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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Anarion
    I'm actually interested in how HD 600 would sound with that foam. :D
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  2. heliosphann
    Mine is out for delivery. I've got some friends eagerly waiting for the HD58x to join them...
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  3. Assimilator702
    If you haven't already read the review on the HD 660S Tyll did on Innerfidelity before he hit the road, he revealed a few "secrets" about the 6 series headphones.

    His findings were that the shape of the baffle and housing are a MAJOR factor in the frequency and impulse response of these headphones. Comparing the 6 series to the HD700 shows this in the graphs.

    There are many secrets that Sennheiser won't divulge but Tyll uncovered significant findings about the HD 6 series headphones.

    Just as in car audio....which is the industry I'm in.....install is a bigger factor than the speakers themselves.

    I can make sub standard speakers strategically placed in the vehicle sound and measure 50x better than $3000 Focal Be drivers installed like crap.

    It's a similar thing going on with these headphones.
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  4. MarkF786
    I received my HD58X and compared them to my old HD580. They don't sound that very different and it would be hard to say if I prefer one over the other. Later I'll have to get out my HD600 and HD650 to compare them with. Out of all of them, I listen to my HD580 the most - but I'll use the HD58X instead for a while.

    The HD58X is definitely an amazing bargain, with a sound as good as the HD580/600/650 family of headphones for only $150.
  5. desmoface
    Just got mine...a quick comparo with my Beyer DT-990's and Amperiors and I hear the veil. Not for me, I'll likely be throwing mine up on the sale board. That said, I have no problem with the bass, it’s the treble I find a bit light. Maybe I’ll give them a chance to burn in but they’ll probably get sold or traded.

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  6. Rob80b
    Thanks for sharing...a lot of divergent opinions so far.. I'm really hoping they'll be leaning more to the side of the "veil-less" 660S...... your observation appear to indicate otherwise...
    ....anyway mine are on their way to Canada and if our July 1st and the US July 4th celebrations do not tie up delivery too much I should/maybe have them by next weekend.
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  7. 477621
    I just tried it with my 580 precision. They sound very similar to the 580 with plastic grilles if that has a reference for you.
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  8. desmoface
    Please take my opinion with a grain of salt - I've never heard any of the other HD series cans so I can't compare. They may not have the veil of some of the other models. Upon first listen, I was like; "Ok, these sound nice," then I switched to the Amperiors and I was was like, "Oh, there it is," LOL. The Beyers, well, they are bright, but that is what I like. I just took a shot with the Jubilee's to hear what all the talk was about. I was expecting them to be bass light, and they are compared to the Beyers and Amperiors, but I'll be honest, I had no problem with the amount of bass, sounded good to me; they just need a bit more energy up top and I would be a happy camper.


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  9. 477621
    Yep, I resurrected one of those threads recently. Great info treasure troves to try especially as I bought my 580 Precisions for around £50 including shipping, they had barely been used since new. I previously had a 650 but just preferred my Ovations but thought these 58X were worth a pop. First I wanted to hear the 580 to get that benchmark in me. Truth be told I still prefer my Ovations. But the 58X and 580 are a better fit for me. I will no doubt end up transplanting the capsules from my spare 565's to either the 580 or 58X shell.
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  10. Anarion
    Sadly I've never heard them so doesn't tell much. :D In any case though, I'm considering about buying HD 600 drivers since they are ~60 € a piece. With those I'd basically have HD 600 as well. Gotta love the modularity in HD 6xx series.
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  11. 477621
    It looks like the springs are the same. But gone are those hair thin wires. Just took the capsule out to look.

    BD9AB7F3-6D93-4805-9DB9-2C9CB9ABAE3F.jpeg 4D0BE10A-9EEB-4255-9B6E-DDC9F1722D32.jpeg
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  12. Humblepie

    Not directing my ire at you @desmoface , just noticed you have an order date of June 20th and have yours in already. Presumably the same ship date as order date I bet. I have an order date of Match 1st, ship date of June 21st and not in yet. So miffed at that whole thing. I've been doing massdrop for several items now, but I may have to not use them anymore as this shenanigans is really annoying. If anyone from massdrop is reading this, TAKE CARE OF PREVIOUS ORDERS FIRST!!!
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  13. 477621
    The 580 Precision drivers are the same as the 600 drivers if I'm not mistaken. Just sounds like a slightly more closed version with the plastic cups on.
  14. Harry Manback
    Look what the mail lady brought:

    DC60AF6E-6C3B-49A1-831B-414E9ACC244B.jpeg 8466E9C7-EB63-4FCC-B84C-2584622B291A.jpeg 1BA16E26-212B-4809-B59D-094DEA4F5CFE.jpeg
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  15. 477621
    I have my collection in Geekria Cases with Charcoal Bags. Not so much for future resale but to counter my paranoia that my 565 or 250's kick the bucket, it also conveniently inserts a line of defense between them and my over enthusiastic 2 and 6 year olds.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
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