1. Stormfriend

    Help! Need advice on balanced transformers and regenerators

    Some background before I ask my question:   I'm using HD800s and for a long time had a near constant problem with them sounding bright, to the point where I preferred the sound of silence at one point and just took them off.  Whilst occasionally they would sound utterly brilliant, the rest...
  2. khollister

    ARRIVED: new Rega DAC

    I have one of the new Rega  DAC's coming from Audio Advisor tomorrow, so I will be posting my impressions shortly. Hadn't seen any discussion here about this unit, but as a previous Rega Planet CDP owner, I have always like Rega's sonic approach to digital. Aside from Rega's focus on musicality...
  3. NobleSix

    Amp Recommendations for under $500. Looking for power, speed and detail.

    Hi guys can u give me recommendations for any powerful amps with emphasis on speed and detail (with tighter bass too).. im willing to spend 500 bucks, 600 max for em.. thanks 
  4. sameguy

    Closed Vs. Open Designs

    I know this subject has been touched upon before but not quite with this bent.   I've had a set of Grado SR 325's for year.   Honestly they they don't have more than 30 hours on them but that's another thread.   I am a regular hifi junky, with a lot of Linn gear, amps, pre, speakers etc.  I fine...
  5. kellzey

    Equipment Placment.... DAC, Tube Amp, laptop...

    Can I stack my Little Dot MKIV tube amp on top of my full-size DAC (PS Audo DLIII)?   Or might I experience any sort of interferance?   What about locating components side-by-side?  Minimum spacing distance?  Should I stick one on the left side of my Laptop, and the other on the right...
  6. bamboo5354

    PS audio GCHA under power for sennheiser HD800?

    Hi My current setup is PC FLAC Files>PS Audio GCHA via USB input>HD800 and most of the time I need to turn the volume control pass the 3 o'clock position to get sufficient volume. Volume control on my PC and media player are at 100%. Is this normal for this amp?  is it my source? or is the amp...
  7. jc9394

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    Changed title for the PWD lovers, there is more PWD owners out there.
  8. Frank I

    PS Audio GCHA in the house

    I received the GCHA on Friday and it still burning in and I will do a full review on this in a couple of weeks. Early impressions are very favorable with all three of my reference cans.
  9. rgs9200m

    Has anyone tried to use a high quality PreAmp between their source and a headphone amp?

    I have used a preamp (a McIntosh C46 and a Rowland) to get remote volume control for my headphone amps with surprisingly good results.   If a tube unit is used in a solid-state setup, it can add some add some tubiness. (They actually sell tube buffer units; PS Audio I think has these.)...
  10. Lornecherry

    PS Audio GCHA mini-review; some initial impressions

    A GCHA just showed up via UPS at my door. Bought used on A'gon for $500. Unfortunately, I just sold my Grado G1000s and am awaiting the arrival of Sen 650s, so these initial thoughts are through my iPod's portables stalwarts, the Sen Px 100s. Hence, take my impressions with a grain of rolled-off...
  11. rgs9200m

    Big expensive power cords "too much" for small headphone amp (older Headroom Max)?

    Has anyone had this happen? I tried some massive high-end power cords on my 10-year-old Headroom Max (which still does a decent job on newer good headphones like Grado PS1000s and  Beyer T1s) and they created this overwhelming pushy bass and sometimes piercing highs. Specifically, these were...
  12. wumengchao

    about rpx33 and ps audio gcha

    i am looking for headphone amp, and i found these two products. rpx33 is more expensive, about 1330 usd, gcha is much cheaper, 499usd; is rpx33 much better than gcha?  please give me some advice, thank you!!
  13. MildBill

    To DAC or not to DAC

    My current headphone system is, PS Audio Power Port, PerfectWave power cables, Duet power center, Kimber Kable Hero interconnects Marantz SA-8003 sacd player, PS Audio GCHA headphone amp and Sennheiser HD-580 phones. The headphone amp is hooked up directly to the player. I'm thinking about...
  14. libertine47


    Hi, im using my HD 650 with nothing!!!!     just HD 650 + iPod Classic !!! i know that a really bad idea but hey i now i just receive a lot cash!!! so i was planning to buy a desktop AMP and a DAC but there a too many choices and differents opinions everywhere!!!! so please need some HELP!! ...
  15. Headlab

    Anyone tried a GCHA with IE8s?

    Hi all :)   I recently acquired some Sennheiser IE8s and thought I'd give them a whirl with my PS Audio GCHA. Since the GCHA uses gain cell tech there is no issue with channel imbalance at low volume unlike my other headamps.   The results were horrible - huge amounts of...
  16. sum

    PS Audio GCHA = Aural Bliss

    So I've received my PS Audio GCHA. All I can say is wow. I've been playing with it for a few days now. My only problem right now is a slight amount of sibilance with my k701s; although this seems to be diminishing. Thus far this amp works incredibly well with any of my cans at any volume. There...
  17. triple-u

    Phiaton PS500 similarities to Denon D2000?

    I just bought a pair of Phiaton PS500's from a fellow head-fier. They are still relatively unknown and haven't gotten much attention here on Head-fi, but I thought they would be interesting to give a try and I liked the design as well. While listening to them for the past couple of days, one...
  18. kenz0

    PS Audio GCHA vs Black Cube Linear

    Hello guys,   I`m consindering the headphone amp to buy. My audio source is X-FI Elite PRO, genre preferences - rock, indie, post rock, electronics. The cans are: AKG 240 MK2 and Beyer`s 990 (250 ohm). Also I`m going to proceed with Denons AH-D2000.   Basically right now, I`m chossing...
  19. erd

    DAC popularity check

    There are a lot of DACs out there... and I'm wondering which DACs are the most popular around here. So, let's list the DAC that we currently own. So, copy the most updated list, paste it in the reply box and add your DAC to the list. If your DAC is already on the list, just increment the...
  20. yococo96

    the best dac for 2k

      hi  i want to upgrade my rig.(02, dx1000)  now I'm looking for a hi end dac.  I want something that is musical but not lacks detail.  I made a list;  havana  rwa isabellina  cyrus dacx  wavelength the brick with power supply  bryston bda1 wich I really don't know.  I...
  21. BlackstoneJD

    Alternatives to Lehmann Black Cube Linear

    The Lehmann Black Cube Linear sells for about $1,100. Could anyone recommend any alternative full size headphone amps of equal or better quality ANYWHERE under $1,000? (not including the Matrix M-Stage Lehmann clone as I am interested in what other DESIGNS are available.)   What should I be...
  22. lmilhan

    MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

    Spread the love. Let's hear your story about how much you love your MAD Ear+ Purist HD. My story: I had some very specific ideas in mind for my MAD Ear+ Purist HD. The main reason for the purchase was to make my RS-1 and PS-1s sound glorious (a legendary Head-Fi synergy - do a search...
  23. bwarfel

    PS Audio GCHA Balanced?????

    Hi,   I am auditioning a GCHA and I think it sounds pretty good.  My question is what is the benefit of the XLR balanced inputs if the headphone out is not balanced?  Honestly I think it is a great sounding amp.  What am I missing?  I have an Esoteric XO3 SE and that deck really needs to use...