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MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lmilhan, May 22, 2007.
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  1. jaywillin
    i had a small issue, and he new i'd bought it used, and he seemed very helpful, and was willing to take a look at it for me,but i was able to resolve the issue,  whatever it was, 
  2. parbaked
    When I sold my Super II the buyer asked if Dr P would support it if there was a problem.
    The amp was 8 months old.
    I emailed him and he politely said the warranty only applies to the original owner.
    So while I'm confident he'd look at a used unit, I got the impression he'd rather not.

    I'm not bashing him but consider how he treated Joseph who had issues with his new purchase....
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  3. jaywillin
    oh you're right, i'd forgotten about that , 
    that made me wary of even buying new when that happened
  4. parbaked

    Yeah, I was being polite but you kinda made me bring that up.
    Human nature = no one likes to be told that the thing they made don't work....
  5. Textfeud
    I opened up the amp and I found out a screw is loose, might be what causes the trouble. But if I touch the screw I get sparks. How do I get the screw tight :p
  6. joseph69
    Can I just ask you why didn't you Pay with PayPal???
    I would never by anything used withou PP backing me. I've had issues were I paid $300.00 for supposedly NOS/NIB Sony CD Players…only to find when they got here, they were broken and the seller tried not to make good, but PP sent me my money within a week!
    I don't know how you paid, but you should always use PP, for both, the buyer/sellers protection.
    Congratulations on your MAD.
    Good luck with your repair, and enjoy the MAD when it's fixed. [​IMG]
  7. Textfeud
    Because I trust people, so I gift'ed the money on Paypal. In retrospect I shouldn't have done that, but I would probably do it the next time too. 
  8. joseph69
    I've bought/sold items were people would ask me to use "gift" and I nicely tell them no, simply for both of our protection incase anything should happen.
    I try to help out and make buying/selling as easy as possible, but I always use PP/CC incase.
    I understand you were being nice, and in most cases it's all good, but being the seller doesn't want to help you in any way…you should never do this with anyone.
    Sorry to hear this happened, and hope everything works out.
  9. kramer5150
    Which screw is it? (borrowing someone elses pic of a modded amp).  Hopefully others can land a hand, sorry I don't have any useful advice.  Good luck in your repair though.  S/H damage can & does happen, but thats the cool thing about point to point.
  10. Textfeud
    Mine looks different from the inside. See the pictures. There were two screws that were loose. It's the ones in the middle of the close up pictures. 
  11. Textfeud
    I'm thinking it could be the fuse that blew up and needs replacement. Anybody knows how to do so and if it's expensive? I will let a certified technician do it for safety (for myself and the amp[​IMG]).
  12. joseph69
    The fuse should be visible whith the cover off, do you see it?
    If so, remove it, and just replace it with the same amp fuse, you can buy a box of (I think 5) from Radio Shack for probably less than $5.00. The fuse should be held in by 2 clips. 
  13. whirlwind
    Sorry to hear about your bad luck...hope you get it all sorted.
    The fuse in my mad is on the back and is in a plastic twist off cap...twist it off and replace....I understand yours may be different.
    I have the schematic for mine, it says it was made in november, 2005....damn antique  [​IMG]
    I do not know if it would be the same as yours....but if you need it....let me know  [​IMG]
  14. joseph69
    Thank's, I thought it would have been internal, didn't know it was on the back and slipped into a cylinder…unfortunately I didn't have mine long enough. [​IMG]
  15. Textfeud
    Yes, could you send it to me please! Mine is very old too. I'm guessing 10 years old, so the same :)
    And my fuse is on the back too. It smells burned :p
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