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MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lmilhan, May 22, 2007.
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  1. stephanemtl
    Thanks Whirlwind and Parbaked. You are right. I remember Mr. Peppard telling me that only the driver tubes makes a difference.
    I do not know much about tubes, and will have to do some research.
    But as far as I know, there are very many 5751 tubes out there, which makes it very difficult to know which one to get and where to buy. Specific suggestions to improve on the stock driver tube?
    And do you know a reliable seller to get two new 12B4A tubes?
  2. whirlwind

    For the 12B4 I just got a ge tube from e-bay....was $5 I believe

    I like the Sylvania 5751 triple mica black plate for my RS1i....it was fairly expensive though.....you could try any 5751 to see what you think and the prices will vary.

    For my HD800 I am liking the less expensive 12ax7 gold pin gold lion tube....but that is more so for higher impedence cans, like parbaked has mentioned.
  3. N15M0
    Anyone tried connecting the MAD Ear+ to a preamp before? Any issues? I am planning to connect my MAD Ear+ to my speaker integrated amp so that I don't need to reconnect it to my DAC everytime I listen to my headphone. 
  4. parbaked
    If your amplifier has tape monitor out jacks, these will bypass the pre-amp section.
    Use the tape out jacks to connect your MAD.
    Then you can use your MAD and DAC even if your amp is off.
  5. N15M0
    What about connecting to the preamp out? Will adding a preamp have any impact of the overall sound?
  6. stephanemtl
    I am looking for a new 5751 GE 5 start tube. But I need some help to choose... I am lost.... too many obscure terms.
    Here are three current offers on eBay:
    1) 5751 GE 5 Star Solid "O" Getter NOS NIB TV-7 A/U Tested
    -Tester minimum value: 32/32
    -Tube tests: 49/46
    2)GE 5 Star USA 5751 Black Plate Fat D GET 3 Mica S-Rods Vacuum Tube 74/84%
    - $49.95
    - Mutual Transconductance (Gm) Test Data: 37/42 where the minimum good value is 32/32 and the New Old Stock (NOS) value is 50/50 or 74/84% of what a new tube should test
    3) GE 5 Star 5751 (12AX7) Black Plate SQUARE GETTER Vacuum Tube TESTED #10.Q57
    - $42.95
    - Tests: 96/94%
    Any thoughts on which is best?
  7. whirlwind
    I have not heard any of the tubes that you have linked.
    If you are listening to Grado's....then I would prefer the 5751 to the 12AX7
    If you are listening to like a 300 ohm can....try the 12AX7
    All of the tubes you link will work...so no worries there.
    I am sure that you will find something that sounds great and that you like.
  8. stephanemtl

  9. Textfeud
    Hi guys,
    I found a Maple Tree Mad EAR + Purist HD (finally!) in Europe and it has two line ins and a line out. Does that mean I can hook up my active speakers to the Mad EAR as well??
    Thanks in advance!
  10. parbaked
    Yes you can hook up your powered speakers but, as this was a custom option on your older model, you won't know all the functionality until you try it.
    For example:
    1. Does line out signal pass through the volume control (passive preamp option) so you can use the MAD as a pre-amp.
    2. Or is it a full line out signal, in which case you need to use the volume control on your speakers.
    3. You also need to determine if the speakers shut off when you plug in your cans as I doubt you have a switch.
    I had a MAD HD Super II with the passive preamp option.
    The volume control worked and the speakers cut out when I plug in my cans.
  11. Textfeud
    I don't know that either. I think I'm just going to take the gamble and hope I will receive a Mad Ear with option 1. Option 2 and 3 would not be ideal to say the least :wink:
    And by the way passive preamp means you won't use the tubes/innerworks right? It's just so you can hook everything up to the amp (like dac and phono preamp for turntable) and listen to those with speakers via the amp? 
  12. parbaked
    Ask the seller!
    It should be option 1...unless the original buyer asked Dr. P for something else...
  13. Textfeud
    He doesn't know either (never tried it with active speakers). [​IMG] I will take the gamble I'm sure it will be fine. 
  14. N15M0
    Anyone pair their MAD Ear+ HD with the DA11? How do you configure your DA11? Thanks.

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  15. N15M0
    Btw anyone used the MAD Ear+ HD with headphone like T1, HD800 or LCD 3 before? Any comments?

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