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Marantz HD-DAC1

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by audionewbi, Aug 10, 2014.
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  1. audionewbi
    I came across a twitter post that was about Marantz HD-DAC1. Here are the few key component of it:
    1. Has selectable headphone impedance (32-600 ohm)
    2. It is based on Cirrus Logic CS4398 (DSD capable)
    3. Comes in two colors of silver and black.
    4. It has a dedciated headphone section that is based on the HDAM-SA2 modules found on the other Marantz products already
    5. It has the ability to feed other amp as well as having input to act as an amp alone which suggest the headphone out is not to shabby. 
    6. Based on a link I found it seems that the price to be under 1.2K! 
    More info:
    Source : http://www.audiovideohd.fr/actualites/10433-Marantz-HD-DAC1.html
    DAC Marantz first signed, particularly the successful design, including the integration of a circular front panel display, an aluminum chassis and side walls adorned with painted wooden panels, the HD-DAC1 is based on a converter Cirrus Logic CS4398 and a symmetrical circuit design. 
    The DAC has a double clock to reduce jitter, each responsible for processing samples 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz, the HDAM-SA2 modules and the power supplied by a large toroidal transformer. 
    Section amp helmet accept impedance headphones from 32 to 600 ohms, a gain selector on three levels is also available on the front.
    HD-DAC1 naturally provides support for audio files up to 192 kHz / 24 bit, and also features compatibility DSD 2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz. More surprisingly, the presence of a front USB port allows playback of MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and WAV formats always practical. 
    The connector portion comprises a USB-B output for connecting a PC / Mac, RCA analog output on which it will be possible to associate with each other amp since the output is adjustable in fixed or variable, and finally two entries optical, one coaxial input and output 6.35 mm. Marantz HD-DAC1 will be available partor October 2014, retail price of € 799.

    Features Marantz HD-DAC1:
    1. DAC headphone amp
    2. Cirrus Logic CS4398 converter
    3. Dual clock
    4. HDAM-SA2 modules
    5. Toroidal transformer
    6. Compatible 192 kHz / 24-bit DSD 2.8 / 5.6 MHz
    7. Gain Selector
    8. Fixed or variable output
    9. Connectors: 1 RCA analog output, one USB port asynchronous, two optical inputs, 1 coaxial input, 1 output jack 6.35mm, 1 USB port
    10. Delivered with remote control

  2. Bartez75
    Looks nice. Let's wait for some more info.
    It has a fixed line out which is good.
  3. audionewbi
    it is good value in my view. I wish I had the ability to test this unit against HUGO but I do not have any connection and I really cannot afford to experiment anymore. I will be hoping others can soon chip in for more info for the community. 
  4. shuttleboi
    That's a beautiful piece of equipment. The Marantz UK site has better pictures.
    The only negative I see is that it doesn't have XLR balanced outputs, which others units like the Oppo HA-1 do have.
  5. audionewbi
    But it is priced at 799 USD which is much lower than its competitions. I just hope it is a well implemented amp section not just an after thought.
    JKDJedi likes this.
  6. Bartez75
    Indeed not very expencive...
  7. oldson
    nice looking bit of kit.
    will be interested to read reviews and may book a home trial myself.
  8. Jodet
    Seriously?   It has ONE analog input and that is via mini-plug?    
    REALLY?   WTF are they thinking?    
    Serious headphone guys want to hook up their turntables, or SACD players, OR BOTH. 
    But not here.   
    What knuckleheads. 
  9. audionewbi
    This is not aiming for those people, most those folks would not use anything less than 1k. Its aiming at computer audio folks.
  10. amigastar
    Is this the first dedicated DAC from Marantz, i'm pretty sure it is?
  11. Bartez75
    I think it might be at least from some years back.
    We need to remember that they are providing dacs in CD players, media players and perhaps in amps.
  12. audionewbi
    First review is out, please enable google translate for this: http://av.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/topic/20141003_667781.html
  13. gotoma8
    One can always use a RCA to Mini for the analogue input.
    luckybaer likes this.
  14. shuttleboi
    This is really upsetting news for those of us in the USA. From:
     The Marantz HD-DAC1 is expected to be available in black from October 2014.
    It looks like Marantz is not bringing the silver color to the USA, only the black color. This is a typical infuriating move from Marantz, as their flagship hi-fi components in their reference line are available in beautiful champagne/gold-silver and black throughout the world but only in black in the USA.
  15. swspiers
    Normally I wouldn't have much empathy, since I generally prefer black, but on this one I do.  I think Marantz does not understand the actual headphone/headamp market. Anything not black is in fairly high demand lately.  Which is a shame, because this looks like a decent alternative to the Oppo, which is just too darn big for me.
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