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  1. rav101
    Please bare in mind that I'm not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination compared to you guys.

    Having said that, I have found the quality of the vocals (both male and female) to be great. Female vocals have changed for the better with the Comply foam tips, prior to this I found them a little sibilant. I think what it ultimately comes down to is the fact that the quality is there in these earphones. The rest you can tailor based on the filters, tips and cable changing to get the sound you like.
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  2. chaturanga
    You are right, if one headphone is very bad against the other you will notice it easily. But, if both are good enough for your taste, the exact winner will be clear after having enough time with each of them.
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  3. Ahmad313
    Nice, thank you very much ,
  4. audioIQ
    Just got mine, wow. these are so clean, the detail and clarity is good, the bass response is amazing. I understand the LZ hype now. I wasn't expecting them to be this good, given my past chinese IEM experiences. I now regret not buying the A4 last year. I'm impressed.
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  5. RedJohn456
    LZ is one of the few brands that has been consistently surprising me their releases. I still use the LZ A2 to this day, it has already become a somewhat legendary iem in my eyes because its impossible to get one these days. The LZ A5 is good enough to be TOTL for most people I reckon.

    Edit: Also as everyone has already mentioned, try a different cable to reduce cable noise/comfort issues and different tips until you get the best seal.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
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  6. rav101
    To that end, I have just ordered this cable from Amazon:


    As previously stated in here by @TimeSnow who has used this cable for his LZ A4, it doesn't improve sound but doesn't degrade the quality also. For £38, the reason I've picked it is that there won't be any cable noise or have to deal with the memory guide wire over the ears. That is worth the price point in my view.
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  7. Bubblejuice
    Has anyone tried removing the memory wire from the stock cable?
  8. Coldfate
    Anyone could compare this with FLC8s? I'm really thorn between these two, please enlighten me.
  9. RedJohn456
    @Brooko has both I think.
  10. Brooko Contributor
    I’ll make sure I compare the two - although it is difficult with so many tuning options
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  11. Coldfate
    No need to be detailed though just more general, in your mind which one worth more? appreciate it
  12. Ivan TT
    Received my A5 today, ordered on AliExpress from NiceHCK (great seller, never had any problems and always good communication and prompt shipment), free DHL delivery (5 days from order to arrival) and not a bad price with all coupons and discounts...

    Excellent sounding IEMs, I like that fit is comfortable and predictable, I added some foam into large silicone tips to get better bass extension and seal, black filter works well for me, but would love to get a filter sonically between black and grey.

    Works very well with different sources, from Zishan Z3 (sounds wonderful with Muses02!) to mojo, maintaining same sound signature (or lack of it thereof).

    Very engaging and musical sound, cannot detect any sibilance or significant coloration over the spectrum, good ability to resolve the details too, I'm hearing new things in old familiar tracks all the time! (well, for last few hours).

    Also plan to get a silver/copper mixed replacement cable, although stock is not bad at all, the least annoying memory wire I've seen.

    Definitely a great buy, thanks for all feedback and recommendations in this thread!
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
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  13. bhazard
    Got my A5. Not enough burn in time yet, so cymbals sound a bit artificial compared to the A4. Bass response is cleaner, better, bigger. Everything seems to be a step up from the A4, which I absolutely love and still use. Much more comfortable to wear as well.
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  14. koikoikoi
    If it isn't too much to ask, can you please compare LZ Big Dipper to A5? Definitely wondering if these are 'almost there' in sound quality. Thanks!
  15. originalsnuffy
    These just arrived. I went straight for a $30 balanced cable from G&V that I purchased from Amazon with the unit. Running it via a balanced output from the Cayin N5ii. These pair nicely with the Cayin in the balanced configuration; I have not tried the regular 3.5 jack yet with these.

    First source: Roxy Music, Avalon, SACD ISO rip.

    Started with black tunable filter (which came installed); then went to gray to tone down the high end. The instructions call for 36 hours of break in. Sorry I don't have that kind of patience, and put them on right away. Once broken in I may try black again.

    So far it is a very smooth sound. Much more comfortable than the A4 pair that I briefly owned. More comfortable than my beloved A2 pair. Actually these sound like a more refined A2 to me; which is a very good thing.

    Similar comfort to the FLC8S. I don't yet have the balanced cable for the FLC8S in yet from LMUE, so I can't really run a completely fair comparison. So far I would say the A5 is "in the hunt" with the FLC8S. I need a break in and the cable to really do a fair test. My FLC8S are currently set at red ulf; gray lf; and gray/gunmetal for mid/upper. Most users prefer the gold mid/upper; but I like the added high end. But that may change when the balanced cable comes in, we will see.

    Oh, I went straight for the JVC spiral dots. I don't even fool around with anything else at this point.

    Unfair early impression -- this is a winner. Terrific imaging. Great balanced frequency response. One of those IEMs that can be revealing without being so technical as to lose the feeling of the music. Nice job LZ (if I recall that stands for old guy. Not shabby for an old guy).
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
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