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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. MarkF786
    I hear ya - do the right thing - though what p*sses me off when I've faced similar situations in the past is that it generates work for me to fix their mistake. Either I find an email address to contact them, or call them on the phone, then there's the back & forth explaining the issue, then it's scheduling a time for a UPS pickup (or driving to UPS), then awaiting the receipt of the new cable.

    I recently had a situation where Zappos sent me shoes I didn't order. I called them a few times about it, and they would only accept a return if I scheduled a pickup from UPS. They wouldn't send me a UPS label to drop the shoes off at UPS (requiring my own time & gas). So instead, I would need to take a day off work to arrange a UPS pickup to fix their mistake - or I could just keep the shoes as they offered. I think y'all can guess the obvious decision.

    BTW, I did send Sennheiser an email; let's see what they what to do.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
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  2. annasoh323
    i hear ya. That's why I figure that the best thing for Senn to do is let you keep them. Maybe it was intentional after all. I remember ordering a pair of cheaper earbuds back in the day and got two. I emailed the ebay seller and never heard from them. <shrug> I doubt that's the most valuable benefit to ever happen to me. I'm most grateful when someone willfully sends me something extra so that I get the added warmth of human kindness added.
  3. TheoS53
    So, when these were shipped, it felt like forever since the went via Germany.

    Anyways, one of the updates on the DHL tracking site had me really worried..."The slightly damaged shipment is being repackaged".

    This, to say the least, was a total underestimate, because nothing could prepare me for the state it was in when I could finally go pick it up at my local post office.

    20190304_171917.jpg 20190304_171904.jpg 20190304_171911.jpg

    What you might not be able to immediately tell from the pictures is that the box is SOAKING WET!!!
    So much for "slightly damaged", right?

    I mean, there was just no structural integrity left whatsoever. And yet, when I took a look at the HD58X, they were perfect. the pads were bone dry and there doesn't seem to be any damage to the rest of the frame or earcups. How on Earth they survived is beyond me, but one thing is for sure, I won't be buying anything from Massdrop again until they update their shipping options and allow international customers to use more reliable shipping methods. It's such a shame, because I'm really, REALLY liking the HD58X.
  4. Charente
    That looks appalling ... mine shipped to France with no problems. Perhaps they were opened by customs somewhere and the problem occurred at the customs shed ?
  5. TheoS53
    No clue to be honest. But wherever it happened, it would have either been in the US or in Germany..either way, that's just not acceptable. How anyone so incompetent even manages to tie their own shoelaces is beyond me lol.
  6. crazywipe
    @TheoS53 You should conctact massdrop and complain about it... The package il almost destroyed not slightly damaged!
    I am sure they will refund you after you send the item back. Anyway, if it’s just the box maybe it’s not worth the waiting.
  7. TheoS53
    Well, I think it should be brought to their attention. But As I said, the actual headphones seem to have come away from it totally unharmed, no sign of it ever having touched water....not sure how it's even possible, but yeah, stranger things have happened I suppose.
  8. Mouseman
    Wow -- if nothing else, that says something about the durability of the Jubilees!:grinning:
  9. TheoS53
    HA! that's exactly what I said to someone else on the Massdrop discussion page of the HD58X
  10. shahkhan
    So my pair arrived finally. Its quite nice sounding headphones, but coming from msr7, wow factor isn't there as fas as clarity goes. May be because I'm driving them through my V20. Well its an early impression, more dig in required i guess.
  11. TheoS53
    "Clarity" is a bit of a strange thing when it comes to audio. The MSR7 is a pretty good sounding and measuring set of cans, but they definitely are tilted towards the brighter end of the spectrum.

    If you want to conduct a pretty cool little experiment on yourself (and in the process dispel any belief in headphone burn-in etc), listen ONLY to the HD58X for a few days...and then go back to the MSR7. What you thought was clarity will no longer seem that way.
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  12. Mrcrunch08
    It seems to take them a few attempts to get replacement cables correct. Mine arrived with a broken cable and it took more than three months and getting cables for every HD5 series before finally having to explain to them the HD58X uses the same connector as their HD600 and HD650. Two weeks later I got a bag with two old school stock HD600 cables. Still not the correct cable but at least they work. I almost wonder if their customer service even knows what the headphone is. With that said if they let you keep it I would love to buy a HD600 with out a cable. Hint hint...
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  13. DrKrFfXx
    Does the warranty covers the cable outside US?

    My 58x cables recently broke and had to order a pair from UK since I couldn't find them anywhere in Spain in the 3.5mm flavor. 20€ + 10 Shipping. Not too bad, given the circumstances, but If my cable was replaced with one covered by warranty as a spare one, it'll be nice.

    PD: Never ever order cheap chinese cables from Amazon, they don't even fit, and when you manage to forceful fit them, they sound like crap, hollow, as if the polarities were inverted or something.2
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2019
  14. MrPappy
    I just received my pair of 58x Jubilee's and they are impressive! I'll let them break for a few days and report back.
  15. Lurk650
    LOL I have a Balanced KK-Cable from Amazon, they are inverted compared to stock, the L/R go to the inside instead of outside. When you realize this, you don't have to force them in much and they sound normal. Took me a minute to realize that's why it wasn't going in "normally"
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