Marantz HD-DAC1

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by audionewbi, Aug 10, 2014.
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  1. Zowie1
    I got this device about a month ago and after using only the USB/DAC with HD650, I would be interested in trying using the S/PDIF-connection since I read somewhere on this thread that it makes the sound quality better. Is that true? Since I only have a laptop with USB-connectors I would probably need some sort of adapter? Would either of these two work:

    I'm open to other recommendations/tips as well. Most of my music libarary is in Apple-lossless format.
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  2. uelover
    Check out Singxer F1 with casing enclosure. It is simple to use and improves the sound by quite a fair margin.
  3. Zowie1
  4. uelover
    Yes, that one.
  5. JR1911
    I'm using a Singxer F-1 with my HD-DAC1 and I found it to give a noticeable increase in sound quality. I'd describe it as giving a cleaner sound and better separation between instruments, each one is more clearly defined.
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  6. Zowie1
    EDIT. I already bought the cables.
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  7. gandahar

    currently i having the following setup:

    foobar -> xonar stx (asio) -> hd598

    and i'm planning to upgrade.

    my requirement from the equipment that i going to buy would be:

    1) 220-240v support power supply support (i am not living in the usa)
    2) two optical inputs (so that i won't be depended on a usb input which depend on a driver which could not be supported in the future)
    3) be able to power high end headphones (i might upgrade to the hd800 :) )
    4) provide significant sound quality upgrade from the xonar stx
    5) sold by amazon (i don't have time to release my stuff from customs and i want to know the final price when i buy something)
    6) manufactured by a well known company (i don't want to buy stuff from unknown chinese companies that might catch fire)

    i have found the following dac/amps to meet my requirements:

    1)Fostex HP-A8 - seems to be perfect , but amazon doesn't want to ship it to my country,also its unclear if it support 230v power input (i know that hp-a8c exist but it seems impossible to find)
    2)Benchmark dac2 dx - seems perfect , but the price is very high (does it worth it ?)
    3)Marantz HD-AMP1 - also seems to be perfect (does it better than the hd-dac1?)
    4)Marantz HD-DAC1 - good price,meet my requirement, but i afraid of the clicking issue
    5)Teac UD-501 - seems to be old,the newer model (ud-503) dont have two optical inputs

    my questions are:

    1)which of the above devices will be a significant upgrade from my xonar stx ?
    2)assuming that i currently not using speakers , there is any advantage of buying the hd-amp1 over the hd-dac1 ?
    3)should i consider other devices ? (if so which ?)
    4)is the clicking noise a dealbreaker ?
  8. uelover
    Depending on your budget and your future plan in upgrading your headphone, it is difficult for anyone to provide you a good advice.

    In general, assuming that you will stick with HD598, below is my reply to your questions:

    1)which of the above devices will be a significant upgrade from my xonar stx ? - all will provide a significant upgrade
    2)assuming that i currently not using speakers , there is any advantage of buying the hd-amp1 over the hd-dac1 ? - no
    3)should i consider other devices ? (if so which ?) - are you looking for an integrated device? there are many other such integrated devices, of which, I find the Marantz HD-DAC1 to be good enough (without the desire to upgrade) and at a price that is easy to stomach.
    4)is the clicking noise a dealbreaker ? - no
  9. Zowie1
    Would adding iFi Nano iUSB3.0 to the chain with my Marantz-HD-Dac01 and Singxer F-1 make any noticeable difference in the sound quality?
  10. axle_69
    Anyone heard both the DAC1 and the AMP1? How do they compare in terms of 1) DAC 2) headphone amplifier?
    I recently bought an AMP1 to use with speakers but compared it with Chord Mojo through Oppo PM-3 and wasn't overly impressed with the DAC, Mojo had slightly better detail and timbre seemed more natural. Later compared with the AQVOX 2 D/A MkII and in spite of its age the AQVOX seems better (detail, soundstage) and bass is better defined on the AQVOX.
    The ES9010K2M belongs to the mobile range and is in the Premier group, below the ESS Ultra, Reference and Pro groups. Maybe it is enough to match the Hypex class D amplifier but I wonder if the DAC in the DAC1 is better or worse than in the AMP1. It seems Marantz compromised on the DAC of the HD-AMP1, the old Burr-Brown PCM1796 of the AQVOX has higher DNR, 126 in dual mono against 116 dB, and the same THD+N, -106 dB as the ES9010K2M.
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  11. jessnie
    one of the best settings out there for the price!
  12. axle_69
    Why is the DAC in the AMP1 better than in the DAC1 if the DR and the THD+N are worse? It would be interesting to hear from someone that had actually compared the two. Maybe Marantz slightly downgraded the DAC in the AMP1. Opinions between the DAC1 and Mojo seem a bit divided, but Mojo sounds better to me (more detail, more realistic timbre, better defined bass) than the DAC in the AMP1 (Schiit Yggdrasil and AQVOX USB 2D/A MkII are in a different price range so the comparison isn't much relevant). Would the DAC1 and a budget power amplifier surpass the AMP1? Anyone had the opportunity of comparing the two?
  13. uelover
    I had the mojo (which I sold away) and I currently have the DAC1.

    To me, when used as a DAC/Amp, the DAC1 wins hands down. The mojo has this artificial sound which I cannot get over with. The DAC1 is less coloured and more transparent sounding. The headphone amp of the DAC1 also has more power (there is a high gain mode for even more power).

    I am however unable to comment on the choice of a power amp as I do not have passive speakers at home.
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  14. zackzack
    I am planning use this with Sennheiser HD800s. Anyone has compared DAC1 to Sennheiser's own HDVD800 or the more recent HDV 820?
    I have sampled the pairing of HDV 820 with HD800s in a shop, and wow, that little amp has the bass so tight, so tight....
  15. L@eric
    Consult the predecessors also have HD-DAC1 and Xingxer F1, your DSD music can play sound? If you can ask Audio setup is how to adjust?

    thank you very much!

    Sorry to forget to mention, I use Daphile to play music.
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