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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. shahkhan
    Any lcd-2c users who also happens to have 58x, plz comapre and make us jealous how audeze blow these sennz.
  2. tolis626
    You ready to be disappointed? They don't. They are just completely different. If I could affort the LCD-2c, I probably could afford also having the 58x, so I can't imagine I wouldn't want to keep both.

    I demoed them at an audio show earlier this year, along with the LCD-X. The LCD-2C is the single smoothest sounding thing I've ever heard. It's like you've taken a stick of butter and melted it over the sound. The sound is HUGE, like you're hit with a wall of sound bigger than you. The bass is rich and delicious, but the mids are on par with the 58x and treble was really smooth but there was just not enough of it to be very detailed or sparkly, they are very dark headphones. Which, being a metalhead at heart, I loved, but I also heard other music and it was missing something. That something is there on the 58x.

    Honestly, it's like comparing a Mazda MX-5 to a Mustang. Sure, the Mustang is a great, great car. It's big, heavy and powerful. But the MX-5 is small, agile, quick and a hell of a lot of fun. The comparison is invalid, they're both great for completely different reasons.
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  3. shahkhan
    @tolis626, how is lcd-2c bass different from 58x? Is it fast punch, subbass quantity or something else?
  4. crazywipe
    Hi guys!

    Long time hd600 user. Also had own the hd650 and 4xx.
    The 58x is quite amazing. Tonally, to me it seems the best of the bunch.
    The hd650 is too warm, hd600 lacks bass extension and has a bit of honkyness for the upper mids emphasis. 4xx sounds a bit muffled in the presence region.
    58x has the best bass of 6xx series, 4xx is a little better. Mids are very nice, better than 4xx, maybe just a hair less transparent than 650 and 600 but the tonality is spot on. Treble is slightly less smooth than 600 and 650, this gives a more lively tonality and a bit grainy sound. The sounds seem more tridimensional on the 58x, the hd600 in comparison sounds closed-in and uninvolving.

    I can drive the 58x straight from my underpowered european iphone 6. Pretty amazing.

    What you are losing with the 58x is, maybe, a 5% resolution compared to hd600 and hd650. In exchange you got a much better tonality, much livelier and fun sound. Better bass weight and extension.

    The pro outclass the cons in my opinion. I am very impressed.

    The 58x it’s not veiled, does not lack bass, it’s not too warm, It’s not too bright. Maybe a bit grainy, no one is perfect.

    I feel this can be the Sennheiser audiophile headphone with less complain. Senneiser got it right with massdrop.

    One of the best buy in headphone today!
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  5. tolis626
    I can list the ways their bass performance is similar, because the list would be much shorter. You have to keep in mind that the Audeze drivers alone are probably bigger than the entire cup of the Sennheisers. The bass you get from the 58x is like what you get from a great, great 5 inch speaker. It's tight, it's punchy and it can only be heard in a small room. Put it in a large room and poof goes the bass. The LCD-2C (and honestly all of the Audezes I've heard, LCD-2, LCD-X and EL-8 closed and open, although the last 2 less so) sound like a 6.5 inch speaker coupled with a tremendous subwoofer that's placed perfectly in the room. You can't pinpoint where the lower bass is coming from, it's just... There. And it envelops you, it's not something you hear only, it's something you feel on your skull. It's faster, sure, and it's more, but that has nothing to do with it, it's all in the delivery of it by that huge planar driver. On the 58x the sound comes from a very precisely locatable area around you, again, like a set of great small speakers. As an in between point, I use my MSR7, where the sound is quite a bit bigger and the bass, while locatable, is better at filling the soundstage. Again, like bigger speakers in a bigger room. Audezes are like huge, perfectly placed subwoofers in a concert hall or club, depending on your music.
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  6. Electrolite
    I tried the LCD-2 but the open one. And only for an hour, I wanted to stay much more there. At first they were "meh" (as always when I try a headphone...) but after some time I started to love them, in no way they were as dark as people said for me but I didn't try treble heavy music so I can't be sure here (or maybe I'm more treble sensitive than I think or it was the super crazy expensive amp or something else I dunno...).

    As @tolis626 said they have this big wall of sound, feels like a fuller, bigger, more cinematic sound, it's just that, big (now I'm mad because I didn't try more big band jazz or epic orchestral songs, there were multiple great songs I wanted to try).

    I tried a lot of mid-focused songs, from the Beatles' 2018 white album remix to Beck's amazing Sea Change and this is where I heard things differently from @tolis626, for me mids on the LCD were like nothing I ever heard before, they were real, very good timbre, some guitar plucks carried sub-bass impact as if they were next to me (actually like the 58X does but better), for some time after going home the 58X felt dead (really it felt like it was broken), it sounded dull, small, lifeless on the next day I forgot more about the LCD and they started sounding great again.

    I think I need to stay away from these high-end gear.

    @crazywipe Thanks for the insight. I read reviews from a lot of people from all places in the end I think most people who are more open minded and not too passionate tend to agree that the 58X got good tonal balance at the cost of some detail.

    Others are a little more incive:
    "The 58X is just a classic case of both availability heuristic and confirmation bias.
    Newbies want their HD58X to be good and want to believe they are getting a new HD6X0 headphone for $150.
    And I couldn't disagree more regarding the treble vs HD600. The HD600, for what it is, has a smooth yet resolving nature to it that provides a very organic treble timbre, resolving far more low level detail than the 58X. The treble on the 58X sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison and sounds much harsher with far worse quality. The difference is not subtle and I would highly question anybody who says it is, let alone states they are alike."

    Well this makes me eager to try the 600 and 650 someday to see how inferior my 58X is or how some people are very passionate about some headphones.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2019
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  7. viggen
    I owned the LCD2 for about 3 months about 4 yrs ago. I sold it because it was painful to wear on my head, but it was the best headphone out of the bunch of 10-15 headphones or so that I tried out. It was also the most expensive. Seriously, I bought the Beyerdynamic DT990 on BFD thinking that'll be it. But, I wasn't happy with it so the budget crept up until the LCD2. It's my fave. I like it more than the 58x. But, it's not $800 better.

    If memory serves, LCD2 is very mid range focused, very dark background and a very smooth liquidy bass. Nothing about it is slow but not annoyingly fast. In terms of set up, I was mainly using Red Wine Audio hpamp/dac combo. The one with the wood enclosure don't recall what the model number is.

    58x with my current setup of appj amp and audiosector dac is very live and somewhat on the bright side.

    If I could do an analogy, the LCD2 sounded like B&W matrix speakers while the 58x sounds like a pair of Klipsch Heresy's with slightly better bass response.
  8. tolis626
    Hey man!

    I wasn't talking about the closed LCD-2 (is there even such a thing?). I was talking about the LCD-2 Classics, although I did also listen to the LCD-2 at the same show. While I do agree that they do some things exceptionally well and much better than the 58x, that would not be the first thing one would notice. We're probably describing the same thing here, but from different perspectives. They're just so different that a comparison is kind of invalid. The Audezes sound absolutely stunning and the LCD-X is the best thing I've heard to date. It's just that when you put it all down and directly compare the details of what makes each headphone what it is, I think that they are not that much better than the 58x to the point that if you can own an Audeze the 58x don't need to exist. It's just a very different thing, a different experience, a vastly different way to experience the music. If I had to choose, I'd of course pick the LCD-2, no one denies that they are better. But I could see why someone would prefer the 58x. These headphones do so many things right that they are commendable. I'll go back to my MX-5 VS Mustang example. The little Mazda can't hope to beat the better versions of the Mustang, but it's still a great little car that can provide a lot of fun. Still, a different kind of fun, though, you won't get a roaring V8 in front of you.

    Regarding the comment about the rest of the Sennheiser 6 line, I can't comment on that, haven't heard them sadly. But I refuse to believe that it's some sort of night and day difference like that guy implies. The higher models may do some things better, or just differently, but I'm quite sure they're so close that anyone who says "the 600 (or 650) is superior by so much that the 58x is trash" is probably just delusional. Again, they are probably better on some things, and so are the 660s. But the 58x is also better in other areas. I'm sure I wouldn't like the 600 due to the thin sound described by many (due to the lack of sub bass more than anything ) , while I find the sound of the 58x delicious. Audio is a very personal thing and no one's word should be treated as gospel. Everyone has their agenda, no matter how pure their intentions are. If someone's first good headphone was the 600 and they liked them to death, I can see why they would bash the 58x as inferior. I don't agree with that behavior but I'm more than guilty of it. We all have our biases. Let your own ears be the judge of your gear, not someone else's. And most importantly, enjoy the music, not the equipment!!
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  9. hiflofi
    It's laughable how that "incisive" comment is very ironically seeking confirmation bias itself when audiophilia is a subjective hobby and it is perfectly fine to hold differing opinions. In fact, non-audiophiles would point and laugh at how ridiculous this entire farce is.

    It isn't as if we're comparing the 58X to the HD800S, Utopia, Clear (although there has been a comparison to this which I won't link), etc.
    Imo, I would highly question anybody who thinks the HD650 and HD600 play in a different league.

    I think a lot of the HD58X backlash just arises from people who aren't pleased with the fact that there's an uppity newcomer in the HD58X which is attracting a lot of attention. Look, the HD6-- line and OG HD580 are wonderful, a brilliant balance of timeless sound and price now that the HD6XX exists, but there's a lot of nitpicking you could do with the faults of all of those headphones, same with the HD58X. So either we can devolve into an argument based on subjectivity or we can move on.

    Finally, the LCD2C comparison is difficult due to a different sound sig, different driver tech, different target price bracket. That said, the LCD2C is the superior can if you're looking for easy listening with quality linear bass and romantic mids, but not for pristine clarity at that price (the LCD2C still resolves alright). The upper mids and highs are laidback to me so no harshness at all but there are drawbacks to that.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  10. MisterMonsieur
    Well I once possesed heavyhitters likeHD800s, Aeon Flow, Beyer T5p mk2 and Prophile 8 for a prolonged time and I can still enjoy the *** out of the HD598x ( 3,5 hole felt mod) after 2months of heavy usage. I stopped comparing and lead a happier life with thoese cheapies :D
    I also enjoyed the HD660s a lot and think they are almost worth their price tag... but the HD58x modded is tonally so closed to them, the value is ridiculous with these cans!
  11. GearMe
    This ^...if someone was considering the LCD2C vs the 58X as an 'either/or' decision, that doesn't make much sense to me from a comparison standpoint ($799 vs $149, planar vs dynamic, sound signature, etc.). I'd really hope that the Audeze would be 'better' since it's over 5x the price! :wink:

    Might make sense to compare some of Audeze's lower cost options. For instance, I picked up some b-stock, EL8 Opens last year for $229. Those might be a more relevant comparison; or possibly the Sines?

    Intitially, I thought EL8s were just ok; somewhat bass light actually. That said, I ended up liking them more when I use them on my iFi Audio setup and engage the Xbass feature. TBH, I really wish I'd gotten the Sines instead given their 'portability' compared to the EL8s.

    May have to pick up a pair of 58X's to see how they stack up to some other high-value cans. If they can provide me with the same level of listening enjoyment that my HD650 and 600s have for $149, that's a real win. Based on the overwhelming number of reviews/comments, it sounds like they are one of the best values out there.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  12. crazywipe
    @Electrolite Thanks for the kind words!

    About the hd600 resolving a lot more treble detail against the hd58x.

    I found this statement over exagerated and not true for the most part.
    The hd600 has a lower treble emphasis with a peak at 3 khz. This gives a sonic cut, immediacy and presence to the sound. The sound is very clear overall. I’ll not call this a defect, but the lower treble it’s not what is supposed to be. Some people love it, some people don’t.

    The hd58x is more flat in this sense, and also has more bass. Putting head to head against the hd600, it’s normal hearing a more clear sounds from the hd600.
    Insted of a driver limitatation of the 58x, I think it’s a matter of different frequency response why peoples are hearing more detail on the hd600.

    Anyway, the 58x bass blows out of the water the hd600 bass. It slams hard without being overdone. Punchy and deep bass is a lot of fun for music listening.

    Also, the 58x, I repeat myself here, is more tridimensional and open sounding. HD600 is more closed in and uninvolving.
    I guess I can call this a driver limitation of the hd600 for a 1996 design?
    To me they are just different flavor and they clearly belongs to the same family of headphones.

    The 58x to me, sounds like a blend between the Hd600 and hd25.
    It has all the fun of the hd25 in a bigger hd600 package.

    At this point the hd600 seems to me the weak chain of the family. Prior the hd58x, the hd600 was the faster and snappier alternative to the hd650. Now, the 58x beats the 600 in her own playlist.
    Rock, Metal and elettronica fans will love thw 58x better than the hd600.
    Slow paced music will be better suited with the hd650.
    This leaves the hd600 in a weak spot. Still a great headphone and I loved my time with it. But It’s time to move on!
    I still think the hd600 a bit more detail in the midrange and treble smoothness against the 58x, but as I said the difference is very minimal, and easily covered from the other advantage the 58x brings on the table.

    Cheers guys!
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  13. viggen
    So, for the past 3 months, the first thing I do when I arrive at my desk in the morning is check which side of my HD59x is the left or right. I do this every single morning for the past 100 work days. This is because there is no clear indicator which ear cup is left or right. Now, I could easily put a sticker on the right ear cup or something. But, I much rather the headphones makes it obvious for the user to tell which side is the correct side.
  14. Mrcrunch08
    HD59x? Are we talking about the HD58x? If so what is wrong with the dots on the left side? Not only do I find it easier and more convenient since I can figure out the correct orientation without even looking at them I like not having colors on them or having to look around for a tiny L or R. I find those dots to be the quickest solution.
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  15. eeagle
    LCD-2 Closed-Back does exist. This was confusing to me for a while seeing so many references to the Classic as LCD-2c.

    I have the HD600 and the original HD580 (which was just an all plastic 600 back then). I've always been quite happy with the Sennheiser line, but would be first to agree that the planar HPs are quite different sound wise and not easy to compare to a dynamic model.
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