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Marantz HD-DAC1

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by audionewbi, Aug 10, 2014.
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  1. roghelt
  2. pbarach
    I haven't found any incompatibility between the Oppo 103 and the Marantz; the only issue I had was a problem with my original Marantz machine, which, I explained was replaced by one under warranty. With the Oppo set to transmit via coax or optical at 192 kHz, everything up to 24/192 plays at its native resolution; DSD64 files get downsampled to 88 kHz. The digital audio section of the 105 is the same as that in the 103, so your result should be no different than mine.

    The problem about gapless FLAC playback is an Oppo issue having nothing to do with the HD-DAC1.
  3. roghelt
    Sorry, guess I was misunderstood. There's absolutely no gapless problem with the DAC1, I was referring to my Oppo 105. They've gone through countless firmware updates, but never corrected the issue for DLNA. In any event, I'd lke to experiment running the 105's dac through the Marantz amp section as an experiment. The Oppo's headphone output doesn't have the juice of most decent hp amps, but it has an amazing dac.

    BTW, to digress a bit more from this thread, are you aware that you can rip DSD from your SACDs with the Oppo 10x? No PS3 needed anymore! It's sensational being able to stream DSD files from my NAS as well as play them through the FiiO. If you're not familiar with the setup, let me know and I'll point you to the thread.

    Last edited: Jun 15, 2017
  4. pbarach
    Yes, I've seen the thread and it runs to 86 pages!! But it doesn't look that complicated. I'll try this someday. But the DSD files that I have as downloads will stream just fine from my PC through the Oppo over WiFi.
  5. roghelt
    It's way more simple than the 86 pages suggests -- too many people who made it more complicated than it is because they jumped in late in the thread and asked basic questions that were answered by page 4. A few simple files on a flash drive, change a setting on the Oppo and it's unbelievable how fast it's ripped my SACDs -- 6 -8 minutes on the average! You have the option to rip mult-channel or stereo DSD. When you get a chance, give it a try...I'll be around for any assistance should you need it.
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  6. makne
    Can anyone compare this to the Schiit Jotunheim, or Audio-gd nfb-28?
    I've demo'ed the Jotunheim with my Elear and really liked the combo, it was never too bright for me. Don't have a chance to demo the Marantz, but if it is just better, then it's game on.
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  7. jpierre
    I am French, sorry for google translation
    I have this amp, I would like to know the burn in and any improvements
    thank you very much

    je suis français, désolé pour la traduction google
    je possede cet ampli, je voudrais savoir le temps de rodage et les éventuelles ameliorations
    merci beaucoup
  8. pbarach
    There is no need for burn-in. It sounds good out of the box, and the sound stays the same after several hundred hours of use.
  9. goldsmith83
    I'm very interested in the HD-DAC1 but I've seen the PM7005 for €399.95 ($458 current exchange rate) Is it a good deal? I haven't found any thread on the PM7005 in this community. I'm not an expert on audio gears and don't know which is better. Any comments on this matter?
  10. makne
    Haven't heard any of the above, but I do own a Marantz PM5005. It has a surprisingly good headphone output given that it's primarily a speaker amp, so if the 7005 is the same way it should sound great. My 5005 easily outclassed my Aune x1s' amp section, but is not quite on the level of something like the Schiit Jotunheim.
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  11. goldsmith83
    If the PM5005 is a speaker amp, so have to be all the models of the PMx005 series. I only listen to music over headphones but if the PM5005 has got such a good HP output then the PM7005 output has to be but better.
    I think the HD-DAC1 is more headphone oriented and is my first option but if the PM7005 is on the same level, for half the retail price it seems a better bet. In my previous comment I meant someone wiser than me to advise me based on technical aspects above all, no need to have tested both gears since at any rate, which sounds better is always subjective.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2017
  12. alcargo
    Hi there. I'm in the prowl for a good desk top amp. I am considering taking the plunge on this HD-DAC 1. But it has been in the market for quite awhile. Is this still a good choice compared to recent models that came out since the launch of this product some 2 years ago? If there are other choices better than HD-DAC 1, which ones? Thank you.
  13. briant4pres
    anyone know if the gain setting effects the loudness of the variable pre outs?
  14. pbarach
    The gain setting affects only the headphone jacks.
  15. briant4pres
    pbarach likes this.
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