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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. annasoh323
    I know this reply is a couple of pages back already but I feel for you man. I ordered my 58X's on the first day of the first drop (maybe second day?) without considering everything that could happen to me personally in six months. I'm so thankful for that transcendental quality of music that allows us to leave the harsher realities of this mortal life behind for a bit. Music is at that crossroads of science and art where it can't fully be defined by one without the other. I'm grateful for your post since you remind me that life is precious and to forget that in this audio hobby is to miss the point of the hobby. Stay strong, friend, and may you find a good deal on an enjoyable amp soon!

    Take heart, friend. I had an unrelated Massdrop order that was scheduled for delivery on 6/30 also but I got it yesterday! Here's hoping that you get a similar experience. (I'm also hoping that the 7/12 quoted delivery date of my set of HD 58X's is overly conservative too).
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  2. turbomustang84
    Thank you music and riding with my wife on my Harley get me through all the tough stuff and having a wife that supports me no matter what is a huge blessing
  3. MarkF786
    Is the HD660S in your collection? I'd love to hear your thoughts on how it compares to the others.

    Owning the HD580, HD600, HD650 - and now HD58X - I'd love to get a HD660S to complete my collection, but I'm not sure it's worth the current selling price.
  4. PeteMtl
    Probably not worth it moneywise.
    I wonder if in the near future, just as the HD580 Jubilee became the HD600, maybe the HD58x Jubilee may become something like the HD610 or HD620. With that kind of sub bass extension tweak and similar response to the HD660S for the rest, it probably deserves to become a full member of the Sennheiser HD6## lineup (outside of the Massdrop agreement).
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2018
  5. heliosphann
    I'm in the middle of doing comparisons of each right now. I'll get them done in the next day or two, but I can tell you the 660 is the furthest from the 58x.
  6. WilliamLeonhart
    Well when I saw that pic I thought to myself wow such headphone porn.
    But seriously based on what others have been saying and also on the graph, I feel like I will have a hard time justifying keeping the 58x. Too bad I had hoped it’d sound like the 600 but as it’s not so different from the 650/6xx...
    Will receive it this Sat, till then won’t make a decision though.
  7. SolaVirtus
    Somebody asked about balanced cables for these - yes. The same balanced cables that work with any of the 6xx series will work. I've had my 58X balanced on my Jotunheim (4490) today. The same minor improvements I get with my 650/6XX. The connection is a little less clicky/snappy but it all fits fine.

    I was surprised at how well the 58X did on my tube amp today! I've got a Little Dot mk2 with Russian 6h6p power and GE Jan 5654W driver tubes. I highly recommend throwing these cans on a tube amp if you have a chance. Maybe because 58X start a little more lively, or random luck with synergy of my gear, but I think the 58X are more improved than my 6XX on this setup.

    I'd like to hear what others have experienced in this regard.
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  8. ibage
    It really isnt too much different from the 600. The mids took a small hit, but Id say its smack dab in the middle of 600 and 650. The bass isnt as (dont roast me) "sloppy" sounding as the 650. It has more sub bass than the 650/6xx. I could justify keeping it along side the HD600/50 easy.
  9. Drty LilBits
    Thank you for the clarification. The collector aspect was what first came to mind for me as well. I just really did not see the big deal.. To put it clear, that person who's response to my question was" the lower the serial number the better they sound" is how people seemed to acting. As if there was some exclusive drivers in earlier serial numbers. lol I hope someone does not read that comment and misunderstand sarcasm. Anyway thanks, mine are currently on the way.
  10. cujobob
    With some/many products, the first so many produced are QC’d more closely until they can verify the consistency and accuracy of product quality before moving to larger production or distribution. This is part of what made me want the lower serial number. The other aspect was the desire for low numbers by collectors which helps when selling. Sometimes early adopters also get screwed and improvements are made later on in production, so the reverse is also true in some cases.

    There was a bit of risk involved with this purchase because many people, like myself, passed up HD6XX to try these newer ones out but had to wait and also didn’t have the luxury of glowing reviews. We had to trust that the end product would be improved in the area of bass extension.

    In a few cases with Massdrop, I would have been better off waiting instead of adopting early. I got knives with bad pocket clips that were improved on the second run, the K7XX has a plastic piece which breaks easily on the headband that to my knowledge still hasn’t been fixed, and a few others.
  11. Nutsid
    From my experiences in product development (one in the auto field and another job in the medical field), your statement is only partially true. In both jobs I had, the first runs to develop good quality products were all scrapped until the products that were being produced was passing no problem, and then production models began to the same inspection processes that had been developed for previously run products.
  12. Cruelhand Luke
    Honestly, this would be the only acceptable answer....I mean, the ONLY good reason to be mad you didn't get a low number would be if they were somehow better sounding...
    this is a mass produced headphone, the more successful it is the less "rare" those numbered ones become....and seriously, what type of fool "collects" a headphone that has numbered editions up front , with ZERO limit on how many will be produced?
    I used to be into racing Miatas...it's a really interesting subculture. I happened to wind up owning a car that was remarkably rare...a 1994 Laguna Blue R package Miata (legend has it the engines were hand built...I'll be honest, it felt like that might be true.) I think there were something like 458 made worldwide. It was a truly special car....and worth almost nothing. Because they also happened to sell a million bajillion regular Miatas. So...who exactly are these collectors of the 58X?
    I'm sorry, but that was a funny joke. Y'all can't be too serious about the number thing...c'mon.
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  13. Nutsid
    Aye, high five on the Miata thing! I currently own two with the intention of turning one into a race car.
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  14. Anarion
    I wonder if I can get adjusted to the sound stage difference (interesting to see/hear hows the difference in practice). Other than that I think it should feel quite similar to my HD 595.
  15. desmoface
    Threw mine up on the sale board if anyone is interested.

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