips are hard to find since the set has been discontinued. 
  13. twibmassa
    I would have owned these by now if I noticed the $129 deal in time....sooo heartbreaking. 
  14. alpha421
    Don't beat yourself up.  I'm waiting for one in stock from an authorized dealer as my experience with MMCX connectors has me anticipate that the warranty may be exercised before 2 years are up if one plans to keep them for the long term.
  15. tgx78
    just wondering.. does MMCX connectors have many problems? 
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