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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. viggen
    Oops yes it's 58x not 59x. And, what's wrong with the dots? Firstly, I did not know these existed. So, I wasted 10 seconds x 100 days of my life away checking for left right orientation when I could've just rubbed my fingers on the dots. Secondly, what's wrong is I actually now prefer the minimalist way of discovering the correct orientation hence adding to me liking this headphone even more. I will find more to complain about this pair of headphones later.
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  2. BobSmith8901
    Yeah I was going to mention the dots--I almost have an OCD thing where I run my left finger against them by pure habit to get the sides right as I put them on; 6XX's, 58X's and PX-100's (V-1, modded version of the latter--they are the most bang-for-the-buck!), all three w/dot indicators.

    HiFiMan HE-4XX's I've got to look first.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  3. DrKrFfXx
    I have the dots all worn out. I'll tell you just that much
  4. Krondo_jd
    Are you not aware that there are three raised dots on the left earcup yoke next to the HD58X badge?
  5. tafens
    In fact, all in the HD6 line has them.
    The three dots is the letter L in Braille, btw :)
  6. Guidostrunk
    The design of the cups , and the way they're attached to the yokes at a slight angle works for me in figuring out right and left. Putting them on backwards I feel you'd notice it immediately. The fit would be extremely wonky. Lol
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  7. Electrolite
    Hahahah I think I mixed the 1060C. Most of the times I can only post on Headfi before going to bed when I'm already dead after some "fun" in university so by the time I'm writing I'm already half asleep.

    I agree, the 58X has some things going for it, the LCD is just darker some people will of course like the 58X better. The LCD is also super bulky and heavy I didn't like it on my head (Focal Elex was so amazing I wanted to sleep using them). So yeah for sure the 58X will shine in some things and there would be reason to keep it over the LCD even. But for me on the specific part of having this big immersive wall of sound and very realistic timbre the LCD was just much better. The car thing makes sense, sometimes you can't just go out on the Mustang, the Mazda is just so versatile maybe it's worh to use the Mazda only...

    Oh so closed LCD's are real... my half asleep brain didn't fail completely.

    Nice, if you ever get the 58X I would love to read some impressions.

    I agree, it's common people trying to argument based on subjectivity, and trying to prove something or be right based on subjective sound preference.
    Of course there's also the side that spreads misinformations like: The 58X and 660S have the same driver.
    But on the other hand this guy talks just like the people he is criticising, he is also full of subjective opinions and confirmation bias. This continued for some pages, poor 58X was bashed hard there. I read people with high-end gear that don't have such a negative opinion on the 58X, they actually like it, some say it has less detail but nothing close to this guy. Well at least we can say that he has a lot of passion for his HD600 which I respect...

    Thank you, this comparison was very good. I got the 58X because of the things you described, a more punchy bass but also keeping a Sennheiser signature and easier to drive. I love their sound and you helped me see it was a good decision, my only issue was some slight grain in the treble but after some EQ tweaking and some foam on the bass hole I never had the same problem. After reading I think I'll forget about the 650. I wanted to try it for some smooth jazz that I listen but it's not worth so much money and problems importing it just to use a very similar headphone for some specific genres. I'll just force myselft to chill and someday jump to maybe the $350 tier. Best case scenario: Elex. But I still, l want to try the mellow 650 sound eventually.
  8. Mr Trev
    Not to mention the logo and word "Sennheiser" on the top of the headband is on the left side too.
  9. MacMan31
    Speaking on the ability to identify which ear cup is left and right there is also and L and R on the frame above each ear cup under the HD58X Jubilee name plate. I'm running my 58X and 6XX balance now.
  10. DavidA
    I haven't heard the LCD-2C (classic) but do own a LCD-2F, HD58X, HD650, HD6XX and have owned the HD600, heard HD660S and have owned or heard quite a few other headphones.
    I agree with most of the others that the HD58X is a really good headphone but to me they are a level behind the HD600, HD650 and HD660S due to the grain in the highs and far behind the LCD-2F in bass, sound stage and grain. When taking about the LCD-2 family its important to note which version you are talking about since the different versions do sound different (LCD-2.1, LCD-2.2, LCD-2F 2014-2016, LCD-2F Dec2016 and newer, LCD-2c). I have 3 friends who got the HD58X after hearing mine but they all agree that the HD600, HD650 and HD660S have less grain and for some its an issue while for others its a non-issue but they got the HD58X due to it sounding great on simple phones or computer headphone jacks. If you are willing to get a decent amp + DAC to drive headphones then I'd say get the HD6XX, a decent OTL (BH Crack + tubes) or hybrid (Ember) amp and a decent DAC (Modi 3) for smoother cleaner sound over the HD58X IMO.

    If you can hear the differences between 320 MP3 and FLAC files then the HD58X will most likely sound worse than the other HD6 series headphones but if the differences between 320MP3 and FLAC is not easy to notice then the HD58X will probably sound quite good to you. Another thing to consider is how loud one listens since to me it has a fairly large impact on how one will perceive a headphone sounds. If you like to listen at +85dB most of the time the LCD-2F will be a much better sounding headphone over the HD58X due to the clean tight bass, lack of mid-bass hump, way less grain and way less grain in the highs but if you listen at fairly low levels like under 75dB most of the time the HD58X will hold its own most of the time.

    With that said I think there are very few headphones that will better the HD58X for under $200 without an amp since I've found a few of my friends liking either the HE400i, SR225e, and MDR-7506 over the HD58X but it comes down to the genres, environment, and personal preference that they like which makes the differences. These days there are so many good/great headphones that there is something out there for anyone and to me there are few that are really bad sounding and anytime I read a post were someone says "X" headphone "blows away" "Y" headphone I really don't take the post seriously since no headphone "blows away" any headphone IMO.
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  11. TheoS53
    Ordered me a set on the 15th of Feb, shipped out on the 16th. Unfortunately for international orders you only have the option of shipping with the regular DHL postal service. This is such a shame because it means that they are sent from the US, then off to Germany, and then to me in the UAE. I bet the Germans must be cringing at that level of inefficiency lol.
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  12. MarkF786
    The cable for my HD58X broke after limited use. I returned it to Sennheiser for a replacement - but they instead sent me a new in-box HD600 instead.

    I'd be more excited if I didn't already own a HD600 (and HD650, HD580, HD58X). I'm still pondering if I should tell them of their mistake and ask they instead send me the cable I requested.
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  13. Guidostrunk
    Me being a big believer in Karma would definitely call Sennheiser. Lol
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  14. annasoh323
    That's... some mistake to say the least. Wouldn't hurt to call them to find out. Big company like that may not even notice it was gone, so they may not care to have it back. But, as Guido stated above, the right thing would be to at least check in. If they say keeping it is fine, you could grab just the cable from it and then sell (or raffle?) the resulting cable-less headphones.

    Seeing as you have the whole family, have you already posted your impressions of their comparison? I can't remember... this thread has been going on for a while <sheepish look>
  15. crazywipe
    +85 dB is not a safe volume to listen to music. Instead of a much better sounding headphone, it will be a much better way to get hearing loss. You'll hear much more detail if you keep the volume < 75 dB. Now I understand why some peoples hear too much grain on the 58x: they listen super loud!
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