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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. neogeosnk
    Can you use the hd650 balanced cable? Or is this only a single ended?
  2. muffins
    I was wondering something similar. I didn't catch that the bottom half of the yoke was matte vs the rest of the headphone being glossy until yesterday. Seems like an odd choice that I'm not super happy with. I like consistancy :p
  3. Mhog55
    Drool. That's some serious porn right there
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  4. trellus
    Beautiful collection, you have them all, and I love how they are displayed together! Bravo!

    EDIT: Don't know what it says about me that I literally saved this photo to my downloads. :sweat_smile:
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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  5. M3NTAL
    That too, but the headband assembly costs much more than those little clips.
  6. Harry Manback
    So, as is typical with most new to me headphones - I'm hearing new things in familiar songs. The HD58x is a vocal monster. It's revealing a lot of new detail. I'm impressed. It's so strange how you hear different things or at least different things emphasized by different headphones. I'm not sitting here focusing either - the details are just evident.

    Someone tell me why Senn would offer these up for $150 when the 660 is $499. Baffling.
  7. vcmusik
    Got in on the drop a couple days ago and looking forward to comparing the 58X with my 6XXs. There's also another run of the Dekoni aftermarket pads if anyone is interested in trying out different pads.

    As for cosmetic mods, instead of the headband assembly, I personally am interested in replacing the grilles with 660S grilles, but it's probably not worth the cost, lol.
  8. heliosphann
    Thanks guys. I may try to knock out a quick comparison review of the 58x vs the rest of it's buddies.
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  9. Anarion
    If they would sell these retail, I'd guess the price would be anything between 299 € and 399 €. Cheapness may be a marketing stunt for these new drivers. Who knows what they are planning to do with these... Maybe put them in HD 59x style shell and position them between HD 599 and HD 700 price wise (or closer to HD 700).
  10. PeteMtl
  11. PeteMtl
    What haedphone hanger are you using? Where did you get it? It looks basic but seems to do the job well.
  12. heliosphann

    Simple design and inexpensive, but they work great. The only issue I've ran into is on heavier headphones the thin hook they rest on can impact the foam/suspension strap. Easy fix is to just take some foam and create a wider resting point to distribute the weight more.
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  13. turbomustang84

    Ok list your favorite to least in order
  14. heliosphann
    I can do that, just need to get a feel for the HD58x's first.

    I will say this, the Lyr 3 pairs up with them nicely.
  15. baiyy1986
    Feel my pain:triportsad::triportsad::triportsad:

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